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15 Best Duck Egg Recipes (Delicious Ways To Cook Duck Eggs)

15 Best Duck Egg Recipes (Delicious Ways To Cook Duck Eggs)

Let’s get cracking with these 15 best duck egg recipes, featuring some of your breakfast favorites, salads, and luscious pasta dishes.

Duck eggs can do everything chicken eggs can but offer a superior rich flavor, creamy texture, and golden color. 

They are commonly found in Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine, where they are desired for their large, golden yolk that adds richness to dishes.

Learning how to cook eggs is a rite of passage for anyone starting their home cooking journey.

Once you crack open the secret to cooking eggs, a whole world of culinary wonder comes alive at your fingertips.

From easy breakfast staples such as crispy fried eggs and scrambled eggs to more sophisticated items like deviled eggs, eggs can do it all!

If you regularly cook eggs at home, chances are you’re more familiar with the typical chicken eggs than duck eggs. 

Aside from their larger size and thicker shell, duck eggs are creamier and richer in taste than chicken eggs. 

Despite their differences, the eggs cook the same way, which makes it easy to use duck eggs right off the bat.

In this list, we’ll explore 15 unique recipes to get you started with duck eggs.

Duck Egg Mayonnaise makes an indulgent sauce for sandwiches, salads, and more!

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a Maple Custard.

Check out #14 for a light and airy cake!

Let’s kick off this list with a creamy egg salad!

Dill’s bright and sweet flavors complement the mustard’s heat.

Finely chopped celery, onion, radish, and chives add a ton of freshness to the dish.

If you’re out of dill, you can use tarragon or other substitutes.

This recipe is a wonderful way to use up leftover potatoes.

The potatoes soften up nicely as they cook, giving the dish a starchy bite.

Whisking a teaspoon of milk in the duck egg scramble makes it fluffier and smoother in texture.

A touch of shredded parmesan cheese at the end adds nutty and savory notes to the dish.

A quiche makes an excellent eggy vessel for the irresistible flavor of bacon!

This quiche is more like an egg-and-bacon pie than anything else.

Creme Fraiche’s fresh and tangy flavors work well in cutting through the richness of the bacon.

The oven heat melts the gruyere into a smooth, buttery consistency. 

Trust us—the wait is worth it for this recipe.

Pickling the eggs in brine for at least a month allows them to take in the warm, savory notes of cinnamon, bay leaves, star anise, and peppercorns.

After a long steep in the brine, the eggs are packed with flavor and are ready to eat!

The curry’s robust spicy taste works well with the richness of the egg yolk and mayonnaise.

Rosemary and dill add a citrusy aroma that makes the dish inviting. 

Serve this up as an appetizer for your next party!

These duck eggs may be in purgatory, but every spoonful is heavenly!

The rich, sweet, tangy tomato sauce paired with the creamy duck eggs creates an explosion of flavor that’ll leave you wanting more.

Ginger powder and Kashmiri chili powder give the sauce just the right amount of spicy kick.

Bucatini pasta is an excellent option for this pasta dish.

Its hollow center adds thickness and makes it better at sopping up the silky carbonara sauce.

Parmesan cheese gives the dish a burst of umami and helps thicken the sauce.

Oyster sauce has a sweet and briny punch that highlights the meaty taste of the pork.

Shaoxing wine wakes up the flavors of the dish with its bright acidity.

The dish gets fruity, nutty, and tart notes from the water chestnuts.

Pesto, egg, and brie combine to create a symphony of flavors in one sandwich.

Brie’s mild buttery and milky taste works well with the pesto’s bright herby flavor.

The toasted bread provides a crispy textural contrast to the soft sandwich filling.

The eggs are lightly poached and coated with breadcrumbs before they’re sent to crisp up in hot oil.

The crust turns an appetizing golden brown while the yolk inside stays creamy and runny.

A hazelnut dressing adds earthy flavors that pair nicely with the sweetness of the asparagus.

Sweet, rich, and smooth, this maple custard is the sweet treat dessert lovers dream about.

The duck eggs provide a soft but firm structure to the dish and a luxurious creamy taste.

Vanilla extract adds depth and complexity to this simple custard.

Scotch eggs are a classic comfort food for a reason!

What’s not to love about a hearty hard-boiled egg covered with a meaty sausage blend? 

A fresh herby breeze from the parsley and chives makes for a well-balanced dish.

If you haven’t tried homemade mayonnaise, you’re in for a treat.

While mayonnaise is often made with chicken eggs, this duck egg version makes the final product extra rich and silky smooth.

Using proper storage techniques, you can make this mayo last for up to a week!

This sponge cake is unbelievably soft, light, and airy.

A dusting of caster sugar takes this cake’s sweetness level over the top!

The fruit jam filling keeps the center of the cake moist and adds some acidity to contrast the sweet flavors.

The vanilla extract gives the cake notes of caramel and a light floral aroma.

Quinoa provides bulk to the dish, making it hearty and satisfying on its own.

The crunchy texture of the mixed nuts works excellently with the softness of the quinoa.

The runny duck egg yolk on top coats every bit of the veggie mixture, which gives it a rich, velvety mouthfeel.

The bottom line

If you love chicken eggs, it’s time to give duck eggs a shot!

Duck eggs offer a richer and creamier texture and come in larger sizes than chicken eggs.

Both egg types work the same way when cooked, so it’s easy to figure out how to use them in your homemade dishes.

Feel free to come back to this list whenever you need ideas on getting started with duck eggs.

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15 Best Duck Egg Recipe Assortment

15 Best Duck Egg Recipe Assortment

Let’s get cracking with these 15 best duck egg recipes, featuring some of your breakfast favorites, salads, and luscious pasta dishes.


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