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Labor Day vegan recipes: 28 plant-based meals, snacks & desserts

Labor Day vegan recipes: 28 plant-based meals, snacks & desserts

Can you believe it’s already the middle of summer? Neither can I. 

And before you know it, the Labor Day weekend will be flying in, giving you all the tell-tale signs to bring out the best from your recipe box!
Today, however, I’m giving it quite a different spin as I’m dedicating this compilation to my vegan friends. 

Some of them might also very well be needing a serious overhaul of their recipe box, so here are some fresh ideas!
So with this list, I’m sharing all kinds of dishes.

From mains, sides, desserts to appetizers, here are 28 of the tastiest vegan recipes to give your summer that much-needed last hurrah!

1. Spicy mango guacamole

Let’s amp up the summer tropics vibe and add chopped mangoes to our favorite guac! 

This is then spiced up with some fresh jalapeño—a little hot or a lotta hot.
It’s a real crowd-pleaser! recipe

2. Healthy spinach artichoke dip

Another crowd favorite in our little get-togethers is the spinach artichoke dip. 

I’m dubbing this as the “healthier” version as it mixes spinach, artichoke hearts, onions, garlic, mayonnaise, and cashew cream – all of which are baked until they go golden! 
These simple ingredients finally make this entry dairy-free and paleo, too!

3. Caramelized onion white bean dip

You think the previous two are only the crowd favorites in this section? Well, not if you bring this caramelized onion white bean dip into the equation!
Inarguably the hallmark of the caramelized onion white bean dip recipe is that it’s so easy to make! 

Just caramelize the onions first, combine them with white beans, olive oil, lemon juice, thyme, and garlic, and place them in a food processor or blender, and you’re done! 
Seriously. Here’s the recipe.

4. Grilled jalapeño polenta bites


These bites are teeming with scrumptiousness that your taste buds will soon thank you for, especially when they’re grilled right!
The polenta in the grilled jalapeño bites is cooked and then grilled, leaving you with a singular experience, along with a spicy zip bound to wow you further.
You’ll only need polenta, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper, jalapeño, hummus, and microgreens to concoct all this creamy and buttery dish.

5. Easy stuffed mushrooms

Another classic with a twist is this easy stuffed mushrooms recipe my friend showed me recently for our little get-together.
While these easy stuffed mushrooms are a massive appetizer favorite, I was also told they feature this as a side dish. 

Talk about versatility!

6. Vegan nachos with BBQ “pulled pork” and queso

Without a doubt the highlights of these vegan nachos are the easy mushroom BBQ “pulled pork,” plus the cashew-based queso cheese sauce that is sure to impress your dairy-free whims.
This appetizer also comes with smoky roasted jalapeños and nutritional yeast. 

When all of these are combined, you can only expect the most addictive of vegan nachos!

7. Baked tomatoes

Are you ready to go Italian this quick? These baked tomatoes may very well be the vehicle you’re looking for!
The vine-ripened tomatoes in this dish are laden with panko bread crumbs alongside vegan parmesan, onion, parsley, and garlic.


1. Easy baked cabbage

No, we’re not done with some of the best-baked goodness in the vegan world. 

Not even close.
Behold the easy baked cabbage, now onto the sides, yes! This flavorful vegan side dish is perfection, especially when it’s roasted.
Bland cabbage, you say? Not this time.

This version features cabbages baked in the oven, softening the shredded leaves, which ultimately allow them to absorb all the deliciousness of the other ingredients.

2. Vegan southern potato salad

This gluten- and allergy-free salad will remind you of that classic, old-fashioned recipe you’ve come to long for during summer days.
The vegan Southern potato salad is especially sought-after when served in any cookout, BBQ, or even potluck. 

It’s easy to make and oh-so-easy to enjoy.

3. Easy vegan Bombay carrot salad recipe

My next entry for those who only have limited time, the easy vegan Bombay carrot salad recipe, is oh-so-simple to make. 
On the other hand, this salad is noted for how well it keeps in the refrigerator, one that can retain its scrumptiousness for four to five days!
With these traits, one might say this is the perfect recipe, especially for those who are in cahoots with carrots!

4. No-mayo Carolina coleslaw recipe

As CookingChew would swear by this recipe, the “super yummy” no-mayo Carolina coleslaw recipe is one of the best side dishes for people who are ready to bid goodbye to summer (and meat).

And if you happen to be serving some vegan steak or BBQ versions, consider yourself one lucky Labor Day foodie!

5. Vegan caramelized onion mashed potatoes

There’s nothing ordinary about these vegan caramelized onion mashed potatoes, especially when they get to your taste buds!
The trick to making this extra tasty is how you cook the potatoes. 
The rest of the golden tips can be found here. You’re welcome!

6. Cauliflower rice

Trying to fill the void but also want something a little bit healthier and lighter? 

How is that even possible?
Well, for one, you need to get acquainted with cauliflower rice – a side that is lower in calories and carbs, high in fiber, and filled with antioxidants.
But that isn’t the best part. 

Cauliflower rice features a mild taste that should pair up well with other entrees on the menu!
Here’s how you can make one.

7. Roasted broccoli

The best-roasted broccoli in town is now here, right at your fingertips!
Absolutely a recipe that can be prepared multiple times a week, you can toss this side dish into a portion of pasta or a salad!
If you want to learn more about the secret ingredients – what ultimately makes this roasted broccoli a little more supreme than the others – this is it!


1. Vegan pot pie casserole

Have you been longing for a savory chicken pie but are now observing a vegan diet? Well, fret no more.
Let me introduce you to this vegan pot pie casserole.

This recipe only boasts unbelievably simple ingredients, such as frozen mixed vegetables and store-bought puff pastry. Easy peasy!

2. Classic vegan lasagna

If one recipe has endured despite the onslaught of the most delicious entrees in this era, then there must be something in it that makes it quite a spectacular dish. 

Such is the case with this classic vegan lasagna.
This recipe I’ve stumbled upon features lasagne sheets that are layered with a meat-free “meat” sauce, alongside a dairy-free, no-tofu faux ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses!
An absolute plant-based crowd favorite, this main is also best served during a cozy dinner!

3. Vegan snack board

This is the ultimate main everyone’s talking about in virtually all get-togethers of vegans – the Vegan Snack Board is one attraction you’ll never forget, especially when you get to know what it’s made of!
In my case, I might adorn it with heritage cherry tomatoes, candied ginger, dried apricots, roasted cashews, and mixed olives. 

And if I feel extra, I would also add celery sticks, baby carrots, and radish halves.

Customize these snack boards to your guests’ tastes and preferences.

4. Butternut squash stuffed shells

You want a vegan main dish that will finally remind you of the fall? Look no further as these butternut squash stuffed shells might very well be the one you’ve been looking for.
Laden with creamy spinach “ricotta,” this recipe is tangy and comes with this caramelized sweetness provided by the roasted butternut squash, of course.
Here’s how to make the butternut squash stuffed shells.

5. 1-pot vegan spaghetti

If you plan to serve spaghetti without the whole shebang, like boiling the water and draining pasta, this 1-pot vegan spaghetti is the answer!
Topped with vegan parmesan cheese and fresh basil, this spaghetti made in 1 pot is filled with veggies and excellently al dente spaghetti noodles, plus the much-needed marinara sauce.
Learn how to make this 30-minute Labor Day main dish here.

6. Easy veggie vegan pizza with the 20-minute crust

This veggie-slash-vegan pizza with the almost no-need-to-knead crust features mushroom, kalamata olives, garlic, and olive oil – all of which are baked to impress!
Dressed with vegan parmesan and fresh basil, this main I’ve managed to uncover serenades the pizza lovers during the last summer weekend, waking up to Labor Day with a satisfied pizza craving.

7. 5-ingredient vegan tacos

Easily the most straightforward main I’ve listed here is the 5-ingredient wonder.
This vegan taco recipe shouldn’t only be limited to Labor Day, though, as it can also be served during road trips, camping, or a quick lunch treat!
Meanwhile, I recommend using TVP (textured vegetable protein), which features a similar texture to ground beef in this recipe.


1. Vegan cheesecake

Everybody loves cheesecake, but when it gets its vegan version, that’s when it takes its awesomeness to a whole new level!
This next-to-impossible vegan baked cheesecake looks so good. For a no-tofu, no nut recipe, use Daiya (their cream cheese ingredients list coconut).
This vegan cheesecake is all thick, creamy, and rich – sans the heaviness you’d usually find with this cake goodness.

2. Vegan zucchini brownies

Come on, have you ever found chocolate cake bites that are easy to make and ALSO happen to have more fiber than the average boxed brownie?
These vegan zucchini brownies are also spectacularly fudgy, gooey, soft, and moist. I mean, I could go on, but, you know.
If you’re fretting that your kids will taste the zucchini, worry not, only the rich and soft chocolatey goodness is there for them to experience!

3. Vegan brown “butter” peach cobbler

A magnificent twist on the traditional Southern peach cobbler, this vegan brown butter version has peaches and blueberries swirling in perfection, for a cake that’s ultimately sticky and caramelized on the outside. 

So what’s in it that you’re not going to like?
Perhaps the only downside of the vegan brown butter peach cobbler is that it’s cooking time is around 45 minutes. Man, who can wait that long for dessert?!

But with the gloriousness that awaits…

4. Vegan tiramisu

This vegan tiramisu variety comprises vanilla cake fingers soaked with boozy spiked coffee then layered with cashew cream. 

The finale? A thick, sweeping cocoa powder that is all chocolatey and irresistible.
Here’s how to make vegan tiramisu.

5. Vegan vanilla cake with buttercream frosting

The cake you’d often see being served for birthdays and holidays, it isn’t a surprise why this vegan vanilla cake with buttercream frosting has ended up in this exclusive list.
Moist and positively fluffy, this vegan vanilla cake is laden with sweet flavor from the richness of the vanilla extract; on the other hand, the buttercream frosting is so good – one that you’ll still be recalling hours after you’ve tasted it!
Check the recipe here.

6. Vegan and paleo pecan pie bars

Pecan pies are always an absolute favorite dessert on my menu. 

But for my vegan friends, this vegan and paleo pecan pie bars recipe makes the perfect dessert on Labor Day!
The bars are made with almond flour and naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and a hint of pure maple syrup! So darn good, if you ask me!

7. Vegan chocolate cream pie

Another dessert that doesn’t come with tofu or nuts, this vegan chocolate cream pie is also paleo, ooh la la indeed! 
They say once you get a taste of this pie, your soul is then sold to the chocolate goblin. One thing to find if this is true is to get a hold of its recipe.
Our last entry on the dessert menu also only consists of six ingredients for the filling.

The bottom line

The history of Labor Day goes back over a century. It celebrates American workers and overcoming poor working conditions and 12-hour days. 

People lost their jobs and lives making way for better wages and livelihoods, and it was made into a federal holiday in 1894. That’s a lot of Labor Days, and we continue to celebrate with a day of rest, feast, family, and friends. 
Finally, these recipes I’ve gathered can be enjoyed anytime, whether it’s a pool party, a BBQ, or just a casual dinner with some of your best buddies! Happy Labor Day!

Delicious Labor Day Vegan Recipe Inspiration

Delicious Labor Day Vegan Recipe Inspiration

28 of the best Labor Day vegan recipes are revealed - from mains, sides, desserts to appetizers!



  • Vegan pot pie casserole
  • Classic vegan lasagna
  • Vegan snack board
  • Butternut squash stuffed shells
  • 1-pot vegan spaghetti
  • Easy vegan pizza with the 20-minute crust
  • 5-ingredient vegan tacos


  • Easy baked cabbage
  • Vegan southern potato salad
  • Easy vegan Bombay carrot salad recipe
  • No-mayo Carolina coleslaw recipe
  • Vegan caramelized onion mashed potatoes
  • Cauliflower rice
  • Roasted broccoli


  • Vegan cheesecake
  • Vegan zucchini brownies
  • Vegan brown “butter” peach cobbler
  • Vegan tiramisu
  • Vegan vanilla cake with buttercream frosting
  • Vegan and paleo pecan pie bars
  • Vegan chocolate cream pie


  • Spicy mango guacamole
  • Healthy spinach artichoke dip
  • Caramelized onion white bean dip
  • Grilled jalapeño polenta bites
  • Easy stuffed mushrooms
  • Vegan nachos with BBQ “pulled pork” and queso
  • Baked tomatoes


  1. Choose two to three entries per category.
  2. Gather the ingredients.
  3. Serve and enjoy!

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