Here Are Kitchen Bouquet Substitutes That You Can Use

kitchen bouquet substitute

Is cooking one of your favorite hobbies? In terms of adding flavor and color to your most delicious dish, have you tried experimenting with different condiments and sauces? Kitchen Bouquet is one of those ingredients that enhances the savory flavor of many entrees, sauces, meats and more. It seems to be the secret weapon of … Read more

How Much Juice is in Lemon: The Ultimate Lemon FAQ

They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And I honestly couldn’t agree more, both with the figurative and the literal meaning. Lemon is a year-round delight in the kitchen.  Quick Navigation Is lemon juice in a bottle the same as fresh?Does lemon juice go bad? Can you freeze lemon juice? How much juice is … Read more

5 Versatile Knives You Must Have in Your Kitchen

5 versatile knives you must have in your kitchen

Chef knives are essential tools for anyone working in a kitchen, even the beginner.  How do you know which one to use for each task? While there are many chefs knives in UK that you can use in your kitchen, there are some essential ones that are must-haves for your kitchen.1. Chef’s KnifeSaveSaveOriginally used to … Read more

Best Tea Kettle for Gas Stove – Top Five Recommended

best tea kettle for gas stove

Most Recommended Tea Kettle​Let’s talk about tea kettles for your gas stove top. The big question is which one is good and worth your time and money? What do you need to consider before you buy a stove top kettle?When shopping online, the abundance of choices can get quite overwhelming. This struggle is why we … Read more

How to Cut a Pineapple: The Simple and Easy Process

How to Cut Pineapple: The Simple and Easy Process

Summer tropical fruit has a delectable taste, texture, and freshness that is particularly wonderful served sweet, ripe, and cold—pineapple, especially. I’ve been so intimidated by using whole pineapples that it was only recently that I actually learned how to properly cut into them. Those scary-looking spikes as well as its crown? Yikes! But it turns … Read more

What You Need to Know About How Long Chicken Can Sit Out

how long can chicken sit out

How long can chicken sit out? What makes poultry products go bad quickly? How do you properly handle these products to ensure that you and your family are safe from foodborne illness? These are important questions not many people may know the answers to. When it comes to spoiled chicken, it doesn’t matter whether the chicken is … Read more

How to Store Tea in Just 2 Easy Steps

Have you ever felt so disappointed upon opening your tea package and realizing that the flavor has already faded? Well, you’re not alone. Situations like this make you realize how storing tea in the proper manner is really important. In this guide, I have rounded off all the tips and tricks you can use to … Read more

Is Coffee Acidic? Here’s The Real Deal

Learn the impact of coffee on the body

You probably love coffee so much that you can’t imagine going a day without it. In fact, skipping it for a day is enough to make you experience caffeine withdrawal already. But you’ve also heard people say that coffee is acidic, which means it’s bad for you — that it causes ulcers, upset stomach, heartburn, … Read more