Kitchen Bouquet Substitute: Tricks and Tips You Need To Know

Is cooking one of your favorite hobbies? In terms of adding flavor and color to your most delicious dish, have you tried experimenting with different condiments and sauces? Kitchen bouquet is one of those ingredients that bring about that instant taste and aroma to the food that you want to eat.

Not only these attributes because this cooking product has an added advantage, its browning property that gives that attractive appearance to any viand. However, unlike the modern sauces of today, this is not intended to be an add-on to prepared food.

What is Kitchen Bouquet?

Kitchen Bouquet is a famous brand of a browning agent that was invented in 1873. Since it was introduced to the market, Kitchen Bouquet has been used by many and has continued to become the most favored condiment there is.

To the die-hard cooking hobbyist and enthusiasts, it has never lost its charm. In fact, it has been patronized for aesthetic purposes, to make meat brown. Usually, it is added for making barbecue and also as a marinade. One thing that it is known for is its ability to create that distinct flavor.

There may be times that groceries will run out of this product. Consequently, you will not have this in your kitchen. In times like these, there is no need worry because there are other alternatives that you can buy. Let us get to know some of the other miracle items that will make your cooking even better and makes your dish tastier with that brown coating.

What Are The Best Substitutes?

Gravy Master


Gravy Master is one of those options that you can count on for your cooking. Simply, just put and pat into the grilled meat and you will be amazed by the results. This product has been in the kitchen of many homes since it was concocted in 1935. Its browning effect is similar to that of Kitchen Bouquet although the sauce is darker in color.

Well, to enhance the tang and the taste add some herbs and spices and you will have a perfectly savory dish. One note of advice to the many cooks out there, this is not just an ordinary gravy as the name suggests. This is good not only for browning but also for caramelizing.

Maggi Seasoning


There is another substitute to Kitchen Bouquet that you might want to try, Maggi Seasoning. It is also packaged as a bottled condiment. It has dark brown color like soya sauce and is both applicable for cooking and also to add flavor and color to cooked food. You can use this if you really want to change that pale meat color to something darker.

The downside of this ingredient is that it has more salt and has a stronger aroma compared to Kitchen Bouquet. Well, if you love salty food, this is the best alternative so far. Also, it is not rich and thick but thin. Adding or increasing the amount will not give you a thicker gravy effect.

Bragg All-Purpose Seasoning


The options are plenty for all the chefs out there, wherever they may be. For those cooks and chefs in Canada, there is a unique alternative that is available for them. Check on the supermarkets for Bragg all-purpose seasoning, this is easy to buy there.

This cooking essential is soy-based but it does not contain gluten. The product is advantageous for those whose diet is restricted to non-dairy sources.

However, Bragg is known for its salty characteristics, hence those on a non-salty diet may shun food using this seasoning. Well, the catch is to apply a little amount only and you will have your seasoned food ready.

Lea & Perrins

Have you heard of the Lea & Perrins brand that has been used by many chefs? This is one of the best substitutes that you can count on. It is a sauce that is produced from the combination of brine to make that salty effect, molasses for the brown color, spices like garlic, chilies, cloves, and shallots to produce the spicy flavor, tamarind to bring in sourness and of course, sugar to add sweetness.

Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce cannot be beaten as an alternative for Kitchen Bouquet. This is viewed to be a perfect replacement that could produce a brown color for the meat or fish viand. However, it does bring in a sour taste to the food mainly because of the tamarind ingredient, just like its competitor, the Lea & Perrins sauce.

Make Your Own Kitchen Bouquet

If you love on experimenting condiments, try making your own homemade Kitchen Bouquet alternative. First, you have to think of the basic purpose of your concoction that is to bring that browning effect to the dish. Buy the needed ingredients, study your recipe and make it. This will entail effort though but if you will succeed, you will have the greatest satisfaction guaranteed.

Let’s try this recipe for that unique and home-made Kitchen Bouquet alternative. Be ready with the ingredients such as a half cup of sugar, a cup of water and broth from beef for a rich flavor and taste. Follow these easy steps to get the desired product:

  • First, put the sugar in the saucepan and cook it on low fire for five to ten minutes to make the syrup and until the color becomes brown.
  • Once done, add water slowly and add the broth while mixing it thoroughly to get the right mixture.
  • Cook it on low heat until reaching the desired mixture.
  • After this, you will have your own homemade Kitchen Bouquet that is ready for use or can be stored in the refrigerator for future use. Since there is no preservative, use the sauce only for a week.


By now, you have already gathered a lot of information that can help you in your cooking. While there are ready-to-buy options, you can take advantage of your own creativity by making your own home-made browning sauce. The good thing about this is that you can play around with the ingredients to create the flavor, color, and taste that you desired.

What has been provided to you are guides that you can think about and consider. It is up to you to decide what to use. Have a go on your next cooking experience and tell us your story.

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