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11 Best Austrian Appetizers: Dumplings, Dips, & More!

11 Best Austrian Appetizers: Dumplings, Dips, & More!

There’s something for everyone in here! These 11 best Austrian appetizers, including salads, dumplings, and dips, are sure to start your party off. 

One of our most unforgettable experiences while in Austria was the food. 

It’s not just about the schnitzel and strudel, though—we love that we can get our hands on some of the most delicious (and original!) appetizers in the world.

Whether it’s a creamy, cheesy dish or a crisp, bacony one, we’re always looking for new ways to try new Austrian appetizers

So we’ve put together this list so you can see what’s on offer when you visit Austria and try making them in the comfort of your own home. 

Feeling hungry? 

Would you like to try Austrian food? 

Then we offer a treat for you: the best of Austrian appetizers.

Austrian food is known for being hearty and filling, but there’s a whole world of Austrian appetizers out there that can tide you over until lunch or dinner. 

These little bites give you an opportunity to try a variety of different flavors without having to commit to one big meal. 

They’re also ideal for sharing at parties or get-togethers with friends and family.

But the best part about Austrian appetizers is that they’re all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. 

We are beyond thrilled to share some of our favorite Austrian appetizers

From Buchteln to Brettljause to Spaetzle, we’ve got it all.

But wait—don’t skip #9, or you’ll regret it!

1. Lobster Cocktail With Continental Sauce

The Lobster Cocktail With Continental Sauce makes a wonderful Austrian appetizer, delighting guests and putting them in the mood for something lush and magical. 

The lobster cocktail itself is delicious, but what really sets this appetizer apart is its sauce. 

Take advantage of the“secret” recipe to create an extraordinary sauce that has all of the flavor and none of the guilt.

The sauce is made up of dry sherry, cognac, cayenne, paprika, and other ingredients that pack a punch. 

This combination creates a unique taste that will leave you wanting more.

2. Liptauer

Liptauer is one of the most mouth-watering Austrian appetizers that are so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try them sooner. 

We guarantee that if you don’t bring this to your next party, it’ll feel like something’s missing. 

The simple combination of ingredients—cream cheese seasoned with paprika powder and caraway seeds—creates an intense taste that will leave your guests craving more. 

Garnish with chopped bell pepper, capers, and cornichons/gherkins for a beautiful presentation and unique depth of flavor.

You can spread it on bread, use it as a dip, or as a topping on other dishes.

3. Austrian-Style Potato Salad

The best potato salad is the kind that gets you excited to eat just by looking at it.

It’s a potato salad that makes you want to hold a plate up close and take a deep breath of the warm, earthy aroma. 

The kind of potato salad where the color is so vibrant that it almost glows when you look at it.

It’s got to be hearty and filling, but still light enough that you can eat a lot of it without feeling weighed down. 

It’s got to have just enough crunch from the onions and celery, but not so much that they overpower the potatoes.

It’s got to be creamy but not too thick—just enough to coat your tastebuds and linger minutes after you’ve taken a bite.

The entire experience reminds you of home–warm and invigorating.

4. Spaetzle

Do you know what’s better than Spaetzle? 

The feeling you get when you eat it. 

It’s like a warm hug—the kind of embrace that makes you feel safe and secure.

It’s like a hug for your mouth—the doughy, comforting noodles enveloping your taste buds and cheeks in warmth.

And then there’s the caramelized onion, which is just as sweet and savory as any grandmother would be if she were to give you a big old kiss on the cheek before plopping down at the table for dinner with her grandchildren.

Put these two together, and what do you get? 

A scrumptious meal that will keep giving back to you with each bite until there’s nothing left but satisfaction and warmth in your tummy.

5. Cucumber Salad

Gerkensalat is a rich and refreshing Austrian cucumber salad appetizer that is sure to make your next party a hit. 

It’s easy on the eye, but what really makes this dish stand out is its freshness and taste.

With only seven ingredients, Gerkensalat can be whipped up in no time at all! 

Just grab some cucumbers and onions, along with vinegar, salt, and pepper—and you’ve got yourself a tasty side dish or appetizer. 

Feeling adventurous and want an appetizer with more kick?

Add some dill and fresh chili peppers to give it an exciting twang with each bite.

We recommend serving this dish alongside meat, fish, and poultry. 

It’s also a great addition to any picnic basket. 

6. Buchteln Austrian Stuffed Sweet Rolls

Buchteln are Austrian sweet rolls made with yeast, milk, flour, and butter. 

They’re traditionally eaten as an appetizer before the main course, but they’re also exquisite when served as a dessert. 

The moment you bite into these rolls, you’ll taste the flaky exterior, then a burst of sweetness from the filling—it’s like eating a cinnamon roll without all the work. 

Buchteln are best served warm, but they’re also delicious cold with a cup of coffee.  

They can be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container for up to two days before serving.

7. Viennese Potato Gulasch

If you’re looking for Austrian appetizers that are capable of winning over even the most die-hard carnivore, look no further than Viennese Potato Gulasch.

This vegetarian delight is made with cashew cream and uses a blend of herbs and spices that have been carefully chosen to create a taste sensation that will make your mouth water.

The best part is that it’s great for picky eaters. 

Kids love it because it’s delicious and fun to eat, but they don’t need to know that it’s actually chock-full of veggies.

8. Brettljause

The Brettljause is a traditional Austrian appetizer that consists of a variety of meats, cheeses, and other accouterments. 

It’s served on a board, and it’s meant to be eaten as an appetizer before dinner. 

It’s also known as the “mountain man’s lunchbox.”

The Brettljause is a tasty way to start off your meal with friends and family. 

The ingredients are all served cold, so you don’t have to worry about reheating anything or getting everything at the right temperature. 

You can just take it out of the refrigerator and enjoy it!

The Brettljause is also inexpensive to make at home because most of its ingredients are easy to find at supermarkets or butcher shops.

9. Waldviertler Mohnzelten

The Waldviertler Mohnzelten is a classic Austrian appetizer that is perfect for any occasion. 

It features a delicate, crispy dough filled with poppy seeds, which create an excellent contrast of decadence and crunch.

The filling also contains rum, which elevates the already savory dish.

This appetizing snack can be enjoyed either baked or fried, and it can be served as an appetizer or eaten alongside chicken or pork chops.

But what’s most impressive is how versatile the dish is.

You can tweak the filling any way you want.

Essentially, you can create a whole host of different Austrian appetizers from the same base!

10. Apricot Dumplings

Apricot Dumplings are a traditional Austrian appetizer made with apricots, flour, and water. 

They’re a great way to start your meal because they’re sweet and savory at the same time. 

The flavor of apricot is light enough not to overpower the other food you’ll be eating, but it’s sweet enough that it will leave you wanting more.

They’re also super easy to make. 

Just mix all of the ingredients together in one bowl, roll the dough into balls then place them in your oven to bake until they’re golden brown. 

The only hardest part is waiting for them to cool down enough before you can eat them!

11. Stuffed Vienna Bread

Stuffed Vienna Bread is a lip-smacking Austrian appetizer that is as enjoyable to eat as it is versatile.

It’s basically Vienna bread stuffed with shredded swiss cheese, mushrooms, and drained black olive; you should give this one a try!

It’s perfect for any occasion where you want to get a little messy and have a good time.

The bottom line

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the Austrian culinary tradition. 

We know that it’s not always easy to make time for appetizers, but it’s important to take the time to do so. 

After all, a good appetizer can make or break your meal, so why not make sure yours are as good as they can be?

Don’t wait until your next vacation to try some of these delicious dishes—get started on them today!

Have you tried any of these Austrian appetizers in the past? 

Let us know your thoughts and what recipes you want to see next in the comment section below!

Best Austrian Appetizer Collection

Best Austrian Appetizer Collection

There's something for everyone in here! These 11 best Austrian appetizers, including salads and dips, are sure to start your party off.


  • Lobster Cocktail With Continental Sauce
  • Liptauer
  • Austrian-Style Potato Salad
  • Spaetzle
  • Cucumber Salad
  • Buchteln Austrian Stuffed Sweet Rolls
  • Viennese Potato Gulasch
  • Brettljause
  • Waldviertler Mohnzelten
  • Apricot Dumplings
  • Stuffed Vienna Bread


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