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17 Pecan Desserts That You Will Want To Make All At Once

17 Pecan Desserts That You Will Want To Make All At Once

Are you trying to find the best pecan desserts? We’ve rounded up 17 pecan dessert ideas that are gonna make you hungry. The only real question is which dessert will you make first? 

How do you say pecan

Do you pronounce it “pee-can” with a short a as in “can” or “pehcahhn” with an “ah” sound?

It all depends on where you hail from. 

It is one of those words that is pronounced differently depending on your geographic upbringing or region! 

Either way, we all know and love pecans. 

This nut, a native of America, is found prolifically in the states of Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico, as well as northern Mexico. 

It tastes rich all by itself or when mixed with other nuts and is enjoyed in salads and in pecan dessert recipes! 

If you find yourself with some fresh pecans, there is a process to remove them from their shells. 

First, you need to crack the hard nut to get inside. 

Oftentimes this cracking is what breaks the halves, resulting in pieces. 

Due to the tediousness of this process, pecan halves are more expensive than pieces.  

Once cracked, pull apart the halves and carefully clean the nut parts because there is a bitter woody lining that runs between the two halves.  

If not completely removed, well, it’s gonna leave a bitter taste behind! 

And nobody wants bitter residue when enjoying a handful of nuts or a delicious dessert with pecans! 

Today I collected 17 fantastic pecan dessert recipes to inspire you! You will see delights in our list, such as rich Coconut & Pecan Crusted Chocolate Covered Bananas, and decadent Banana Pecan Coffee Cake

Plus keep your eye out for easy and delish #14 for the win!

To open this list I present the first of eleven pecan baking recipes! 

This pecan upside-down bundt cake is the second cousin to the pineapple upside-down cake. 

Some similarities, once or twice removed! 

But come on a pie and a cake all rolled into one? 

This certainly had me intrigued! 

The delicious pecan topping goes in the pan first followed by the cake batter! 

Bake and wait the eternally long ten minutes to cool before flipping! 

Absolutely gorgeous with extraordinary taste!

Pecan pie is perhaps most known for its appearance around Thanksgiving time! 

However; pecan baking recipes do not have to be saved for holidays as shown here with these easy pecan pie bars! 

Portable gooey deliciousness in your hand? 

Yes, please! Make and bake the crust. 

Mix, and add the filling and bake again till set! Done! 

Desserts with pecans come in all shapes, sizes and flavors! 

Ice cream is indeed on that list too, namely buttered pecan! 

So, how about we mix up a batch for later tonight? 

Vanilla, caramel, and pecan crunch, Mmmmm! 

This recipe is a custard-based vanilla ice cream with those yummy buttered pecans added in the last few minutes of processing!

Fudge can be made in 15 minutes? 


Follow these instructions carefully and be sure to allow for the three hours necessary for the pan to cool and set! 

This just might be my newest favorite of all my pecan dessert recipes! 

Addiction to these squares might be the only downside here!

Another winner here for outstanding pecan baking recipes!  

SO adorably cute since they are baked in a mini-muffin tin and just wait, a mini scoop of ice cream on top is a brilliant add-on, in every sense of the word!

Easy to follow instructions with pictures make this a snap to create! 

You’re welcome!

You knew one hundred percent that a pecan cobbler was going to make its way onto this list of desserts with pecans! 

Or maybe you have never heard of it. 

Decadent is the only way to describe this recipe with real butter, brown sugar, and whole milk!  

For those of you out there that do not like fruity desserts, you are in luck because this one has only pecans!

More mouthwatering cuteness coming your way in the form of mini phyllo cups! 

Presenting mini baklava bites next up on our pecan desserts list! 

The six-ingredient list won me over along with the combination of creamy and crunchy together in each bite! 

The whipped cream mixture goes in first and is then chilled for an hour! 

The warm pecan topping is added last before serving. 

These keep best in the fridge, in the off chance that there are leftovers.

Ever made a truffle before? 

Ever considered making a truffle? 

Now just might be the perfect opportunity! 

This pecan pie truffle recipe is unassuming while staying on the easy pecan desserts side of things.

It does use two time-saving ingredients, pecan shortbread cookies and vanilla CandiQuik to coat the pecan balls. 

There is a 30 minute chill time in the middle, just so you know.

The pecan dessert recipes just keep getting better and better! 

This recipe includes crunchy shortbread cookies, married with creamy cheesecake and a topping of pecan pie! 

Buckle up, buttercup—it is a doozie!  

Each layer is cooked as you go so it will take about 75 minutes from start to finish. 

By the end, it is downright amazing! Easy to follow instructions, too!  

What do overripe bananas and pecans have in common? 

A place on the ingredient list of this banana pecan coffee cake, that’s what! 

This dessert with pecans could easily be a treat with breakfast as well! 

The batter just sounds sweet with three mashed bananas and chopped pecans. 

It also saves time using a baking mix. 

After the streusel topping is combined and sprinkled on top, the cake is ready for baking! 

Bonus: This coffee cake is really moist!

Now for a heartier, more filling of the desserts with pecans, with a bit less sugar. 

For breakfast, snack, or dessert, a slice of this oatmeal pecan banana bread has amazing texture due to the addition of the pecans. 

Easy pecan desserts are always welcome in my home because of the easy part and the pecan part and the “it makes my home smell delicious after an hour of baking” part! 

It can do all those things for you too!

No way would I forget to include a wonderful recipe for the quintessential of all pecan baking recipes, pecan pie! 

This recipe is easy enough with eight ingredients including a frozen pie crust. 

Guess that lets us spend more time on the luscious filling! 

Mix, spread, pour, bake, cool, enjoy! 

Those are verbs I love in a list together, don’t you?  

Want extra deliciousness? 

Add half a cup of chocolate chips in the filling! 

Chocolate makes everything better!

Well, it isn’t often that all the ingredients of a recipe show up in the title, but that is exactly what happened here! 

No surprises about what you will need to make these: coconut, pecans, chocolate, and bananas! 

Helpful also are skewers or sturdy party picks since they are served like popsicles, and kept in the fridge or freezer. 

Easy pecan desserts like this one keep us coming back for more!

Next up, soft and fluffy cookies that are loaded with brown sugar and oh-so-sweet pecan desserts folks will love. 

The dab of icing and half a pecan placed right on top is perfect on these brown sugar pecan cookies! 

They definitely give off pecan praline vibes which are also super sweet! 

If you do not have a super sweet tooth, you might like these just fine without the icing, as it certainly takes them up a notch on the sweetness scale!  


A sponge cake roll with pecan pie filling sounds fantastic! 

A wonderful new twist on pecan dessert recipes for sure! 

Here the cake is made and rolled to cool first. 

Have a clean dry towel handy.

Then the filling is made and added for the final roll-up and cool down! 

It will need to be wrapped completely, to prevent drying out, before putting it in the fridge.

Baklava 2.0! 

Remember how I mentioned earlier that chocolate makes everything better? 

Well, the same mantra proves true here! 

What is super helpful about this recipe, as compared to other pecan dessert recipes, is that it has specific step-by-step instructions and pictures to help with the best practices with the use of the 22 phyllo sheets and buttering in between the layers. 

The filling has a delightful combined orange, honey, cinnamon, and pecans!

This may quickly become a family favorite!

👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳 How To Toast Pecans And Why You Should 👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳

Cookies make the world go round, at least they do for me! 

This final offering for desserts with pecans is a delectable brown butter pecan sandies cookie made completely from scratch! 

Specific guidance for browning the pecans to perfection, then all the steps to prepare the cookie dough from ingredients to rolled balls ready for a pecan to be placed on top are given! 

Not particularly hard, just lots of steps so no worries! That is exactly what a good recipe should do for you! Inspire and help, every step of the way!

🍪🍪 Chewy, Gooey Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies 🍪🍪

The bottom line

Pecan desserts are often an excellent choice when needing a dessert to share, whether at home or for a gathering! 

Take note of how much is left over. 

I’m guessing none. 

That is the sign of success! Happy baking! 

17 EASY Pecan Dessert Recipe Assortment 🍪

17 EASY Pecan Dessert Recipe Assortment 🍪

Recipe Description Here is our list of the best pecan desserts that you will want to make right now.


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  1. Choose one or more options from our list of 17 pecan desserts here!
  2. Create your new favorite dessert.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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