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21 BEST Iced Tea Cocktails For Year-Round Refreshing Flavor

21 BEST Iced Tea Cocktails For Year-Round Refreshing Flavor

Does it get any more refreshing than iced tea!? Take this famous drink up a notch by creating one or two of these iced tea cocktails!

I put together this list because I’m a huge fan of iced tea anyway, and outside of a Long Island Iced Tea (which originally had no iced tea, weird, huh?) there are surely easy iced tea cocktails to make at home.

Mint and fruit are absolutely perfect taste accompaniments with iced, as well as several of the alcohol ingredients shown in some of these recipes. 

So here’s what I found, some really delicious-sounding drinks that look refreshing, with quality ingredients.

Take a look at the Thai Iced Tea, a buzzy twist on that creamy, yummy kind you can find at some Asian restaurants.

Or how about the Tipsy Lemonade & Peach Iced Tea? Sounds like a proverbial splash in the pool on a hot day to me!

Let me know what you try here. We are always looking for your comments and suggestions. 

Enjoy! And if you landed here by accident and alcoholic beverages aren’t for you, it’s okay to close this tab, just for today

Named after the famous golfer, this Arnold Palmer Iced Tea is a go-to cocktail when you’re planning to cool off on a hot day. 

Turn your back on the powdered or canned version and make one at home with just a few ingredients: lemon juice, sugar, water, and tea bags. 

Then finish it off with fresh lemon slices and mint sprigs for that nice presentation.

The sexy peach color of this Southern Spiked Peach Iced Tea will draw everyone’s eyes to it, but the combination of peached iced tea, vodka, and lemonade will surely hit the spot!

Adding a few peach and lemon slices into the glass with the ice incorporates more flavor, so ensure to prepare some of them before mixing this drink up.

This boozy version of the popular Thai beverage is for people who want to enjoy a sweet, creamy cocktail that’s great for parties and special gatherings. 

The flavor is topnotch–the bold and malty taste of black tea mingles the rich, smooth undertone of vanilla vodka, which is eventually more elevated by the addition of sweetened condensed milk.  

Remember to top it off with cinnamon or cardamom for additional flavor.

Surprise your family and friends with this refreshing cocktail filled with raspberry and tea flavors!

Additional berries and mint sprigs make the drink even tastier, but if you’re running out of the ingredients, feel free to leave them out.

Combining gin, lavender, lemon, and earl grey tea will give you this crowd-pleasing and refreshing mixed drink that tastes like something you would enjoy at a tea party. 

It’s lightly sweetened with simple honey syrup, but the bold taste of black tea definitely stands out from this sipper.

Here’s another mixed drink fit for your spring and summer entertaining–the Hibiscus Iced Tea Cocktail!
The bright red hue is eye-popping, but the slightly floral, fruity flavor and the blend of sparkling water and orange vodka are the secrets of why this iced tea cocktail is so good.

This Iced Tea & Rum Cocktail deserves attention as it’s quite simple to put together, yet its flavor combo is flawless!

The drink also requires three ingredients: slow-brewed sweet iced tea, white rum, and fresh lemon juice–this means it’s the best sipper for easy mixing.

Though it’s optional, garnishing your drinks with lemon slices will make a big difference.

Enjoy the taste of the tropics with a boozy twist in this Tropical Iced Tea Cocktail!

The fruity undertone comes from the mix of orange juice, citrus rum, fresh oranges, and strawberries. 

The recipe starts by muddling a slice of orange and strawberry in the bottom of the glass and then, followed by the rest of the ingredients.

Bourbon and brewed tea complement well in this summer mixed drink. 

Mixing the two along with lemon juice and sugar gives a delicious tea tart and sweet flavor that’s perfect for hot summer nights and summer porch parties. 

The taste of bourbon is there, but the warming spices of the tea and the freshness of lemon juice offset its flavor.

This Tipsy Lemonade & Peach Iced Tea is a unique and tasty cocktail that you should try if you want a mixture that’s truly refreshing. 

Fresh peaches lend a delicate, floral sweetness to this cocktail that beautifully mixes well with the boldness of vodka and the distinct flavor of iced tea. 

If you have a huge crowd, make a big pitcher, and feel free to swap peaches and lemons with oranges and limes.

This Summer Tea Cocktail needs L’Orange’s magic to experience that party in your mouth with every sip. 

And combining it with iced tea and simple syrup, expect a drink that’s truly extraordinary. 

To create, muddle mint leaves and simple syrup in the bottom of the shaker, add the other ingredients, shake, and serve.

Refreshing and easy, this Sake-Spiked Lychee Iced Tea is laden with complex taste from sake, green tea, and lychee simple syrup. 

Creating the syrup requires fresh lychee fruit, water, and sugar. 

Furthermore, sliced pineapple chunks brighten the cocktail, offering pleasant, sweet, and tart undertones.

You might think Pimm’s No. 1 is the main star here, but this summer cocktail puts your simple iced tea into the centerpiece. 

Fresh, sweet, sour, and wonderful herbal flavors blend effortlessly in this drink with lemon, lime, strips of cucumber, and mint to add an excellent presentation. 

Don’t settle for less–turn your iced tea into a crowd-pleasing cocktail drink you can be proud of–this Longparish Iced Tea!

This smoky and sweet version of the classic Long Island Iced Tea uses tea syrup, bringing a warm, woody flavor that mixes great with Bombay Sapphire, lemon juice, and spiced cola. 

The recipe may sound complicated, but the whole process is actually made in just 4 easy steps: combine the three main ingredients, pour the mixture into a glass with ice, top it with cola, then garnish!

This recipe combines the best Southern classics: mint juleps and sweet tea. 

Even though it features bourbon and lemon, no ingredient overpowers the others. 

They all work together to make a refreshing summer drink you shouldn’t miss. 

Not to mention the yummy mint flavor that impresses you!

This Skinny Iced Tea Cocktail is perfect to serve when you’re looking for a refreshing drink during hot summer days. 

And with only five simple ingredients, you can serve this cocktail in no time. 

Tone your tea vodka down if it is strong by adding plain vodka into the mix.

A delicious and citrus-flavored cocktail is a great drink to mix when everyone is craving for a refreshing (with a little kick) drink this summer, like this Bergamot Iced Tea Cocktail. 

Lemon is responsible for that nice citrusy taste, so ensure to add the fruit into the mix.

Rum and raspberry-flavored green tea meld to create a fruity cocktail recipe that’s easy to make yet provide a good impression to anyone who drinks it!

To serve, pour the spiked iced tea into a tall glass with ice and then garnish with a lemon slice. 

Sweet and ripe mangoes are pureed and then mixed with simple homemade syrup and freshly brewed tea over ice; it’s then finished off with lime spice and mint leaves for additional freshness. 

Serve this drink at summer parties and special outdoor gatherings–and see everyone’s reaction to this new-found drink of yours!

Royal-Tea Cocktail is a wonderful mixture of Earl Grey vodka, Earl Grey tea, and simple syrup that’s heightened by the citrus flavor of lemon. 

This iced tea cocktail recipe has all of the things that you want in a cocktail–simple, fun, and great for late-afternoon sipping!

The bottom line

We’re huge fans of making refreshing iced tea, especially when summer leaves us feeling extremely dehydrated.

But there’s so much more to it than being a drink everyone leans to when hot days kick in–it has endless possibilities!

Who would think this simple beverage could transform into a mixed drink full of surprises and flavor potential?

If you’re fond of iced tea, you’ll love this collection of the 21 best iced tea cocktails; some of these are underrated–you’ll be surprised!

21 Best Iced Tea Cocktails

21 Best Iced Tea Cocktails

Does it get any more refreshing than iced tea!? Take this famous drink up a notch by creating one or two of these iced tea cocktails!


  • Spiked Iced Tea Rum Cocktail
  • Arnold Palmer Iced Tea
  • Southern Spiked Peach Iced Tea
  • Alcoholic Thai Iced Tea
  • Raspberry Mint Hard Iced Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea Cocktail
  • Hibiscus Iced Tea Cocktail
  • Iced Tea & Rum Cocktail
  • Tropical Iced Tea Cocktail
  • Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail
  • Tipsy Lemonade & Peach Iced Tea
  • Summer Tea Cocktail
  • Sake-Spiked Lychee Iced Tea
  • Pimm’s No. 1 Iced Tea Cocktail
  • Longparish Iced Tea
  • Mint Julep Iced Tea Cocktail
  • Skinny Iced Tea Cocktail
  • Bergamot Iced Tea Cocktail
  • Pomegranate Raspberry Iced Tea Cocktail
  • Mango Iced Tea Cocktail
  • Royal-Tea Cocktail


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