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15 Creme De Violette Cocktails: Effortlessly Elegant & Delicious

15 Creme De Violette Cocktails: Effortlessly Elegant & Delicious

Roses are red, violets are…perfect for refreshing summer blends and stylish date night cocktails! 

This list of 15 elegant Creme de Violette cocktails is easy to make; go for the classic Aviation cocktail or a martini laden with blackberry flavor!

Crème de Violette, or Violet Liqueur, is a liqueur known for its gorgeous deep violet hue and floral notes.

It gets its distinctive color from—you guessed it—violets!

Violet petals and buds are steeped in alcohol, which allows the intense color of the flower to transfer to the liquid. 

Believe it or not, this liqueur used to be quite trendy back in the day, being a regular in drinks like the well-known Aviation Cocktail.

It might have taken a backseat in recent years, but it definitely deserves to reclaim its place in the spotlight.

Here are 15 cocktail recipes to get you started with the elegant Crème de Violette.

Strawberry & Lavender Creme de Violette Float is a dessert and a boozy drink in one!

Try Blackberry Martini for a fruity mix with an even deeper color.

You’ll love #13’s twist on a classic cocktail.

Let’s get this going with a fun party drink!

Sweet and creamy with a pleasant bubbly fizz, this dessert cocktail is just the thing you need to kick off an unforgettable night with your best friends.

It has a sweet and creamy vanilla flavor from the cake vodka and a hint of chocolate from the crème de cacao. 

Clear cream soda gives this cocktail a refreshing kick.

The sweetness is balanced by the zesty citrus flavor of the Crème de Violette.

This drink is best served on the rocks, but if you want it ice-cold, you can chill your glasses before pouring.

We sure love a cocktail with a bright tropical twist!

Empress gin has a fruity, peppery, and herby flavor that shines even when mixed with other flavors.

The coconut cream gives the cocktail a rich, nutty flavor and smooth texture.

The acidity of lime juice adds a lovely freshness that works well with the coconut cream’s richness and the gin’s bold flavors. 

The essential oils from a sprig of mint added to the drink give it a cool peppermint taste.

Feel free to use any gin available if you don’t have any Empress gin on hand.

This next drink is as fun to make as it is delicious!

Muddling the blackberries at the bottom of the shaker to extract its juices will make you feel like a pro bartender.

The berries have tartness and a fruity fragrance that complements the floral scent of the Violette liqueur.

Vodka has a subtle flavor that makes it ideal for letting the other ingredients come through.

Shaken with ice and poured on a tall martini glass, this cocktail is excellent for a fancy party at home.

The recipe calls for 6 to 8 blackberries, but you can add more if you want something more fruity.

When life throws you lemons, just make this spiked Crème De Violette Lemonade.

Nothing says summer like a cool glass of lemonade—with a boozy kick, of course!

If you’re expecting a large party, making lemonade ahead of time cuts down on the preparation time.

You can let it chill down in the fridge and just add the Violette once you’re ready to serve.

A twist of lemon as a garnish adds to the pool party vibe of this cocktail.

This might be the most flowery drink on this list.

It’s made with a combination of elderflower and Violette liqueur—talk about flower power!

Elderflower has a light fruity flavor and a robust, perfume-like aroma. 

Bubbly Prosecco completes the vibrant theme of this cocktail.

Top it off with sparkling water, and you’ve got a crisp and refreshing drink.

This fizzy twist on the aviation cocktail makes for a great pick-me-up after a long day.

The classic drink inspired it, but it has its unique flair from the orgeat syrup.

Orgeat has a strong nutty and citrusy flavor profile that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Its touch of acidity pairs well with the herby taste of the Empress gin.

Egg whites give the cocktail a layer of richness, making it prettier with a thin band of foam at the top.

If you’re up for a beautiful sweet drink with a lot of smoky notes, check out this recipe!

Cask-aged Scotch has a full-bodied flavor that mixes fruit and vanilla

The honey and lemon juice is used to tone down the warm burn from the whisky.

Since Scotch is so potent on its own, its distinct taste won’t get lost in the mix with other ingredients.

You can enjoy this cocktail on its own or with the perfect salty snack!

We’re right there with you if you want to go all in on a fruity dessert cocktail.

The star of this energizing drink is strawberry gelato.

A few scoops give the cocktail a lot of creaminess and richness. 

The cold gelato also chills the drink so that you won’t need ice for this recipe. 

Malt from the wit beer adds a mellow fruitiness and a deep caramelized flavor.

The orange liqueur has a juicy orange flavor that’s sweet and citrusy.

Adding it to your cocktail mix will instantly make it refreshing. 

The liqueur has a clear pour, allowing the violet to color the drink beautifully.

A good dash of rhubarb bitters gives the cocktail a tart citrus taste and a bitterness that’s pleasing on the palate.

Add simple syrup or more orange liqueur if you like your cocktail on the sweeter side.

The sugar-coated blood orange garnish also gives it a sugary kick.

What do you get when you blend dry liquors and sweet Crème the Violette?

A well-balanced cocktail!

Unlike sweet Vermouth, the dry version has a crisp tart taste that works like a dry white wine in cocktails.

The glass is rinsed using a bit of absinthe, giving the drink a subtle hint of licorice.

This recipe’s peppery and fruity juniper flavor from the gin really comes through.

Can’t wait to go on an exotic tropical island vacation?

You can have it right at home with this cocktail recipe!

Tiki drinks are all about building layers upon layers of fruity, citrusy, and spicy flavors.

They look fun, but you might be surprised that they’re as classy and complex as any drink out there.

Ghost Flower gets a silky smooth texture and a sweet butterscotch taste from the silver rum.

Pineapple and lime juice gives the drink a sharp acidity that plays well with the sweetness. 

Light up the rum-soaked lime garnish for a fiery showstopper.

If there’s a quintessential Crème de Violette cocktail, it’s the classic Aviation.

It’s a classy, easy-to-make cocktail that’s a great starting point for those trying to earn their stripes at the home bar.

Chill, mix, pour, and garnish—it’s that simple!

A touch of maraschino liqueur is the mark of true Aviation.

It gives this otherwise dry cocktail the right amount of sweetness to bring it all together.

Delicate, stylish, and light on the palate, The Aviatrix is an ideal partner for a quiet cocktail hour at home.

Lillet Blanc has a strong honey, orange, and mint aroma.

It has a pleasant sweetness and a refreshing finish that complements the lemon bitters.

The bitters complete the flavor profile of this cocktail, making it a well-rounded drink.

For the best experience, ensure the ingredients and glasses are appropriately chilled.

Here’s a cocktail that’s excellent for a fancy dinner for two.

Violette liqueur is a great life hack for making any drink look more elegant.

The intense violet hue becomes lighter when mixed with the clear dry gin and orange liqueur, making for a beautiful picture-perfect cocktail.

Its sweetness from the orange liqueur and violets, acidity from the lemon juice, and pine flavor from the gin hit the spot.

If you need ideas for a tasty dish to go with the cocktail, browse through this list.

This recipe is a smoky surprise!

Mezcal is made from the same plant as tequila, but it’s stronger in flavor with a lot of toasted, smoky notes from roasted agave. 

It gives this cocktail a nice smoky undertone that doesn’t overpower the entire drink.

Blackberries, maraschino liqueur, and Violette liqueur all work together to tame the potent mezcal—and they work!

Throw in speared berries for good measure, and you’ve got a well-rounded drink that’s more sweet and fruity than smoky.

The bottom line

Crème de Violette’s unique look makes it a fun ingredient to play with.

It’s usually paired with dry liquors like gin and other ingredients with slightly fruity and citrus flavors.

If you’re in the mood to try something new for cocktail hour, keep a bunch of these recipes in mind.

Elegant Creme De Violette Cocktails

Elegant Creme De Violette Cocktails

This list of 15 elegant Creme de Violette cocktails is easy to make; go for the classic Aviation cocktail or a martini laden with blackberry flavor!


  • Violet Crumble
  • Coco-Violet Cocktail
  • Blackberry Martini
  • Spiked Creme De Violette Lemonade
  • Violet & St. Germain Spritz
  • Aviation Gin Fizz
  • Scotch Violets
  • Strawberry & Lavender Creme De Violette Float
  • Midnight Sun Cocktail
  • Arsenic & Old Lace Martini
  • Ghost Flower Tiki Cocktail
  • Classic Aviation Cocktail
  • The Aviatrix
  • Water Lily
  • Kessel Run Cocktail


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