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๐Ÿฅƒ 17 BEST Hennessy Cocktails Perfect For Any Occasion! ๐Ÿฅƒ

🥃 17 BEST Hennessy Cocktails Perfect For Any Occasion! 🥃

Are you looking for Hennessy cocktails? We’ve rounded up 17 easy mixed cocktails made with Hennessy that you can make at home! 
Hennessy has been around for more than 250 years when the Hennessy company was founded in 1765 in France. 

Cognac has unique flavor sensations to this age-old drink, providing hints of sweet, spicy, bitter, and fruity flavors, which is why it’s a great drink to serve plenty of classic cocktails with. 

Hennessy cocktails are aplenty, with options that feature Hennesy’s bold flavor. 

Some of the classic drinks are Hennessy & Coke, French 75, and Old Fashioned With Hennessy.

#15 is perfect for fall or your next Halloween-themed party.

From classic cocktails to new beverage mixes that can liven up any evening, you surely won’t run out of fun with these Hennessy cocktails.

The simplest and most common of the Hennessy cocktails is the beloved combination of Hennessy and Coke. 

It takes the classic Rum and Coke on a spin by giving it a more sophisticated twist, replacing the rum with Hennessy. 

Hennessy cognac, with tones of vanilla, oak, and caramel, pair very well with bubbly cola, to create a refreshing favorite that’s super simple to make. 

You can also add lemon, an orange wedge, or lime to provide another layer of flavor to your glass.

Martini is technically a cocktail made with gin and vermouth, garnished with a lemon twist or an olive. 

However, a glass of Martini made with Hennessy adds to the drink’s complexity, providing far more sophistication.

Creating this Hennessy cocktail is pretty straightforward and is made by pouring the ingredients, in this case, Hennessy cognac and lemon juice, into a mixing glass filled with ice. 

Stirring the contents gently allows the ingredients and flavors to settle, which are then strained and poured into a chilled martini glass. 

This Hennessy cocktail provides smoother and more complex flavors, with the famous Martini being a much more suitable fit for international spies.

This Hennessy cocktail is a genuinely refreshing concoction, mixing Hennessy cognac’s oak and bitter flavors with fruity and sweet strawberries syrup. 

Nothing beats strawberries when it comes to an alluring fruit flavor that everyone loves. 

Combining the sweet strawberry flavor with tangy lime juice can create an intense pairing that your mouth will water for. 

To provide a more tingling experience, you can add champagne instead of club soda into the mix to give every sip a light and energizing taste. 

This drink is a sweet, fruity, and delicious combination while distinctly highlighting the oak notes of Hennessy cognac, making this an absolute favorite at summer and spring parties. 

If you’re looking for a festive drink, pour yourself a Hennessy Margarita and expect a fantastic experience. 

Hennessy cognac partnered with tequila, lime, and sweet and sour mix is a flavorful combination that can take your love for margaritas to a whole new level! 

A classic margarita only has three main ingredients: tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. 

This variation to the margarita recipe adds great oak and vanilla tones that can only be distinctly from Hennessy cognac, providing a more prosperous and fuller mouth experience that can be so enjoyable while also complementing the original components of the margarita. 

This Hennessy cocktail contains fresh ice cubes, Hennessy cognac, tequila, triple sec, and a sweet and sour mix put in a cocktail shaker to combine graciously into one excellent drink.

The timeless French 75 has quite the reputation as a formidable drink that can deal quite a kick. 

Named after the 75mm Howitzer, a gun used in World War 1 known for its speed and accuracy, the drink doesn’t fall short of its namesake, with a standard pour packing the same weapons-grade punch. 

While modern versions of this champagne cocktail now opt for gin in their mix, the classic blend still adheres to the fancier Cognac. 

It’s a fizzy and refreshing drink served with a lemon twist garnish, with its potent buzz muzzled behind its simple yet alluring facade.

A drink that’s aptly named for its luscious looks and appealing flavors. 

Cafe Amore is a coffee cocktail that’s a warm and nutty concoction of Hennessy blended with Amaretto and black coffee. 

With just these three ingredients, you can whip this Hennessy cocktail up faster than brewing up a fresh pot of coffee.

You can also use your favorite coffee options to ensure a more enjoyable flavor.

It’s a great warm cocktail perfect on a cold afternoon, perking you up for the remainder of the day while gaining that laid-back desired kick. 

Garnish the Cafe Amore with lots of whipped cream and shaved almonds, and this drink will be one of your favorite coffee-based cocktail options.

One of the most iconic cocktails on the planet may now have plenty of variations, but the original sidecar cocktail recipe is founded on mixing the drink with cognac liqueur. 

This century-old cocktail is still widely loved today and is a standard for every cocktail connoisseur. 

A sidecar is a cocktail known for its sweet, sour, and robust components, consisting of Hennessy cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice. 

The first impressions you get from this drink are the sweet and sour flavors before the delicious Hennessy kick comes in, providing a pleasant mix of tastes that has become a classic. 

Putting Hennessy cognac into this classic cocktail provides a complex and full-bodied experience to the drink, with delicate tones that elevate each sip.

The cognac Sazerac was first created in 1938 in New Orleans, and the recipe has evolved through the years. 

Modern iterations of the classic recipe are now put in rye whiskey, but its foundations are based on using Cognac for its richness. 

The Hennessy Sazerac offers a unique blend of flavors due to the spices and bitters that balance each other out. 

The original recipe used to include absinthe, a potent alcoholic drink, but has now mellowed out to put in Herbsaint as an absinthe substitute.

A unique and special type of Hennessy cocktail, these alcohol-infused gummy bears are an absolute treat. 

These chewy gummy bears with a Hennesy twist are made from glucose syrup, sugar, food coloring, and water, with Hennessy cognac to bring it all together. 

You can also flavor your Hennessy gummy bears with Coke, allowing you to transform that classic Hennesy combo into a fun gummy bear package. 

Hennessy gummy bears provide a unique experience, with the spicy-vanilla taste of Hennessy melting in your mouth as you pop one gummy bear after another.

Another of the more famous Hennessy cocktails is the French Connection, a mix of Hennessy cognac and Amaretto, a sweet almond liqueur known for its flavor explosion. 

Named after a movie in the 1970s which starred the iconic Gene Hackman, The French Connection is simple while also being playful due to the tones that Hennessy brings in. 

The Amaretto provides the unique almond essence that complements the intense sweet flavors of the Cognac.

An adorable and appealing drink packaged as everyone’s favorite fun slushie, this Hennessy slushie is flavorful beyond compare. 

With bright colors that invite all the looks, this Hennessy slushie is equally delicious, with the recipe incorporating two colors and flavors that may require some preparation to achieve that two-toned look but is worth all the effort. 

This is one of the tastiest entries on this list, able to be the center of any party.

The Hennessy Vieux Carre is a sophisticated drink created in the 1930s by the famous Carousel bar. 

The bar was known for seats that moved around like a carousel, which was a unique feature for the venue. 

The drink is quite complex, featuring Hennessy, rye whiskey, Benedectine Herbal Liqueur, Angostura Bitters, Rubino Sweet Vermouth, and Peychaud’s Bitters, with a lemon or lime peel or a glorious Luxardo Maraschino cherry to be used for garnishing. 

The result of this mix is a full feature of the French elements of this drink, although it originated in New Orleans.

The Hennessy 44 is a special limited edition cognac released in 2009 to honor President Barack Obama. 

When Hennessy 44 was released, it included a cocktail recipe that featured Hennessy 44, pineapple juice, and champagne

While the limited edition cognac is quite rare, you can recreate the cocktail recipe with regular Hennessy.

The Stinger cocktail is a drink that has roots in the days of prohibition. 

It mainly features Cognac and white creme de menthe, providing a minty, sweet, and strong cocktail. 

The stinger is an excellent after-dinner nightcap, providing all the refreshing sensations after a heavy meal.

This drink is a great seasonal cocktail that can be a highlight of your Halloween party, with the Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail being fun, bright, and flavorful. 

It features Cognac, orange juice, orange liqueur, and ginger ale to produce a tart, sweet and spiced drink.

The recipe with the most provocative name out of the Hennessy cocktails is the Between The Sheets drink. 

Between the Sheets was created in the 1930s and is a variation on the famous Sidecar cocktail. 

It features rum and Hennessy cognac with citrus flavors from the orange curacao and lemon juice.

Adding Cognac to brighten up this rye whiskey-based drink is an uplifting variation to the classic Old-Fashioned. 

This version adds more warmth and fruity flavors with the incorporation of Hennessy.

The bottom line

When picking out your cocktails, having the inclusion of Cognac immediately rises up the list, with Hennessy cocktails always providing the eloquence and sophistication through its complex flavors. 

With the variations you can choose from this list, you can pick out just about any Hennessy cocktail for every occasion!

Top 17 BEST Hennessy Cocktails 🥃

Top 17 BEST Hennessy Cocktails 🥃

You can pick out any drink from our list of 17 easy Hennessy cocktails that are perfect for any occasion!


  • Hennessy & Coke
  • Hennessy Martini
  • Strawberry Hennessy
  • Hennessy Margarita
  • French 75
  • Cafe Amore
  • Sidecar
  • Hennessy Sazerac
  • Hennessy Gummy Bears
  • French Connection
  • Hennessy Slushie
  • Hennessy Vieux Carre
  • Hennessy 44
  • Hennessy Stinger
  • Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail
  • Between The Sheets With Hennessy
  • Old Fashioned With Hennessy


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