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11 Easy Egg Sandwich Recipes That Will Surprise and Delight!

11 Easy Egg Sandwich Recipes That Will Surprise and Delight!

Ah, the egg sandwich. 

It is something we often enjoy in the morning when in a hurry to get out the door, whether to school or work or errands or even vacation.

I mean, who doesn’t love their protein, often dairy, sometimes veggie and carb stacked and enjoyed all together in one bite? 

It’s efficient and it’s tasty! 

Whether you simply fried an egg or made a fancy egg salad, egg sandwich recipes are fantastic! 

This is assuming of course that you are a fan of eggs in general. 

They tend to be an inexpensive protein source when finances are tight, they can be seasoned in a myriad of different ways.

There are at least ten different ways to cook an egg and at the most, 100! 

All this information screams versatility and that is a word we love to hear when cooking in the kitchen. 

I have collected eleven fantastic egg sandwich recipes for those mornings when a satisfying and sustaining breakfast is needed. 

Might even tempt some teens or kids to eat a protein-filled sandwich to start their day!

Grab some eggs and let’s get to it!

Egg sandwich recipes are about as diverse as the population of any given city! 

Some healthy. 

Some not. 

This egg salad has 6 hard boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, celery, dill, garlic salt, and onion salt.  

Then layers are put together with bread, egg salad, bacon, lettuce, and bread. 

Beautiful and delicious!

The hardest part of making this egg recipe is simply hard boiling the eggs!

This delightful egg salad sandwich recipe has three ingredients and two seasonings! 

Simple and beautiful whether you decide to serve it on top of a lettuce salad for lunch or between slices of your favorite bread for breakfast! 

It is great any time of day!

A grilled cheese breakfast egg sandwich? 

Absolutely, sign me up!

These are prepared more like a grilled cheese sandwich and then an egg, cooked the 
the way you like it best is carefully placed right inside. 


No reason to complicate a fried egg sandwich. 

But there are some great steps to follow! 

Select a Texas toast or a thick sturdy bread for toasting.

Fry the bacon and egg and top with a cheese slice.

Assemble, serve and be delighted!

If boiled eggs are more your style, these hard-boiled egg BLT’s are right up your alley!

Not to mention how amazingly adorable they look! 

Here you cut the hard boiled egg in half and stack mayo, bacon, tomato, and lettuce on top, securing the other half of the egg with a toothpick. 

Who said a boiled egg was boring?

When your air fryer is calling your name and a scrambled egg sandwich is what you want to start your day with, then this recipe satisfies both those cravings!

This savory egg mixture includes eggs, heavy cream, salt, parmesan cheese, chives and paprika. 

You will put ham slices in the basket and add the egg mixture in the pan and cook for twelve minutes. 

This looks and tastes amazingly rich and decadent!

So you want to shake up your egg sandwich game a little bit! 


This recipe subs out the mayo for Greek yogurt!

Then the creativity really gets started by using celery, mustard, green onions, dill pickles, paprika, and cumin. 

Choose the bread that best fits your eating plan to enjoy this wonderful egg salad recipe!

Another excellent, yet different, one of my egg sandwich ideas is this avocado egg salad. 

It combines the hard boiled eggs with mayo, avocado, dill, parsley, and lemon juice. 

It is so savory and satisfying, you might find yourself digging in before it even makes it to the sandwich stage of the process! 

Lots of great tips on hard boiling egg techniques as well as tips on handling avocados!

The top of the list for most interesting egg sandwich absolutely has to be this one! 

All the pieces and parts are cooked and assembled in one pan and it is so satisfying the way it all folds together! 

Cheese, eggs, bread slices, tomato slices, avocado slices, and lettuce are all assembled in the pan while the eggs cook. 

Once done, using the spatula, the whole thing is folded up into a sandwich!

So cool!

Bagel egg sandwich recipes should most certainly be included on this list!

Here bagels are lightly toasted, buttered, and filled with delicious savory items. 

The recipe calls for Canadian bacon, egg, and cheese.

Of course, every bit of this is negotiable!

Other excellent options could be bacon or sausage and your favorite cheese is absolutely necessary!   

Another very cool idea is to batch prep and freeze them. 

That way you have a whole week’s worth of breakfast egg sandwiches ready to go!

So apparently, there are many good ways to make scrambled egg sandwiches, like we have done so far, and there is a ridiculously delicious way which is what this recipe claims to be. 

I will have to let you be the deciding factor about that! 

Lots of great information included on exactly how to cook the eggs for maximum taste! 

It might take longer than the usual way, but it will make the creamiest eggs you may have ever had. 

Toast the English muffins or broil till cheese is melted. 

Add the eggs and don’t forget the sprinkle of chives and a bit of hot sauce to complete the sandwich.

The bottom line

No matter whether your egg sandwich is fried, boiled or scrambled, we hope it is always delicious and paired with other wonderful seasonings and ingredients! 

Eggs can truly be used in so very many different ways!

Want more sandwich ideas? Try these Panini Recipes! Or Vegan Sandwich options too.

11 egg sandwich recipes

11 egg sandwich recipes

Whether you simply fried an egg or made a fancy egg salad, egg sandwich recipes are fantastic!


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  1. Choose one or more options from our list of egg sandwich recipes here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks, so it’s all your own?

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