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15 Best Jameson Cocktails: Irish Mimosa & More

15 Best Jameson Cocktails: Irish Mimosa & More

Here are all the best Jameson cocktails that you should know how to make at home, from the Jameson-based Old Fashioned drink to the Irish Mimosa. Cheers!

Whiskey is one of the most well-liked liquor offerings in the world.

Its strong, smoky, and fruity notes make it an interesting choice of drink that many people enjoy.

Jameson, a well-known whiskey brand, is like an elevated whiskey–flowery, herbal notes with citrus and mild spicy tones. 

It can be enjoyed neat, or you can incorporate the whiskey into other popular liquors to create delicious mixed drinks like these Jameson cocktails featured in this list!

These Jameson-based drinks are great and creative ways to enjoy this well-loved whiskey brand.

Don’t be limited by drinking such an amazing drink on the rocks!

Look at this list of 15 cocktails to unleash the potential of your Jameson whiskey; you’re sure to find your new favorite cocktail drink!

If you want cocktails that are perfect for parties, go for the Vanilla Whiskey Mule and the Irish Sour Apple Cocktail.

However, if you want an ultimate and unique Jameson cocktail, check out #12

Things don’t have to be extravagant to enjoy a Jameson whiskey cocktail.

This old fashion cocktail recipe keeps things simple, but it doesn’t fall short of giving a balanced and delicious flavor.

If you’ve had a long day and just want to relax, this Jameson Old Fashioned is bound to deliver.

Don’t be fooled by this cocktail’s name–this does not have any green tea in it.

The only reason this is called a green tea shot is that it has that green tea color going on.

With just some Jameson whiskey, sour mix, Peach Schnapps, and your favorite lemon-lime soda, you get this flawless sweet-and-sour mix that you’ll drink shot after shot. 

This drink is truly refreshing, but if you want to make it sweeter and less intense, don’t hold back on the soda.

By basing on this drink’s name, you know this is something you can whip up every St. Patrick’s Day!

But don’t let the name hold you back–you can enjoy this drink anywhere and at any time!

The ingredients really do a great job of bringing a fruity flavor to this drink.

But of course, don’t forget the green coloring.

It’s not a Luck Of The Irish drink without the signature neon green color.

A hot toddy is a classic drink when you want to warm yourself up. 

As the name suggests, you should serve it hot. 

A hot toddy is already deliciously sweet, but when you bring a Jameson whiskey and some cinnamon into the mix, it becomes a special kind of taste that you will never forget. 

This drink is ideal for when the weather gets cold or when you just want a pick-me-up.

This Irish Sunset Cocktail is much like the Green Tea Shots mentioned above, but this one has a sweeter and fruitier flavor.

The sweeter notes of this cocktail make it the kind of drink you can enjoy all summer long (or maybe all year).

It’s not as intense as other Jameson cocktails, but it definitely is at the top of the list when it comes to the happiness that your taste buds experience.

The mixture of Jameson whiskey and ginger ale gives a smooth and rich flavor to the cocktail.

It has a mild kick because of the ginger ale.

However, if you throw in some vanilla to the drink, it becomes an even more fascinating cocktail.

This drink is extremely straightforward to make, so it’s a great option if you want to make a quick drink for a big group.

Of all the cocktails on this list, this one is the drink that you can experiment with the most. 

Now, this one is a classic Irish cocktail.

If you have some Jameson whiskey, it’s a no-brainer that you should whip up this cocktail recipe.

It’s much like the Vanilla Whiskey Mule before this, but with more intensity and less vanilla flavor. 

Pro tip: Add some soda water if you want to make this drink just a little bit lighter than it is.

Jameson whiskey is an Irish whiskey, so you shouldn’t be surprised that many of the cocktails you can make from it are great for St. Patrick’s Day.

Jameson cocktails technically are Irish cocktails, after all.

One such example is this Irish Sour Apple Cocktail. 

You just can’t go wrong with this refreshing and festive drink.

The green color really adds so much personality to the already cheery flavor of this cocktail.

Most of the time, Jameson whiskey is associated with sour flavors, but this recipe goes against the tide.

Strawberry is a great addition to a cocktail if you want something sweet, fruity, and refreshing. 

Feel free to add some ice to the shaker, especially if you want to mash the strawberries more. 

Pro tip: It might sound outrageous, but add just a dash of fresh ground pepper to give the drink a little kick.

Bright and zesty–these two words perfectly describe what this Irish Mule is all about!

Here’s another classic cocktail that you can make.

Bring a refreshing and savory smack to your Jameson whiskey by creating this cocktail.

This requires minimal effort, so if you just want to make something quickly at the end of the day, don’t think twice about mixing an Irish Mule.

This cocktail is interesting because instead of using the classic Jameson whiskey, it makes use of the Jameson Black Barrel Select Reserve.

The Jameson Black Barrel Select Reserve is matured in flame-charred bourbon barrels, which means that the whiskey has some mild caramel and sugary notes. 

Throw some juices along with this special kind of whiskey, and you’ve got this Harvest Sipper, which is a sparkling and festive twist to your usual cocktails.

The garnish is optional, but opt not to remove it because it adds that fruity and rich tone to the overall flavor of the drink.

This Kahlua, Eggnog & Irish Whiskey is the ideal holiday drink, but it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to make one of these unique and intriguing cocktails.

With only a handful of ingredients, you can whip this cocktail up when you need a drink to impress your guests.

It has just the kind of flavor that makes you feel comforted and warm without losing that intensity and kick that all cocktails should have.

Who knew you could make a creamy cocktail with Jameson whiskey?

This Jameson Irish Whiskey Milk proves that you can turn your simple Jameson whiskey into a flavorful, creamy, and smooth cocktail.

This cocktail is best served cold with lots of ice, but the beautiful thing about this is that you can drink it warm, too!

The ingredients for this cocktail are most likely already in your pantry, which means you can whip this up anytime you feel like you need a lift in your spirits.

Mimosas are festive and bubbly–the perfect brunch drink (but who says you can’t drink it any other time?).

Turn your simple mimosas into something memorable with this Irish Mimosa recipe. 

Make this cocktail by the pitcher so you can enjoy it with your friends (or you can enjoy more of it by yourself).

Additionally, much like any other Irish cocktail, this is also a great drink choice when you want to kick off your St. Patrick’s Day party with a bang.

This Melon Whiskey Ginger cocktail is one of the simplest recipes on this list, but don’t be fooled because it is one of the most flavorful and well-balanced cocktails here.

This drink has an exquisite blend of sweet and tangy flavors, but one does not overpower the other.

The melon is also a great addition to the already common mixture of Jameson whiskey and ginger, so it’s something new and refreshing that you can make.

You only have to spend less than 5 minutes to produce this cocktail, so it’s perfect for lazy days when you just can’t wait to drink.

The bottom line

Jameson whiskey is an amazing drink, but it gets a new life and personality when you turn it into one of these many refreshing and inviting cocktails.

The best thing about these Jameson cocktails is that you can make something classic and simple, but there are also choices when you feel like elevating things and creating something new for your taste buds. 

These cocktails are the ideal party drink, but whipping them up on a regular weekday when you need something to boost your mood is a great idea, too.

Don’t wait for any occasion (or, in this case, St. Patrick’s Day) to create at least a glass of these cocktails. 

You’ll miss out on a masterpiece if you don’t try them as soon as you can!

15 Best Jameson Cocktails

15 Best Jameson Cocktails

Here are all the best Jameson cocktails that you should know how to make at home, from the Jameson-based Old Fashioned drink to the Irish Mimosa. Cheers!


  • Jameson Old Fashioned
  • Green Tea Shots
  • Luck Of The Irish
  • Jameson Hot Toddy With Cinnamon Apple Cider
  • Irish Sunset Cocktail
  • Vanilla Whiskey Mule
  • Jameson, Ginger & Lime
  • Irish Sour Apple Cocktail
  • Strawberry Whiskey Smash
  • Irish Mule
  • Jameson Harvest Sipper
  • Kahlua, Eggnog & Irish Whiskey
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey Milk
  • Irish Mimosa
  • Melon Whiskey Ginger


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