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15 BEST Pecorino Romano Recipes: A Sharp & Versatile Cheese!

15 BEST Pecorino Romano Recipes: A Sharp & Versatile Cheese!

We have gathered 15 of the most impeccable Pecorino Romano Recipes to highlight one of your favorite hard cheeses.

Are you looking for your next favorite Pecorino Romano dish? 

We have pasta, polenta, vegetable dishes, and even dessert, all with Pecorino Romano as the star.

Pecorino Romano, loosely translated as “sheep’s cheese of Rome,” is a hard cheese often confused with Parmigiano-Reggiano. 

While Pecorino exclusively comes from sheep’s milk, Parmigiano is made from the milk of a cow. 

Although they are both hard kinds of cheese, Pecorino has an almost white appearance, while Parmigiano has a golden hue.

In terms of taste, Parmigiano-Reggiano has a mild, nutty, and somehow fruity flavor. 

On the other hand, Pecorino Romano has a tangier and pleasantly sharp taste that is almost spicy. 

This unique flavor gives the Pecorino dishes a truly fascinating taste that will make you crave more.

Its flavor is a versatile addition to a range of colorful entrees, soups, appetizers, and even an interesting kind of cake, shortbread, and churros recipe that surely piqued our curiosity.

We’re so excited for you to try #4; it’s truly one of the more intriguing dishes.

If you’re as excited as we are, let’s get started with all the lovely dishes we’ve rounded up.

What’s a Pecorino Romano recipe list without Cacio e Pepe?

This cheese and pepper pasta dish is a staple of any Pecorino fanatic.

Add in some garlic bread to cut the intensity of flavor and a clean-flavored white or fruity red Italian wine, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a romantic meal.

Ingredients include: Whole black peppercorns, pecorino romano, spaghetti, and pasta water.

This baked ziti dish has all the complex Italian flavors but is as easy as 1-2-3.

1 – Mix, 2 – Layer, 3 – Bake, and you’re done!

Impress your guests without having to slave over the kitchen with this Meatless Baked Ziti wonder.

The Pecorino Romano adds a sharp taste that blends well with the mild Ricotta and Mozzarella.

Ingredients include: Ziti, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, pecorino romano, and Italian seasoning.

Here’s a protein dish that is just as filling as the pasta dishes.

Chicken breasts are given a punch of flavor with the addition of the savory Pecorino Cream Sauce, while the spinach and sun-dried tomatoes give it a fresh taste.

Ingredients include: Chicken breasts, chicken broth, dried oregano, half and half, and garlic cloves.

Yes, you read that right.

This dish is a vegetable cake made entirely of cauliflower, fresh herbs, and sesame seeds, topped with onion rings, and lovingly flavored with Pecorino Romano.

It’s a low-carb option for when you’re craving that cake-like bite.

Ingredients include: Eggs, all-purpose flour, baking powder, butter, and basil olive oil.

Don’t know what to do with your leftover ground beef?

Stuff them in bell peppers along with some rice, herbs, and cheese. 

Add a little marinara, and you’ve got yourself a meal.

The colors and flavor would be a hit!

Ingredients include: Ground chuck, low-sodium beef stock, garlic cloves, olive oil, and crushed red pepper.

Looking for a little more meat in your dishes?

This lamb chop dish is packed with flavors of garlic, sharp Pecorino Romano, and fresh tangy lemon zest.

It’s a symphony of flavors in every bite.

Ingredients include: Lamb chops, seasoned bread crumbs, mint lemon couscous, ground black pepper, and fine sea salt.

Now here’s a salad that’s filled with mouthwatering tastes.

Pecorino Romano is a tasty cheese by itself, but add some sun-dried tomatoes, capers, some herbs, and crushed pepper flakes, and it is a flavor explosion.

This mix of strong flavors goes perfectly with the artichoke hearts and pasta making it a balanced meal.

Ingredients include: Casarecce, shallots, extra virgin olive oil, toasted pine nuts, and lemon juice.

Polenta is given a flavorful new spin with this creamy dish.

The Pecorino Romano is the cherry on top of a buttery, cheesy, and creamy meal.

Whip up your favorite air fryer chicken to elevate the meal, and enjoy.

Ingredients include: Polenta, water, unsalted butter, parmigiano-reggiano cheese, and kosher salt.

Is there anything better than freshly baked Focaccia?

Well, apparently Salami and Pecorino Romano brings it to a whole other level.

Try out this upgrade next time you bake your own.

Ingredients include: All-purpose unbleached flour, instant active dry yeast, extra virgin olive oil, dried oregano, and warm water.

Just seeing the contrast of the bright green asparagus against the soft and equally flaky background of the pastry is enough to make your mouth water.

Make this lovely asparagus tart yourself to satisfy those cravings.

It only takes 45 minutes to make, but the flavors and textures seem like you worked on it for hours.

Ingredients include: Puff pastry, butter, milk, flour, and olive oil.

For those wanting a fish dish, we’ve got you covered.

Try out this Poached Cod dish that’s accompanied by some orzo filling and flavored with aromatic ramps and the piquant notes of Pecorino Romano.

It’s definitely hearty and delicious.

It’s perfect to serve for your guests on a Sunday lunch.

Ingredients include: Dry orzo, chicken stock, lemon, shallot, salt, and pepper.

Here’s a little something for oyster lovers.

These Chargrilled Oysters are not only beautiful to look at, but their taste certainly lives up to its presentation.

Oysters, garlic, cheese, and lemon come together again to make for a kick-ass seafood bite.

Ingredients include: Worcestershire sauce, parsley, butter, lemon juice, and oysters.

Want your kids to eat their broccoli?

Let them have a taste of this tantalizing creation.

It’s broccoli on pizza with a whole lot of cheese and pepperoni.

Ingredients include: Unsalted butter, flour, milk, garlic cloves, and yeast.

Okay, so this cookie is a little savory, but hey, it’s still a cookie!

This intriguing little guy is what happens when a shortbread and an everything bagel have a baby.

And baby, you have got to try this!

This savory creation has the best combo of Pecorino Romano, Parmesan, and just a little bit of cayenne to make you ask for more.

Ingredients include: Whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, unsalted butter, cayenne pepper, and everything bagel seasoning.

Let’s go full circle by wrapping it up with another Cacio e Pepe dish, but this time it’s churros.

Now, those are two dishes you didn’t expect to come together, but here it is.

This savory kind of churro is great for serving to your guests, especially if they love dipping things in cheese.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, baking powder, parmesan cheese, Monterey jack cheese, and pecorino romano.

The bottom line

Pecorino Romano truly is an interesting addition to any dish, be it for brunch, dinner, and snacks.

It goes well with many things, like bread, grain, pasta, meat, and even a wide array of vegetable dishes.

It is a unique hard cheese with a lot of personality and can hold its own even against other strong flavors like the pepper in Cacio e Pepe and the array of cheese-centered dishes.

This one-of-a-kind cheese can elevate any simple dish with its complex flavor profile and can serve as an excellent blend with dishes leaning on the sweeter side, like with the shortbread and churros.

There is no shortage of ideas for your next Pecorino Romano meal.

Get yourself a whole wheel of Pecorino Romano and try out all the dishes we listed for you.

Invite your friends and family and showcase all the new spicy, savory, and tangy dishes in your arsenal.

15 Best Pecorino Romano Recipes

15 Best Pecorino Romano Recipes

We have gathered 15 of the best Pecorino Romano Recipes that go well with many things, like bread, pasta, and meat.


  • Cacio E Pepe
  • Meatless Baked Ziti With Ricotta & Mozzarella
  • Chicken With Pecorino Cream Sauce
  • Cauliflower Cake With Pecorino Romano & Sweet Basil
  • Italian Stuffed Peppers
  • Parmesan Garlic Lamb Chops
  • Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad With Artichoke Hearts
  • Creamy Parmesan Polenta
  • Focaccia Studded With Salami & Pecorino Romano Cheese
  • Pecorino Romano & Parmesan Asparagus Tarts
  • Poached Cod With Orzo, Ramps & Pecorino Romano Broth
  • Chargrilled Oysters
  • Broccoli Pizza With Provolone, Mozzarella & Pecorino Romano
  • Everything Parmesan-Pecorino Savory Shortbread
  • Cacio E Pepe Churros


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