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25 Easy Canned Ham Recipes

25 Easy Canned Ham Recipes

This roundup covers the best canned ham recipes from across the web, as well as some tips and tricks for using it in your everyday cooking. 

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is on-the-go. And with everybody rushing, fast, simple, and easy-to-prepare meals are a must.

Canned ham is cured boneless ham that is conveniently packed and can be used for fast, tasty meals. It usually comes from the leg or butt part of a pig which is preserved or smoked and includes whole cuts of meat. 

When it comes to cooking, canned ham is a go-to alternative to dishes that require meat. Additionally, this ingredient is practical and budget-friendly, which is excellent for families. 

It can be stored longer, making it a pantry staple for most households. As long as canned ham remains unopened and intact, it does not require refrigeration and can be stored easily. Once opened, you can store the remaining leftover ham in the refrigerator and use it in the next few days. 

If you are looking for easy canned ham recipes, we have an incredible list for you to try.

  • Brighten up your party by serving #12 Ham Salad alongside the usual dips.  
  • #3 Canned Ham Bites have a crunchy outside and a pickle inside.
  • Prepare #20 Honey Ham & Cheese Quiche in advance so it’s ready to serve.
  • Make #21 Cheesy Ham & Broccoli Pot Pie.
  • #22 Potato & Ham Bake shines with its unique, flavorful sauce.

Tips for Getting Canned Ham Out of the Can

Getting canned ham out of the can is a relatively simple process. Here are some tips to help you with it:

  1. Remove the label. Before opening the can, remove any tags or plastic wrap that might be covering it.
  2. Clean the can. Before opening the can, wipe it with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any dust or debris.
  3. Choose the right can opener. Make sure you have a reliable can opener that can easily cut through the lid of the can.
  4. Open the can carefully. Position the can opener correctly on the lid and start turning it slowly and steadily.
  5. Release the vacuum seal. Release the vacuum seal by carefully inserting a knife between the ham and the side of the can. 
  6. Use gravity to your advantage. Hold the can upside down over the serving plate and gently tap the bottom to encourage the ham to slide out. 
  7. Be patient. If the ham doesn’t immediately slide out, give the can a few gentle shakes or taps on the bottom to loosen it.
  8. Slide a knife around the edges. If the ham is still stubbornly stuck, carefully slide a knife around the inner edges of the can to help release it.
  9. Use a spoon or silicone spatula. If the ham is only partially coming out of the can, use a spoon or a silicone spatula to gently push it out from the bottom or the sides. 
  10. Slice with care. Use a sharp knife to slice it into desired portions while maintaining a steady hand and avoiding accidental cuts.

Canned Ham Recipes

For an easy afternoon snack or a tasty appetizer, this recipe works best. This salad recipe incorporates diced canned ham to make it more flavorful and appetizing. Canned ham is perfect for that meaty taste and adds an excellent texture to the dish. 

Ingredients include: Diced ham, cheddar cheese, mayo, ranch mix, and sweet relish.

Golden, glazed, sweet, and delectable are some of the ways to describe this dish. It is a classic and delicious way of preparing a canned ham for a festive meal. If you are looking for something phenomenal to serve for dinner, then this recipe is for you.

Ingredients include: Canned ham, yellow mustard, and brown sugar.

These Canned Ham Bites creatively use canned ham and pickles wrapped in cream cheese. They then receive a unique coating from crushed saltine crackers and crispy potato chips.

Ingredients include: All purpose flour, egg, buttermilk, cream cheese, and crackers.

Crispy fried onions add a flavorful crunch to this Canned Ham Casserole. It’s a meal your family will love, and you can make it quickly and easily on any weeknight.

Ingredients include:  Pasta, ham, cream of mushroom soup, milk, and fried onions.

If you are looking for a quick but tasty dinner dish, this one may just be what you need. The recipe is straightforward but, best of all, will not bust your meal budget. It also offers a creamy flavor with hints of fresh basil and a little spice.  

Ingredients include: Canned ham, flour, American cheese, pasta, and milk.

An outdoor BBQ party calls for a dish that your family and friends will appreciate. This recipe is one of the best options you have. The classic charcoal grilled ham with bourbon, honey, brown sugar, and molasses makes this dish sweet and savory.

Ingredients include: Canned ham, brown sugar, molasses, honey, and pineapple slices.

This Ham Ball recipe shines with its simple and convenient process. You only need 10 minutes to prepare it, then let it chill for 2 hours to blend the flavors, and after that–you’ll have a tasty ham ball ready to serve with crackers.

Ingredients include: Canned ham, cream cheese, sour cream, pecans, and onion soup mix.

If you are not sure of what to do with your leftover canned ham, then you might want to try this. This recipe is quite easy but packed with flavors to make this dish your go-to comfort food.

Ingredients include: Diced ham, onion, potatoes, green beans, and black pepper.

This Deviled Ham recipe combines tangy mustard, creamy mayo, and flavorful seasonings. You can enjoy this versatile appetizer by spreading it on sandwiches, using it as a dip, or pairing it with crackers.

Ingredients include: Diced ham, mayo, hot sauce, dijon mustard, and vinegar.

Looking for a quick fix for lunch or a snack? This recipe is all you need. This simple ham salad sandwich recipe can win taste buds once they’ve experienced it.  

Ingredients include: Canned ham, egg, celery, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard.

Tips for Slicing & Serving Canned Ham

When it comes to slicing and serving canned ham, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Chill the ham. It’s best to chill the canned ham in the refrigerator as it slices more easily and maintains its shape.
  2. Choose the right knife. Use a sharp, serrated knife or a carving knife to slice the ham. 
  3. Remove excess moisture. Pat the ham dry with a paper towel to remove any excess moisture and “goo.” 
  4. Decide on the thickness. Determine how thick you want the slices to be based on personal preference.
  5. Slice against the grain. Look for the lines in the ham and cut perpendicular to them. This will result in more tender slices.
  6. Use a steady motion. Avoid applying too much pressure or sawing back and forth, as this can tear the ham or result in uneven slices.
  7. Adjust the angle. Experiment with different slicing angles to achieve the desired presentation. 
  8. Serve at any temperature. Depending on your preference, you can serve canned ham cold, at room temperature, or warmed up.

The combination of flaky, buttery biscuits with salty, smoky ham and creamy, tangy Swiss cheese highlights the Ham ‘n Swiss Biscuits recipe. This unique blend sets it apart and makes it an excellent option for brunch or a quick dinner.

Ingredients include: Canned ham, poppy seeds, margarine, biscuits, and Swiss cheese.

This recipe requires just a few basic ingredients that you probably already have. To enhance the flavor, it’s best to refrigerate the dish for at least 30 minutes before serving, allowing it to chill and the flavors to come together.

Ingredients include: Ham, celery, mayonnaise, dill pickle, and dijon mustard.

Brown sugar and honey are combined to create a sweet and sticky glaze that caramelizes on the ham during baking. It also gives this Canned Ham With Pineapple & Cherries recipe a delicious flavor and a crispy, golden-brown crust.

Ingredients include: Canned ham, cherries, orange juice, flour, and sugar.

This Three-Ingredient Ham Cheese Ball is a versatile and crowd-pleasing dish. It combines the smooth, creamy base with a savory flavor that satisfies everyone’s taste buds. 

Ingredients include: Cream cheese, ham, onions, and crackers.

The star of this Old-Fashioned Baked Ham recipe lies in the harmonious blend of ground mustard and cider vinegar. The addition of pineapple slices and maraschino cherries creates a festive presentation. 

Ingredients include: Pineapple, canned ham, sugar, ground mustard, and cider vinegar.

This Cheap Ham recipe stands out thanks to the special touch of beer. The flavorful dish lets you enjoy a delectable meal without compromising your budget. 

Ingredients include: Ham, pineapple juice, sugar, beer, and cloves.

This savory dish highlights succulent ham cooked in a sweet, savory brown sugar glaze. With the convenience of a slow cooker, this recipe ensures tender meat that melts in your mouth. 

Ingredients include: Ham, sugar, butter, and cloves.

Transform your ordinary canned ham into an extraordinary, scrumptious meal with the magic of an air fryer. The ham is air fried to perfection, giving it a crispy and succulent exterior while maintaining its juicy tenderness inside. 

Ingredients include: Ham, sugar, honey, pineapple juice, and mustard.

Here’s a classic dish that’s great for any occasion. The recipe features canned ham baked with pineapple rings and brown sugar, resulting in a sweet and savory flavor combo that’s sure to please.

Ingredients include: Canned ham, pineapple rings, sugar, lemon juice, and cornstarch.

This dish may sound intimidating and complicated but, on the contrary, it is not. It is very easy to prepare, can be served as breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and most importantly, is nothing short of delicious.

Ingredients include: Ham, cheddar cheese, eggs, milk, and sour cream.

Here is another dish that your family can look forward to experiencing. With simple ingredients, you can create this cheesy ham and broccoli pot pie in a breeze.

Ingredients include: Olive oil, butter, carrots, celery, and rosemary.

This savory recipe brings together tender ham and perfectly cooked potatoes. It’s versatile enough to be served for a weeknight meal, a weekend brunch, or even a holiday gathering.

Ingredients include: Oat drink, potatoes, beans, ham, and flour.

Simple, comforting flavors go a long way and this dish is a great testament. This one-pot dish includes cabbage, potatoes, ham, and is a definite dinner table winner.

Ingredients include: Ham, avocado, cabbage, potatoes, and cider vinegar. 

This recipe for Hickory Smoked Ham is a tasty alternative to traditional honey-baked ham. It combines the earthy aroma of hickory-smoked bone-in ham with a unique rub laden with aromatic spices. 

Ingredients include: Ham, sugar, dry mustard, lime rind, and pecan.

Ham & Potato Has is a simple and easy breakfast or brunch recipe that can be on the table in under 30 minutes. The ingredients are cooked together in a skillet until tender and crispy. 

Ingredients include:  Ham, bell pepper, onion, potatoes, and red pepper flakes.

The bottom line

These are just a few of the many ways to use canned ham. With a little creativity, you can come up with endless possibilities. So next time you’re at the grocery store, be sure to pick up a can of ham and get cooking!

Not only does it provide a flavorful addition to meals, but it also offers convenience and versatility in the kitchen. With its long shelf life, canned ham can be stored conveniently in your pantry, ready to be used whenever inspiration strikes.

25 Easy Canned Ham Recipes To Try

25 Easy Canned Ham Recipes To Try

Looking for a quick way to cook with canned ham? Look no further than these 25 canned ham recipes that include sandwiches, pot pie, snacks, and more!


  • Ham & Ranch Salad
  • Baked Canned Ham
  • Canned Ham Bites
  • Ham & Noodle Casserole
  • Canned Ham Tomato-Mushroom Casserole
  • Grilled Bourbon Ham
  • Ham Ball
  • Ham, Green Beans & Potatoes
  • Deviled Ham
  • Ham Salad Sandwich
  • Ham 'n Swiss Biscuits
  • Ham Salad
  • Canned Ham With Pineapple & Cherries
  • Three-Ingredient Ham Cheese Ball
  • Old-Fashioned Baked Ham
  • Cheap Ham
  • Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Ham
  • Air Fryer Canned Ham
  • Baked Ham With Pineapple
  • Honey Ham & Cheese Quiche
  • Cheesy Ham & Broccoli Pot Pie
  • Potato & Ham Bake
  • Smothered Cabbage With Ham
  • Hickory Smoked Ham
  • Ham & Potato Mash


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