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What To Do With Leftover Chili: 21 Munch-Worthy Recipes

What To Do With Leftover Chili: 21 Munch-Worthy Recipes

Are you looking for what to do with leftover chili? We’ve rounded up 21 of our leftover chili recipes here that you can make at home. 

We have all been there. 

A huge pot of chili was made one day and is not all eaten up. 

Hence, the next day one has to determine what to do with leftover chili! 

I mean, you could of course warm it up and add different toppings from when it was first served. 

That could absolutely be what to make with leftover chili. 

But if you are looking to take it to the next level and make something relatively new, you are going to want leftover chili recipes in hand. 

I can help with that. 

I love chili leftovers because believe it or not, there are tons of things to make with chili! 

The best part about leftover chili is it can be repurposed in a recipe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! 

There is just something super comforting about chili no matter how it is served! 

So let’s dive into some outstanding leftover chili ideas, shall we? 

Several substantial ingredients can be added and a Chili Cornbread Casserole is born! 

Some rich cheese or mashed beans can be added and Chili Cheese Bean Dip is created! 

A tortilla or bread can be added and a Chili Cheese Grilled Sandwich or a Chili Cheese Burrito is designed! 

Some delicious eggs can be put on top and a hearty breakfast meal is discovered! #15 

Veggies, like zucchini or peppers or mushrooms, can be filled! 

Potato skins or French fries can be topped. 

See the list can go on and on and on! 

Keep one of these recipes on hand the next time you need to decide what to do with leftover chili.

If you are a pasta person, there are many leftover chili recipes that lean that way. 

For example, this mac and cheese recipe. 

Elbow pasta mixed into chili with shredded cheese on top and a new entree is ready to be enjoyed.

Easy squeezy!

Spaghetti is an excellent complement to leftover chili. 

Here pre-cooked spaghetti noodles mixed with eggs create the crust of the “pie.” 

Heated chili goes on top along with shredded cheese. 

It serves like a casserole. 


Frito Pie might be at the top of favorite leftover chili ideas! 

Fritos are the bottom layer of the casserole dish, topped with chili, red onions, then cheese and broiled till warm and bubbly. 

Serve in bowls with topping options like sour cream, jalapenos, or guacamole!

Fair warning, some chili leftovers are messy, but doesn’t that make them all the better? 

This grilled cheese sandwich is so good and so messy! 

But it gets major points in my book for being baked (but it can be done on the stove)! 

Spoon the chili mixed with cheese on top of bread placed on a baking sheet and top with another piece of buttered bread. 

Bake and flip halfway through! 

Such a fun switch-up!

This Tortilla Stack is a terrific idea for what to make with leftover chili. 

It gets bonus points for being so incredibly quick to assemble. 

Layers of tortillas, chili, and cheese, over and over. 

Then bake for 15 minutes! 

Pairs perfectly with a salad. 

Of all the things to make with chili leftovers, you will be amazed at this recipe that turns it into finger food. 

Basically, pizza dough is taken, rolled into a long snake shape, cut into pieces, flattened out, a spoonful of chili added along with cheese cube, then it’s sealed up into a ball shape and baked! 

Oh, my word! 

Truly amazing!

A cheesy dip is a superb idea for what to do with leftover chili. 

Mix together refried beans, cream cheese, shredded cheese, and your desired amount of hot sauce and put into an oven-safe dish. 

Add on the chili and bake. 

It’s that easy and that amazing! 

Serve with your favorite chips!

For lower-carb options for leftover chili recipes, consider this one. 

Zucchini Boats. 

Cut the zucchini in half and scoop out the insides. 

Add salt and pepper and then add in the leftover chili. 

Bake a while and add cheese at the end. 

Delicious with any toppings you like!

This leftover chili recipe is gonna make everyone around your table happy! 

You can choose to add cut-up hot dogs to your chili if you want. 

Then in a casserole dish, layers are made of chili, onion, cheddar cheese, and tater tots. 

Oh, this is really good!

Pepper lovers listen up! 

Leftover chili ideas often accompany a vegetable or pasta. 

In this case, it is bell peppers that are washed, sliced in half, and de-seeded. 

Then, you guessed it, fill them up with the leftover chili and bake! 

Top with whatever else floats your boat! 


Honestly, chili leftovers and enchiladas are not too different from each other except in presentation. 

Here a super quick casserole is made with the leftover chili which takes the place of the bean-meat mixture in the recipe. 

Extra beans or chili peppers could be added to it if you like. 

Begin layers with corn tortillas, chili, sour cream, and enchilada sauce. 

Bake and your home will be filled with delightful savory TexMex smells!

Filled Potato Skins are a hearty appetizer and definitely what to make with leftover chili! 

Bake up some potatoes, white or sweet. 

Keeping the skin intact, scoop out the flesh to mix with sour cream green onion, and the leftover chili. 

Spoon this mixture back into the skins, top with cheese, and bake a bit. 

No room for boring potatoes here!

Chili Cheese Fries might be at the top of the list of things to make with chili if you have teenagers around. 

I know plenty who love them! 

Crispy french fries that are topped with leftover chili with melted cheese on top sound like a real treat! 

I am warning you right now, these are addicting!

What an amazing way to start a day! 

This breakfast recipe is perfect for what to do with leftover chili! 

This recipe is written as if the chili needs making, but all that’s needed is to put the leftover chili in the oven-safe skillet, warm it up, poach four eggs on top, put it under the broiler for the cheese to beautifully melt.

Breakfast may never be the same!

Portobello mushrooms used in leftover chili recipes are a match made in heaven! 

Here they are cleaned, filled with chili, and baked. 

Ok, maybe a few more steps, but basically that’s it. 

Delicious with a side of quinoa or rice.

When tortillas are your go-to, then leftover chili needs to be used to make an amazing burrito! 


Fill that tortilla with chili, rice, and cheese. 

Personalize with cilantro, sour cream, hot sauce, or guacamole! 

Excellent instructions on folding and cooking are given! 

Chips and salsa on the side are perfect!

This is a totally new take on nachos and a fabulous choice off this leftover chili ideas list. 

The nachos are really sliced potatoes that are baked in a single layer in the oven. 

Then the chili and cheese are added, followed by a bit more time in the oven. 

Toppings could include green onions, cilantro, Greek yogurt, pico de gallo, or anything else you enjoy on a plate of nachos!

Puff pastries are up next in this recipe using chili leftovers. 

Cut the pastry into any single-serving shape you like. 

Add a spoonful of leftover chili to the center of each shape with cheese added once the edges are brown. 

When serving add sliced scallions or a dollop of sour cream. 

Finger friendly!

This may be the most obvious idea of what to make with leftover chili! 

Turn your plain old hot dog into a chili cheese dog! 

The recipe takes it up a notch and adds chicken sausage to the leftover chili. 

Cheese and chili and onions and cilantro….oh, the goodness just goes on and on.

Chili Cornbread Casserole is a filling savory solution for what to do with leftover chili! 

Chili goes in the casserole dish and the cornbread batter is spread across the top.

That golden brown top is everything! 

The bottom line

Leftover chili recipes really come in handy when you want to serve something different than another bowl of chili. 

I hope several of these ideas inspired you to create something delicious with your leftover chili!

21  BEST Ways To Use Leftover Chili

21 BEST Ways To Use Leftover Chili

Wondering what to do with leftover chili, this list of 21 recipes should come in handy and hopefully inspire you to create your own dishes with your leftover chili.


  • Chili Cheese Baked Potato Casserole
  • Leftover Chili Mac And Cheese
  • Chili Spaghetti Pie
  • Frito Pie
  • Chili Cheese Grilled Sandwich
  • Leftover Chili Tortilla Stack
  • Leftover Chilli Stuffed Garlic Dough Balls
  • Chili Cheese Bean Dip
  • Leftover Chili Stuffed Zucchini Boats
  • Chili Dog Tater Tot Casserole
  • Leftover Chili Stuffed Peppers
  • Black Bean And Beef Enchilada Casserole
  • Chili Potato Skins
  • Chili Cheese Fries
  • Ground Turkey Chili Shakshuka Skillet
  • Chili Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
  • Chili Cheese Burrito
  • Irish Chili Nachos
  • Chili Puff Pastry Appetizer Squares
  • Leftover Chili Cheese Dog Boats
  • Chili Cornbread Casserole


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