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20 Hauntingly Good Halloween Cookies

20 Hauntingly Good Halloween Cookies

What’s a Halloween party without a few fabulously spooky and tasty Halloween cookies?? Pretty dull and sad, like a funeral! (Or is that a good thing?)

Whether it’s a spooky soireé for kids, adults, or a mix of both, it’s hard to beat big platters of sweet treats to go around.

We put together a few Halloween cookie ideas here for inspiration or pick a few to make and let us know which ones you choose!

Scroll to the bottom to get our best Halloween cookies bonus how-to recipe for individual treats made in cupcake liners made with Milano cookie “tombstones” and crushed chocolate cookie “dirt!”

It’s always fun to plan and make cookies for Halloween, and I hope you find a few in this list that work great for your next event!

Made with five basic ingredients, these Oreo cookie spiders are frighteningly festive and delicious! 

Everything starts with breaking four pretzel sticks in half to form eight individual pieces. 

These pieces will be inserted on the side of the Oreo cookie to form the spider legs. 

Once done, the white candy corn tips are then prepared to create the fangs. 

While the marshmallow and black frosting are combined to make those perfectly spooky eyeballs that look like eyes peeking out at you!

A fun and simple Halloween treat for kids and adults, these eye-popping monster truffles taste devilishly good! 

The best part about these truffles is they’re simple to make—also, all you need are Oreos, cream cheese, candy melts, and purple sprinkles. 

If you have icing coloring on hand, you can give the eyeballs a special bloodshot effect to make them look more terrifying.

Prepare to summon the Halloween spirits at home with these spooktacular gooey monster cookies! 

These festive cookies are embellished with food coloring and candy eyeballs to resemble the look of scary monsters. 

Furthermore, kids who love the movie, Monsters University, are sure to be delighted with these colorful cookies as the treats resemble some monsters in the film.

Get ready for a sweet scare when these cute meringue ghost cookies are decorated with candy eyes then served at your Halloween party!

Kid-friendly and straightforward to put together, these cookies are made by mixing egg whites, cream of tartar, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract. 

The edible candy eyes offer a whimsical touch to the cookies, but you can opt for mini chocolate chips in case you’re running out of the ingredient.

These creative Halloween cookies are more adorable than scary, so the treats are perfect for kids (or adults)!

Creating little ghost cookies is incredibly easy. 

To start, the Milano chocolate-filled cookies are carefully dipped into a melted white almond bark before attaching three mini chocolate chips to form the eyes and mouth.

Chocolate lovers will love the idea that this Halloween cookies recipe is packed with creamy chocolate flavors. 

They may look uncanny but the treats are bound to satisfy your craving for sweets. 

The key to achieving the dark-as-night hue of the cookies is mixing espresso powder, dark chocolate chips, and cocoa powder.

The all-time favorite Christmas treat, gingerbread, gets a creative and horrific twist in this Halloween-inspired skeleton cookie recipe. 

Soft in the centers and crispy on the edges, this spooky cookie recipe is flavored with ground ginger then sweetened with confectioners’ sugar, golden syrup, and brown sugar. 

Pro tip: To create the skeletons, place the icing sugar into a piping bag with a three-millimeter nozzle.

Bursting with caramel and chocolate flavors, these chewy arachnid-inspired cookies are sure to give everyone at your Halloween party a deadly, sweet good time.

The dough is ghoulishly decorated with chocolate chips then carefully formed and finished into tiny itsy-bitsy creatures using melted chocolate. 

These creepy cookies are best served alongside a glass of milk. 

You can make them ahead of time too!

These truly ghoulish cookies aren’t just spooky but they also have the right amount of goodness thanks to the almond and vanilla extract. 

The cookies get their creepy vibe from a few drops of green food coloring into the mix and red decorator gel that serves as blood dripping from almond-based fingertips. 

Can’t find any red icing gel? Use raspberry jam instead!

Halloween would be incomplete without witches. That’s why turning your cute little cookies into edible pointy hats is an excellent idea!

Kid-friendly and super easy to make, these treats are summoned with only five minutes of prep time and five oh-so-simple ingredients

The best part? No baking required!

Your Halloween table doesn’t need to be decorated with complex spooky recipes to carry out the holiday vibe. 

Sometimes all you need is a simple batch of cookies that look like a mummy!

These Halloween mummy cookies are so easy to make: Spread the Oreos on top of a wire cooling rack, let the vanilla candy melt, pipe mummy bandages over the Oreos using the melted candy, then allow them to cool!

Can’t have a party without the punch recipes too!

Filled with sweet confectioners’ sugar and attractive swirl decorations, these simple yet delicious cookies are sure to be a hit at your upcoming Halloween party. 

Don’t be intimidated by its designs as the making process of this recipe is quite straightforward!

Moreover, you can make these cookies using a store-bought sugar cookie dough, but it’s best to create them from scratch.

Give your holiday night a spooky start with these voodoo doll-inspired cookies! These festive treats are all dressed up to take a stabbing or two.

You can customize your homemade Halloween cookies with different colors and designs–you can attach edible hearts using red fondant icing, colorful stitches on top of the gingerbread dough, or turn them into mummies with snakes and buttons!

Channel your inner artist with these bloodshot eyeball cookies–all bound to please every little ghost and goblin!

And because the recipe starts with cake mix, everything truly comes in handy.

All you need to do to make this treat is create the dough, add a few drops of red food coloring, shape the dough into balls, pop them into a preheated oven, then attach those edible eyeballs!

Chewy and sweet—what more do you need for a Halloween dessert?

The recipe calls for sugar cookie dough, vanilla frosting, confectioner’s sugar, and red food coloring gel then combine together to form a bloody good treat!

Before serving these eerie cookies at the table, make sure to give them enough time to harden up.

Get ready for an ultimate scary indulgence with these festive cookies filled with candy corn and white chocolate chips!

Every bite of this sweet treat reminds you of those old-gold trick-or-treat memories. They’re fun to make with kids, too!

To make this corn recipe, you also need unsalted butter, light brown sugar, granulated sugar, egg, vanilla extract, cream, flour, cornstarch, a dash of salt, and baking soda.

Replicate that unearthly mummy look in dessert form with this pumpkin mummy cookie recipe! This dessert is frightfully easy to put together and amazingly delicious. 

The pumpkin cream cheese filling takes these adorable cookies to the next level, adding a simple yet gorgeous detail.

This isn’t a trick—these Halloween-inspired cookies will be a hit! 

The recipe is a fun spin on a classic gingerbread cutout cookie, but it uses unsweetened cocoa powder rather than spices. 

To make the cookies crispy, make sure that your cutouts are thick. 

Don’t forget to decorate them with royal icing!

This cookie recipe is bursting with sweet flavors—and your little monsters are going to love it.

To start, outline the pumpkin segments then divide the pumpkin into three sections. 

Next, fill alternating sections with orange icing then use green icing to create steam, vines, and leaves. That’s it!

Pro tip: When filling the sections with orange icing, wait a few minutes before moving to the next one to avoid color overrun.

Thinking about what to do with your extra bag of candy corn? Use it in this feline-inspired Halloween cookie recipe!

To make this angry cat face, all you need to do is to decorate the top of the cookie with candy corn and red cinnamon candies. 

But don’t just stop there! You can look for different colors and varieties of candy corn to create different colored eyes!

The bottom line

We are all about the Halloween party extravaganza here in America, and every party should have one or two of these fun cookies on the table!

One more bonus idea: For great individual treats, fill cupcake liners with crushed chocolate cookies, layer a spoonful of chocolate pudding, then more crushed chocolate cookies (so it looks like dirt). 

With an icing pen, write RIP on one side of a Milano cookie to look like a tombstone. Let dry. Shuffle the “tombstone” into the “dirt” (it will lean back a bit but that’s okay).

Then cut a gummy worm and “bury” it halfway next to the cookie “tombstone.”

They are creepy without being TOO spooky and you can eat everything but the cupcake liner! 

Looking for even more fang-tastic dessert recipes? Try this list!

20 Hauntingly Good Halloween Cookies

20 Hauntingly Good Halloween Cookies

Unearth these 20 hauntingly delicious Halloween cookies, from spooky Oreo cookie spiders down to eerie black cat cookies.


  • Oreo Cookie Spiders
  • Monster Truffles
  • Gooey Monster Cookies
  • Meringue Ghosts
  • Ghost Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies
  • Gingerbread Skeleton Cookies
  • Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Witch Finger Cookies
  • Witch Hat Cookies
  • Halloween Mummy Cookies
  • Spooky Spiral Halloween Cookies
  • Voodoo Doll Cookies
  • Bloodshot Eye Cookies
  • Blood Splatter Cookies
  • Candy Corn Cookies
  • Pumpkin Mummy Cookies
  • Black Cat Skeleton Cookies
  • Decorated Pumpkin Cookies
  • Black Cat Cookies


  1. Pick at least two cookie recipes to try. 
  2. Gather the ingredients and start baking.
  3. Serve them at your Halloween party!

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I love these cookie recipes for halloween going have to try to make some of these

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