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25 Best Egyptian Recipes: Flavor-Packed Dishes Worth Trying! πŸ§†

25 Best Egyptian Recipes: Flavor-Packed Dishes Worth Trying! 🧆

To help you step out of your kitchen comfort zone, we’ve listed the 25 best Egyptian Recipes that you can confidently prepare on your own at home. 

Just like the country, Egyptian cuisine is flavorful and incredibly diverse.

From dishes consisting of various vegetables to meals made from tender and deliciously marinated meat, Egyptian foods are something to be admired. 

The Shawarma, Falafel, and the Kebab are a few of our favorite dishes from this list to make, that you just might like as well if you haven’t already tried them before.

Read on as we go through each of the traditional meals and what makes them different from other cuisines.

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Koshari is known as one of Egypt’s traditional dishes, and it is a must-try for those who want to experience authentic Egyptian taste. 

The recipe consists of rice, fried onions, lentils, pasta, and tomato sauce. 

This hearty and mouth-watering dish is delicious, fulfilling, and very easy to make. 

All of the ingredients are basic and can easily be bought at your local supermarket. 

Just toss the ingredients in a cooker and make yourself a Koshari any time you want.

Shawarma is probably the most popular dish on the list. 

It is made of well-marinated meat that is cut into very thin slices and layered with vegetables and tahini sauce and wrapped in a soft, flatbread. 

The meat used for this meal is tender and flavorful, so they are easy to bite into. 

Shawarma is a delicious meal that you can make at home and can be eaten for dinner.

If you want a fish recipe instead of the usual meat, then you can try the delicious Sayadieh.

Sayadieh is a combination of seasoned rice, pan-grilled fish, caramelized onions, and spices. 

This recipe’s fish filet, onions, and fragrant rice will take your breath away. 

Best served with tahini sauce, Sayadieh’s leftover ingredients can be turned into a simple salad to accompany the dish.

Macaroni Bechamel is Egypt’s answer to Italy’s lasagna. 

This comfort food is filled with onions, pasta, ground beef, and tomatoes, and it is covered in a thick and milky sauce called bechamel. 

The combination of the well-seasoned ground beef and melted cheese creates a meal that you will want to try again and again. 

Just like how lasagnas are made, Macaroni Bechamel is baked in large pans and served hot. 

Another traditional Egyptian bake, Moussaka is made of ground meat mixed with layers of potatoes and well-seasoned eggplant, all topped with thick bechamel sauce. 

Moussaka is also one of the most popular dishes in Egypt and it tastes similar to the Macaroni Bechamel. 

What sets the two dishes apart is the texture.

Moussaka is a lot thicker because of the eggplants and potatoes.

Eggplants may not sound as appetizing on their own, but Baba Ganoush will definitely change that. 

The tasty dip is made from roasted or grilled eggplant and it is seasoned with olive oil, lemon, garlic, and tahini. 

When cooked at a high temperature, the savory taste of the eggplant is enhanced and it makes it smoky and strong. 

It is best served with warm pita bread or you can just eat it as is.

Kousa Mahshi is stuffed zucchini that is cooked in a thick tomato broth. 

The stuffing used in the zucchini depends on your preference, but it always includes ground meat, rice, tomatoes, herbs, and other types of vegetables. 

Savory and hearty, Kousa Mahshi is incredible comfort food.

You can eat it with something tangy to boost the flavor of the ingredients, like yogurt or salad with herbs.

Bamia originates from Lebanese cuisine but has since become a staple in Egyptian households. 

The main ingredient of this savory dish is okra, a vegetable that has the same texture as eggplants. 

The stew is cooked with tomatoes, spices, and tender lamb.

The slimy texture of the okra and its strong flavor may be difficult to chew and swallow.

But once it is slow-cooked and mixed with the other ingredients, it becomes tender and rich. 

Bamia is best served with either salad, rice, bread, or chopped vegetables. 

Fatteh is always present at any feast or celebration. 

This meat soup is seasoned with vinegar and garlic, and it is served with toasted bread, tomato sauce, and rice. 

Cooking Fatteh takes patience and effort, but once you’ve gathered all of the ingredients, you can easily put it together.

Phyllo Meat Pie, also called Egypt Goulash, is a pastry that is made with layers of onions and well-seasoned ground beef. 

The end result of this pie may look complicated, but it is actually very easy to make. 

The exterior is golden and crispy, and the insides are rich and toasty. 

Each bite is filled with incredible flavors. 

This pie is best served with a salad or yogurt.

11. Feteer

Feteer is an Egyptian delicacy that symbolizes friendliness and hospitality among the locals. 

You can find Feteer at almost every special occasion. 

Feteer consists of thin dough layers and savory fillings. 

There are several versions of this layered dough dish because the fillings can include anything.

From cheese, coconut, and chocolate, to sausages or ground beef, the choice is yours.

Ful Medames is one of the most well-known foods in Egyptian cuisine. 

The stew is made of fava beans that are soaked for several hours before being cooked. 

The stew is flavored with garlic, cumin, and olive oil which adds a savory taste to the dish. 

Ful Medames is easy to make, which is why most locals cook it for breakfast. 

You can pair it up with vegetables, eggs, pita bread, cheese, or salad.

Falafel, also known as Tamiya, is a dish often served for breakfast. 

Falafels consists of chickpeas, fava beans, herbs, and spices, and are rolled into balls to be fried. 

If you are a vegan and you are looking for something to eat, Falafel is perfect for you. 

It is served with sandwiches, salad, or fried eggplant.

Hawawshi is perfect for meat pie lovers. 

This baked bread is filled with onion, pepper, parsley, and seasoned minced meat. 

Hawawshi is sold almost everywhere in Egypt as it is popular street food. 

Seasoned with a lot of different ingredients, this dish will give you a heart-warming and savory meal. 

Just make sure that you have a glass of water ready nearby because it is a bit spicy because of the pepper. 

15. Labneh

If you prefer to have a light meal in the morning, then Labneh is the dish for you. 

Labneh is a strained yogurt to separate the whey so the consistency is thick and similar to that of cheese. 

The dish is perfect for those who love cheese and yogurt. 

You can use it as a spread on pita bread and other sandwiches, or you can make a breakfast bowl and top it with fruits.

You can also mix it in your salad or use it as a base for pizza.

16. Kebab

Kebab is an insanely popular Egyptian dish that you can find almost anywhere in the world. 

Kebabs consist of seasoned meat, cucumber, chopped tomatoes, cabbages, and other vegetables that are drenched in delicious dressing, all wrapped in a slice of warm pita bread. 

This dish is an instant favorite because they are irresistible and tasty.

17. Kofta

Kofta is similar to a meatball. 

It is usually made with seasoned beef or lamb and is shaped into small balls and grilled until thoroughly cooked.

Kofta is simple, exotic-tasting, and will take your taste buds on a delicious journey. 

This is all thanks to the herbs and spices added to them. 

You can add Koftas to your salad, pita bread, dips, and more.

Egyptian Lentil Soup is great during the winter season because it can effectively warm you up.

This delicious and vegan-friendly soup is very easy to make.

The soup is a mixture of potatoes, celery, red lentils, and carrots, and is seasoned with paprika, cumin, turmeric, and cayenne for an added spicy flavor.

Baladi Bread can be found anywhere in the markets of Egypt because it is one of their most common pastries. 

While it may look similar to traditional pita bread, it has a more distinct taste. 

Baladi bread is made from whole wheat flour, so it is great for those who are watching what they eat. 

The bread can be served as a side dish or you can eat it on its own and pair it with coffee or juice.

Molokhia is a great soup ideal for vegans. 

The soup is made from the leaves of the molokhia plant and it is seasoned with garlic, coriander, and lemon juice. 

The soup has a slimy texture and is best served with rice, bread, or roasted vegetables. 

If you are not a vegetarian, you can pair it up with some chicken. 

Bissara is a soup that is made of broad beans and is seasoned with cumin, garlic, olive oil, red pepper, salt, and lemon juice

This delightful soup will definitely bring comfort and make you feel at home. 

It is best served with bread or rice, and if you are not a vegan, then you can use it as a sauce for grilled meat. 

Salatet Zabady is a refreshing and tasteful yogurt and cucumber dip that is made for salads. 

With only a couple of ingredients needed and some seasonings, you can have the perfect pair for all of your dishes, from roasted vegetables, fresh salads, sandwiches, and grilled meat.

Hamam Mahshi is an exotic Egyptian dish that consists of stuffed pigeons. 

This dish has been a staple in Egypt for centuries. 

The pigeons are kept in mud-brick lofts and they are stuffed with herbs, spices, and onions, together with freekeh. 

Sometimes they are stuffed with wheat or rice. 

Just like any other cuisine, Egypt has its own version of the fan-favorite pizza.

The Fiteer Baladi is a buttery pizza that is made of filo pastry layers and cooked in a brick oven. 

The original version is served plain, but if you wish to level it up, you can order it with savory meat, vegetables, cheese, honey, sugar, or syrup. 

25. Mahshi

Mahshi is an Egyptian-style stuffed vegetable.

The vegetables that are often used are eggplants, bell peppers, zucchini, cabbage, and tomatoes, and they are filled with rice, herbs, spices, cinnamon, and tomato sauce. 

The way that the dish is prepared and cooked depends on the season. 

Usually, it is cooked using vine leaves in the summer, and cabbages are used in the winter.

The bottom line

Egyptian cuisine is a favorite of many because of its exotic flavor, delicious combinations, and easy-to-make recipes. 

Whether you want something savory, sweet, with meat, or filled with vegetables, there is a dish for you.

Egyptian dishes are satisfying, fresh, and used with only the finest ingredients. 

Once you’ve tasted the amazing and unique dishes that Egypt has to offer, you will always come back for more. 

25 BEST Egyptian Recipe 🧆

25 BEST Egyptian Recipe 🧆

Here are the 25 BEST Egyptian Recipes; whether you want something savory, sweet, with meat, or filled with vegetables, there is a dish for you.


  • Koshari
  • Shawarma
  • Sayadieh
  • Macaroni Bechamel
  • Moussaka
  • Baba Ganoush
  • Kousa Mahshi
  • Bamia
  • Fatteh
  • Phyllo Meat Pie
  • Feteer
  • Ful Medames
  • Falafel
  • Hawawshi
  • Labneh
  • Kebab
  • Kofta
  • Egyptian Lentil Soup
  • Baladi Bread
  • Molokhia
  • Bissara
  • Salatet Zabady
  • Hamam Mahshi
  • Fiteer Baladi
  • Mahshi


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