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23 Fizzy Beer Cocktails: Beergarita, Beermosa & More!

23 Fizzy Beer Cocktails: Beergarita, Beermosa & More!

Beer is an all-time great when it comes to beverages; let’s take a deep dive into beer in this list of 23 festive and fizzy beer cocktails. 

In this list, you’ll find mixes that use ale, lager, and everything in between!

This timeless bar and home drink has earned a name as one of the 5 most consumed beverages in the world.

Avid lovers of beer already know all about it, but for those who are more casual drinkers, let’s get into some of the basics.

There are at least 100 types of beer all over the world, from rich, full-bodied, and creamy stouts to crisp, refreshing, and hoppy pilsners.

All beer types can be categorized into two categories, depending on the fermentation technique used.

First, you have ales known for their crisp and clean taste owing to their longer cool fermentation time.

On the other side are lagers, which have a fruity taste and a smooth mouthfeel due to a shorter fermentation time at room temperature. 
There’s no wrong way to crack open a cold one, but if you’re looking for fantastic beer cocktail recipes, here are the 23 most delightful ones for you. 

Try Bourbon Butterbeer for something warm and cozy for slow days and chilly nights.

You can’t go wrong with Sunrise Beer Margaritas for a summer backyard pool party.

Watch out for #22 for a famous South Korean beer cocktail!

Looking for a cocktail with a Mexican flair?

Try out this beer and margarita combo!

Corona light is a Mexican pilsner beer known for its smooth taste and crisp texture.

It works well with the fruity and earthy notes of the tequila.

Enjoy this cocktail with spicy chorizo appetizers for a guaranteed fun night.

This recipe adds a tropical twist to the classic Margarita cocktail.

You get the tried and tested smooth agave flavor of the tequila and the brightness of the bubbly Mexican lager.

Depending on the color of the agave syrup, its flavor profile can range from mild to deep caramel.

Agave syrup is sweeter than regular sugar, so use it in moderation if you want a dryer cocktail.

This recipe is an excellent partner to cool down with on a hot day!

Lime juice, tequila, and grapefruit beer make for a revitalizing blend of tart and sweet flavors.

Rimming the cocktail glass with salt gives a salty flavor contrast and enhances the drink’s taste.

You’ll have an exciting cocktail in no time with this recipe!

El Chapo is a straightforward mixed drink ideal for a stress-free intimate dinner at home.

Bitterness from the Campari turns this drink into a refined aperitif.

The cinnamon stick garnish provides a spicy aroma and flavor.

You can also ignite the cinnamon for a smoky punch.

This Ruby Hearts Cocktail will steal your heart!

It’s a sophisticated blend of mezcal, Campari, cinnamon syrup, lime juice, and beer.

Campari often gets a bad rap because of its assertive bitterness. 

A balanced cocktail like this one is the key to helping you love its unconventional flavo

Yep, you guessed it–the following recipe is a mimosa with beer. 

Mimosas are a brunch staple, but you can sip on this cocktail any time of the day. 

Its bubbly texture and sweet, fruity flavor are a great way to kickstart the weekend.

This is a cocktail you’ll want to post on your timeline!

Its dazzlingly pretty blue hue comes from blue curacao.

The liqueur colors the cocktail and gives it a touch of bitterness for a complete flavor profile.

The gummy worm garnish is the cherry on top of this fun cocktail!

Surprise your guests with a fizzy twist on the Bloody Mary cocktail. 

Bloody Mary is a brunch classic usually made with vodka, tomato juice, and hot sauce.

It is a unique cocktail that highlights savory notes, which makes it an ideal drink for a hearty meal.

Horseradish is used to add an extra layer of spice.

 You can also use ginger or any horseradish substitutes if you’re all out.

Who says smores are just for kids?

Take a boozy trip to memory lane with this campfire cocktail.

It has a lot of smoke from the smoked porter beer and the smoked Islay scotch.

The smokiness plays well with the creamy richness of the Irish cream.

Party until sunrise with this picture-perfect beer margarita!

Its attractive color comes from grenadine, a non-alcoholic syrup commonly used to give cocktails a sweet and sour punch.

This recipe’s pomegranate color gives the cocktail a beautiful red-orange tint.

The kosher salt and sugar rim make the flavors of this cocktail pop.

This next recipe is a drink and a meal in one glass!

It’s a hearty and filling drink full of veggies, spices, and other goodies.

It gets its vibrant color from the tomatoes, which also give a lot of acidity to this cocktail.

Its bright and savory flavors make an excellent accompaniment to freshly shucked oysters.

Nothing says summer fun like a vibrant red watermelon cocktail.

Its flavor comes mostly from sweet, juicy, and fruity watermelon.

A tablespoon of Cointreau adds a touch of bitterness that makes this simple cocktail burst with complex flavors.

If you’re looking for effortless crowd-pleasers, this recipe is for you.

It might be called stormy, but this drink goes down smoothly! 

IPA, or India Pale Ale, is a beverage that has built a solid following thanks to its pleasant citrus and fruity notes.

The spicy and fresh ginger beer complements its intense taste.

 Dark rum gives this drink a deep, smoky undertone from its long aging period.

Why have a pumpkin spice latte when you can have a tasty pumpkin beer cocktail?

On its own, pumpkin beer can be a hit or miss for most people.

But this cocktail certainly hits all the right marks.

Its richness becomes nicely mellow when mixed with apple cider, whiskey, and cinnamon syrup.

If you don’t have any pumpkin beer, try using pumpkin spice-infused vodka.

This two-ingredient drink makes for a lip-smacking one-two flavor punch!

The two ingredients are hard cider and your lager beer of choice.

A bottle of dark Guinness stout is poured over the hard cider, which gives the drink a magnetic color gradient.

The stout has a smooth and creamy texture and a malty taste.

Having a hard time choosing between a Bloody Mary and a margarita?

Enjoy the best of both drinks with this recipe. 

You get the spicy and savory notes of a traditional Bloody Mary and the sweet and sour flavors of a margarita.

It has an enjoyable bubbly mouthfeel from the Mexican lager.

This cocktail recipe can be a real lifesaver if you’re in a rush.

It uses only lemonade and beer, resulting in a thirst-quenching concoction.

You can boost it by using pink lemonade or lemongrass and ginger lemonade

Enjoy this drink ice-cold for the best results.

Sometimes all you need is a blend of whiskey and some beer for a quick pick-me-up.

Whiskey’s deep, bold flavors boost the hoppy, crisp, and light beer.

You can dunk the entire shot glass in a glass of beer or drink the beer as a chaser for the whiskey.

Simple, elegant, and oh-so exquisite, this beer cocktail sets the mood for a romantic dinner!

The roasted malt sweetness and bitterness of the stout beer complement the light flavors of the champagne.

Mix and pour into a tall glass, and you’re in for quite a treat!

Do you believe in magic?

This enchanting cocktail is so easy to drink that it’ll disappear like magic. 

The black color of the Guinness makes this drink look so luxurious–perfect for a fancy date night!

Blackberries go with the black theme and create juicy fruit explosions when you bite them.

You might have seen this South Korean cocktail in K-Dramas or videos online.

It’s also called “Somaek” in Korean. 

It’s a blend of soju, a clean-tasting spirit similar to vodka, and beer.

A 3:7 vodka-to-beer ratio is usually the sweet spot, but you can try different proportions to find out what you like.

Preparing this cocktail is half the fun!

The other half is, of course, drinking this delicious party mix. 

It’s made by filling a shot glass with Irish whiskey and Bailey’s Irish cream and then dropping it into a large glass with Guinness.

It’s like a game and a drink in one!

The bottom line

Beer is one of the most well-liked drinks all over the world.

It’s incredible when one drink is loved even across different countries and cultures.

The diversity and versatility of beer add to its popularity.

It’s lovely on its own, but if you want to try something new, our list of 23 beer cocktails is here for you.

23 Fizzy Beer Cocktails

23 Fizzy Beer Cocktails

Beer is an all-time great when it comes to beverages; let’s take a deep dive into beer in this list of 23 festive and fizzy beer cocktails.


  • Citrus Beer Sangria
  • Beergaritas
  • Lagerita
  • Paloma With Grapefruit Beer
  • El Chapo Wine Cocktail
  • Ruby Hearts Cocktail
  • Beermosa
  • River Water Beer Cocktail
  • Beer Bloody Mary
  • Campfire Smores Cocktail
  • Sunrise Beer Margaritas
  • Bloody Roman Cocktail
  • Beer & Watermelon Cocktail
  • Stormy IPA Cocktail
  • Pumpkin Beer Cocktail
  • Snakebite Drink
  • Spicy Michelada
  • Lemon Shandy
  • Boilermaker
  • Black Velvet
  • Black Magic Guinness Cocktail
  • Soju Bomb
  • Irish Car Bomb


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