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25 Best Bucatini Pasta Recipes To Make For Dinner ๐Ÿ

25 Best Bucatini Pasta Recipes To Make For Dinner 🍝

Get out of your pasta rut and spice up your weeknights with these 25 delectable and exciting bucatini pasta recipes!

Italian cuisine frequently features bucatini, a thick spaghetti-like pasta.

While originally from the region of central Italy, the pasta known as bucatini has quickly become a national favorite because of its delicious reputation and the power of tradition and curiosity.

Although bucatini seems similar to spaghetti at first glance, it has a hole running through the middle and is slightly thicker than its more common counterpart.

And it is what makes bucatini so great and unique.

It helps the pasta absorb more of the sauce and improves the overall flavor.

Bucatini is best when cooked to al dente and then finished off in the pan with the sauce for a few minutes.

Unlike linguine or spaghetti doused in sauce, bucatini has the sauce poured over and inside of it, and it’s the best vehicle for silky sauces like Cacio E Pepe or Bucatini Carbonara.

#23 is a pasta dish with a beautiful texture and well-balanced flavors that will knock your socks off!

So, let’s not dally any longer and dive into these 25 bucatini pasta recipes that will win you over forever!

Tomatoes’ natural sweetness is best brought out through roasting.

The cooking process for this dish also serves to create a basic sauce by releasing the natural juices and flavorings.

Of all, the burrata is what really makes this otherwise ordinary pasta dish stand out.

It transforms into the tastiest cream sauce, which evenly coats the pasta and even leaves a few melted cheese puddles for you to savor.

The origin of the name of this classic from Naples is shrouded in mystery.

It’s said to have been a Naples brothel’s most famous dish with customers.

It’s a savory blend of olives, capers, and anchovies that gets tossed with bucatini and finished with a sprinkle of fresh parsley.

Rather than leaving the sauce “fishy,” anchovies contribute a savory saltiness.

When the anchovies are coarsely minced, the intense fishiness diminishes, and the sauce takes on a beautifully rich umami taste.

This dish is a treat to twirl your fork around.

Quick and tasty garlic butter sauce for pasta, where the garlic takes center stage!

Browning the butter before adding the garlic is another option.

The nutty flavor that develops as the butter browns is a great way to add depth to the entire taste of the dish.

In this dish, the sauce’s garlicky, buttery richness excellently compliments the noodle’s slightly chewy, full-bodied texture, which I adore!

Lemon’s tanginess goes well with the ricotta’s airiness and creaminess, while the parmesan’s subtle sweetness adds a welcome note to each bite of this recipe.

Fresh lemon is preferable to bottled lemon juice for this dish.

The zest and juice of a lemon impart a burst of fresh, summery lemon flavor without harshening the sauce.

While the juice helps temper the richness of the ricotta, it is the zest that provides that signature bright lemon taste.

This sauce contains vodka, just like the name implies.

Once the sauce has been reduced, none of the alcohol’s flavor remains.

But then, you may be wondering, why bother with vodka at all?

Vodka, as is common knowledge, has no discernible taste, smell, or color.

Vodka is added to the tomato sauce to bring out the sauce’s acidity and flavor and to boost the cream’s sweetness.

For dinner tonight, try making this vodka-sauced bucatini; it’s bound to be a hit with the whole family.

The wild green fennel adds a subtle bitterness to the briny sardines, making it a truly one-of-a-kind flavor blend.

But that’s not all there is to it.

Sweet raisins, pine nuts, and a dash of earthy, green saffron add to the dish’s distinctive flavor profile.

The fruitiness of the extra-virgin olive oil offers the perfect finishing touch to all of these delicious sensations.

In case you’re the type who enjoys dishes with bold flavors, this one’s for you!

On top of a warm mound of pasta are piled juicy cocktail tomatoes, peppery arugula, buttery nuts, zingy lemon, garlic, and a generous helping of cheese delight from Mozzarella and Pecorino Romano.

This flavorful pesto pasta may be entirely vegetarian, or you can add seafood, fish, or meat for a heartier feast.

Doesn’t the dish’s name give you pleasure, envisioning a warm bowl of comfort food?

The combination of creamy pasta and the savory, smokey bite of crispy bacon is like a warm hug in a bowl.

Cheese, cream, and bacon make for a decadent combination in this meal.

Pasta in a velvety, bacon-flavored cream sauce—oh my goodness, that’s so good!

How exactly do you make the best carbonara?

To turn the egg mixture into a sauce, swiftly toss it into the pasta while it is still hot enough just to “cook” the egg but again not too hot to cause it to curdle.

In most recipes for carbonara, the cream is included.

Although this isn’t the conventional way, you can certainly do it to achieve an even creamier pasta sauce.

Some things deserve one’s best efforts, like this Bolognese with bucatini!

The ground pork and beef, when browned to a crisp, will provide a lot of flavor to the sauce.

And there’s a beautiful, subtle sweetness brought out by the celery and carrot stalks, and the mushrooms offer an earthy depth.

Complement this dish with a crisp garden salad and some crusty garlic bread for a complete meal. 


Rich marinara sauce and cheese sit on a crust of cheese-coated bucatini.

Tomatoes’ tart sweetness cuts through the pie’s fatty thickness and helps to strike a decent balance of taste.

The soppressata pieces are scattered throughout a delectably creamy base made from four different kinds of cheese.

It’s baked till bubbly all through, then cut into wedges and served like pie.

Tomato is the Italian word for “pomodoro,” therefore, this dish is essentially pasta with tomato sauce.

It’s quite similar to marinara sauce, except the tomatoes and other ingredients are pureed to make a silky smooth sauce.

Since the taste of the tomatoes will have such a significant effect on the taste of your sauce, you must obtain the juiciest, ripest, sweetest, in-season tomatoes possible.

Pulled chicken that has been roasted nice and slow is the juiciest, tenderest, and tastiest kind.

Cooked to perfection, this pulled chicken has a succulent texture and robust flavor.

It’s impressive in and of itself, but it really shines when included in a pasta meal like this recipe.

Moreover, the sun-dried tomatoes add a concentrated flavor that gives the pasta a zingy, sweet-tart finish—wow!

A French classic, potato-leek soup is an excellent starting point for this pasta dish.

Leeks take on a delicate, buttery texture when sauteed, and if you only use the white and light green parts, you can be sure they won’t get tough.

The contrast between the mild sweetness of the roasted leeks and onions in butter and the earthy aroma of the potatoes is superb.

When you’re looking to switch things up, try some meatballs in pasta the Sicilian way!

It has the chewiest bucatini pasta, juiciest meatballs, and is full of saucy goodness.

This pasta is best served immediately with a heaping sprinkling of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Everyone at the table is certain to leave satisfied!

Ricotta cheese’s creamy flavor matches perfectly with the bright tang of fresh lemon in this dish’s signature sauce.

An instant white sauce can be made by combining olive oil, ricotta cheese, Parmesan, and a bit of pasta water.

Pasta is given an uplifting, lemony flavor from dried, ground berries known as sumac and a delicate, pleasant fragrance from chopped mint leaves.

When butter is browned in a skillet, it develops a more deep and richer flavor.

This method accentuates the scallop‘s mild flavor and meaty texture.

Atop a bed of supple pasta and complemented by bittersweet broccolini and the herbaceous undertones of sage, these seared scallops are a sweet and buttery delight.

If you’re looking for a recipe that can serve as the centerpiece of a romantic evening for two, you’ve found it!

So, here’s what I’ve found: a BLT-inspired pasta salad using bucatini!

This BLT Bucatini Pasta Salad is stacked high with bacon and tomato, and instead of lettuce, it uses baby spinach for a juicier and sweeter taste.

Similar to a traditional sandwich, but with some exciting twists.

Everything is light, crisp, colorful, and wonderful because of the creamy ranch dressing that coats all of it.

Noodles seasoned with herbs are topped with a cheesy tomato sauce, crisp breadcrumbs, and juicy tomatoes.

The dish’s superbly satisfying texture is its greatest strength. 

There’s a lot to like, from the nutty flavor of the toasty breadcrumbs to the chewiness of the bucatini noodles and the bright, herby pesto sauce made from scratch; it’s out of this world!

Your bowl of pasta can be transformed into a delectable art piece by combining artichokes and bacon!

This artichoke pasta dish has everything you might want in a meal; it’s decadent, savory, and filling.

You will be completely and utterly hooked on this dish since the pasta mixed with artichokes has a surprisingly meaty texture, and the umami flavor of bacon adds a delightful depth.

So, let’s talk about the vital factors that must be included if we’re going for the authenticity of this dish.

Primarily, this recipe calls for a cured pork product called guanciale.

Each mouthful is infused with the flavorful guanciale essence, which gives the sauce a silky backbone and meaty, umami complexity.

There isn’t a single thing it doesn’t go well with, but sauces and pasta, in particular, are a great fit.

Typical ingredients for this simple but delectable Italian pasta dish are bucatini, garlic, olive oil, pepper, and salt.

But anyone who has ever had it knows there is so much more to this dish than just the ingredients.

The oil gets a rich, nutty taste from the garlic, and the starchy water from cooking the pasta turns it into a sauce with an intense garlicky flavor.

Adding some red pepper flakes gives it a nice, warm kick without overpowering the flavor of garlic and oil.

When served with pasta cooked to a perfect al dente, it’s bliss on earth.

It has the most amazing, crisp, vibrant, and zesty lemon flavor and is thick and cozy without being heavy.

And it’s just the right amount of homey thickness from the cheese and butter, with a refreshing, uplifting kick from the lemon.

And the kale’s clean, full-bodied flavor makes this dish balanced and exceptional.

Cheese and pepper, or “Cacio e Pepe” in Italian, are all you need to make this classic dish.

The fine peppery taste comes from freshly ground black pepper and the pasta water fuses with cheese to give this recipe that creamy texture.

It is straightforward and can be prepared in just 20 minutes.

The bottom line

Given the variety of delicious ways in which bucatini may be prepared, it’s safe to assume that it has plenty of potential for satisfying your appetite.

It’s also guaranteed to take the place of your existing go-to noodle right away because of its enticing qualities.

Best Bucatini Pasta Recipe Collection

Best Bucatini Pasta Recipe Collection

Get out of your pasta rut and spice up your weeknights with these 25 delectable and exciting bucatini pasta recipes!


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