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11 Tasty Quail Egg Recipes To Make Every Meal Egg-Citing!

11 Tasty Quail Egg Recipes To Make Every Meal Egg-Citing!

Want to experiment with quail eggs? If so, read on to unlock this compilation of quail egg recipes. Expect to get pats on your back from everyone with these!

Cooking with quail eggs has become a thing now. 

Cooks throughout the globe use these cute, oval-shaped eggs in various culinary applications, including soups, stir-frys, and even stuffing. 

To those who are new to quail eggs, they’re actually come from medium-sized birds, like the Coturnix quail or King quail. 

The eggs have a white and tan color with dark brown speckling. 

When it comes to size and taste, quail eggs are smaller with a flavor similar to the average chicken eggs.

Due to their smaller size, the cooking time of quail eggs is notably shorter than chicken eggs. 

Instead of about 9 to 12 minutes, you can cook the quail for about two or three minutes. 

Pretty cool, right?

So if you’re an adventurous cook and you want to experiment with quail eggs but don’t know where to begin, then you’ll want to check out this compilation!

This list compiles our best favorite quail egg recipe ideas from around the web. 

You shouldn’t miss the delightful Idaho Hash Brown Baskets or Quail Eggs Curry!

Are you a huge fan of bacon? Check out recipe #10!

This quail egg breakfast dish features adorable brown baskets made with grated Idaho Russet potatoes and parmesan cheese. 

Truly addicting, these delightful and bite-sized baskets are baked until crispy and topped with quail eggs and salt. 

You better double this 6-ingredient recipe as these hash brown baskets are sure to disappear in mere seconds!

When you don’t know what to do with quail eggs, make this Chop Suey with Quail Eggs! 

Chop Suey is a veggie staple in Filipino cuisine. 

It’s often made from fresh vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, snap peas, and baby corn. 

In this version, hardboiled and peeled quail eggs are added, making the stir-fried vegetable dish extra special and delectable.

This Quail Eggs Curry is a South Indian-style recipe bursting with flavors coming from sambar powder, ginger-garlic paste, cumin powder, and coconut milk.

You’ll be surprised how the quail eggs blend wonderfully with the masala and how delicious this hearty dish is alongside roti or any Indian bread variety. 

Garnish it with chopped coriander for an earthy flavor!

These Mini Bell Peppers With Quail Eggs are great for parties or brunches and have a combination of crunchy and creamy goodness that will have everyone begging for more. 

In this recipe, it’s best to grate your own parmesan or Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese for the freshest flavor. 

The nutty flavor of the parmesan makes the sweetness of the bell peppers stand out. 
Garnish them with grated cheese or chopped parsley.

This easy Quail Egg Soup is ready in one and a half hours and tastes just like the soup at your favorite restaurant. 

It’s made with quail eggs, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, chicken, and tofu. 

The addition of cornstarch slurry thickens this comforting soup while the sesame oil incorporates nutty and Asian taste to the overall dish. 

When the soup is ready, serve it with cilantro, green onions, ground white pepper, or sriracha for a nice spicy kick.

If you’re wondering about how to cook quail eggs, then this Filipino dish called Sipo Eggs should get you started. 

It cooks shrimps, carrots, green peas, corns, snow peas, turnips, and quail eggs in a white creamy butter sauce. 

Though optional, you can sprinkle this recipe with dried parsley at the end of the cooking.

Pro tip: This dish is best served as soon as it’s ready and doesn’t keep or reheat well, so make only what you can eat.

Braising pork spare ribs enhance the flavor of this delicious Vietnamese-style dish (Suon Ram-Man), which also features fish sauce, quail eggs, and special caramel cooking sauce. 

The braised ribs are pleasingly sticky and fall off the bone tender. 

The best part? 

The recipe is full of savory indulgence!

To serve, partner this comfort food with Vietnamese-style vegetable soup and a bowl of cooked white rice. 

Bring these Deviled Quail Eggs at any holiday and expect to wow the crowd! 

Even they’re tiny, these delights are big in flavor. 

You can keep them simple with a sprinkling of paprika on top or go in with a little sprig of dill, caviar eggs, or bits of cooked bacon.

Feel free to make these deviled eggs ahead of time. 

Make the hard-boiled quail eggs, filling, and store them separately for up to 2 days.

We have our version of deviled eggs, too!

Make your classic shakshuka a bit egg-citing by replacing regular poached chicken eggs with quail eggs. 

I bet you’ll love the result!

The recipe calls for tomatoes, red pepper, fresh and dried spices, and parsley or feta cheese as finishing ingredients. 

Enjoy this delicious meal with a toasted baguette.

When it comes to quail egg dishes for breakfast, these Bacon-Wrapped Quail Eggs should reign. 

They’re fancy, smoky, and laden with lovely BBQ flavor!

The umami sweetness of yakitori sauce offsets the saltiness of the cooked bacon. 

It’s advised to barbecue these quail eggs on a grill to bring their best flavor, but you can also cook it in the oven.

What to make with quail eggs? Kwek-Kwek!

Kwek-Kwek is a Filipino street food sold together with squid balls, fish balls, and kikiam

It’s made from hardboiled quail eggs coated with an orange-colored batter, formed into bite-sized balls, and then deep-fried until crispy. 

Once cooked, these orange, fried balls are served on sticks and dipped into a sweet and spicy sauce. 

The bottom line

Depending on your flavor preferences, here’s a wide variety of quail egg recipes for you to choose from. 

Take note that each recipe has something special to offer, but one thing is for sure—all of them are packed with delicious quail egg goodness!

So rush to your nearby grocery store or purchase quail eggs online to start your cooking experiment. 

Who knows, maybe you’re going to find your next favorite recipe today!

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11 BEST Ways To Cook Quail Eggs

11 BEST Ways To Cook Quail Eggs

Break away from the average egg-based meal and make one of these delicious Quail Egg Recipes destined to make your family table egg-citing!


  • Idaho Hash Brown Baskets With Baked Quail Eggs
  • Chopseuy With Quail Eggs
  • Quail Eggs Curry
  • Mini Bell Peppers With Quail Eggs
  • Quail Egg Soup
  • Sipo Eggs
  • Braised Pork Spare Ribs With Quail Eggs
  • Deviled Quail Eggs
  • Shakshuka With Quail Eggs
  • Bacon-Wrapped Quail Eggs
  • Kwek–Kwek (Fried Orange Quail Eggs)


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