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๐Ÿ˜‹ 25 BEST Guatemalan Desserts Your Sweet Tooth Can’t Resist! ๐Ÿ˜‹

😋 25 BEST Guatemalan Desserts Your Sweet Tooth Can’t Resist! 😋

Are you trying to find the best Guatemalan Desserts? We’ve rounded up 25 easy desserts popular in Guatemala that are sure to inspire you. The only question is which dessert recipe you will choose to make first?
Are you a sweet tooth always craving that dessert to cap a meal?

Do you want to make easy-fix sweet delights with a Latino twist?

Read on and learn how to make a quick and easy drunk cake. 

Put a shot of rum or your favorite brandy, or pour half a bottle. 

Follow your heart’s desire! 

Either way, the Borracho-Drunk Cake will be a very yummy dessert sure to be a big hit with your besties or co-workers.

Are you feeling adventurous in the kitchen? 

Why not try out the peculiar but surprisingly palatable Chancletas

Imagine serving a thin-skinned gourd for green squash for dessert? 

Watch your family and friends’ faces as they enjoy this creamy and coconut-y goodness stuffed dessert.

Are you always throwing away stale bread leftovers? 

Scroll down to learn this easy-to-follow recipe and transform those leftovers into a mouth-watering dessert cake. 

The #14 on this list is as easy as a bread pudding but as creamy and soft as cake. 

You will want to stack up on bread and wait for the leftovers!

Try out any of these Guatemalan desserts and you certainly will not regret it!

The Torrejas is a Guatemalan French Toast popular during Christmas and Lenten seasons.

If you feel adventurous, you can decide to add a bit of rum for that classic Guatemalan dessert flavor. 

You can never go wrong with this 3-ingredient classic breakfast delight that matches well with fruits, butter, or whipped cream.   

Another Guatemalan dessert that is a perfect delicacy for holidays such as Day of the Dead or All Saints festivities is the Molletes.

This fried sweet bread or pan dulce is similar to French Toast — stuffed with milky custard and soaked in a delicious Canela or rum-based syrup. 

For those serving these sweet delights to kids, you have the option to leave the rum out!

Craving for some golden brown and crispy sweet fritters? 

Buñuelos, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, are perfect for a chill afternoon snack.

Similar to the churros, but with a perfect brown and crispy feel, the Buñuelos are light and sweet and can easily be paired with your favorite drink. 

Cook it for an afternoon family gathering and it will surely be a big hit with the kids! You will see them licking their fingers and asking for more of that sweet cinnamon goodness.

Rellenitos De Plátanos are fried plantain balls with black bean curd filling.

This traditional dessert snack is often found on the streets and is a staple in every Guatemalan household’s afternoon snack tray. 

If you have overripe bananas but are already too bored of that banana bread recipe, this is a definite must-try! 

Just do not forget to sprinkle cinnamon and sugar to get that authentic Guatemalan flavor.

These round shortbread cookies dipped in confectioners sugar are great bite-sized snacks for a lazy afternoon tea or a sugary snack for the kids after playtime.

Polvorosas are a very classic and simple 3-ingredient dessert made of flour, butter, and sugar. 

So you can easily whip up these tasty treats at any time with standard kitchen ingredients.

No, these Quesadillas are not savory or meaty in flavor, and definitely not the cheesy Mexican snack kind. 

Guatemalan Quesadillas are a type of cheese-y cake that is simple and perfect for a cup of tea or brewed coffee.

If you are not up to heavy and sweet desserts, then this Guatemalan classic Guatemalan is just for you!

Enjoy a moist buttery cake with hints of cheese that you will never get bored eating. 

So make sure to boil some more tea or coffee, because you’ll surely want more. 

¡Buen provecho!

Borracho is a Guatemalan word that means “drunken” – and this Borracho cake definitely lives up to its drunken reputation!

Get ready to lounge and chill for a few hours as the rum hits you just right while devouring this sweet delight.

Best topped with manjar, a milk-based topping that is a mixture of cornstarch, milk, raisins, and cinnamon. 

Decorate with nuts, raisins, or even fruits on top. 

Totally up to you!

What’s more, you can even pick the best alcohol of your choice, along with how heavy-handed you want it to be.

If you are whipping up a Borracho for a girl’s night or a batch reunion, then the more alcohol, the better! 

Getting ready for a loved one’s birthday? 

Why not bake them a cake for a more special and personal touch?

The Tres Leches Cake recipe is perfect for making that classic white cake with frosting. 

Wow, your family with this effortless recipe that is easy to follow.

You have the option to top it with a French meringue or a homemade whipping cream. 

Don’t forget to sprinkle with cinnamon for that traditional Guatemalan tradition.

It may be a surprise, but chayote, a green thin-skinned type of squash, is known to be a classic Guatemalan dessert ingredient.

This interesting dessert recipe is a unique mix of boiled chayote, raisins, almonds, egg yolks, cinnamon, and sugar.

Finish it off with freshly grated coconuts for that tropical taste.

Missing some sweet kick to your breakfast? 

Then we’ve got you covered!

The Arroz Con Leche, or Mexican Rice Pudding, is a quick and easy recipe that you can whip up in minutes.

With only common pantry ingredients, you can easily prepare this sweet and creamy comfort food yourself—best served either hot or cold. 

It’s so simple and flexible, that you can even bake it or cook it on the stove.

Empanadas are mostly known for being savory snacks. 

But in Guatemala, their Empanadas De Leche is a classic dessert pastry.

These special Guatemalan empanadas are filled with creamy cornstarch pudding called Manjar Blanco and strongly flavored with cinnamon.

Another unique look is the dough’s orange exterior, caused by the annatto seed’s coloring. 

Ready to get your hands into this creamy crunchy goodness? 

Follow this recipe and make your very own antojitos or little snacks.

Another traditional dessert recipe for the Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead (November 1st & 2nd) is the Pan de Muerto de Quiché.

This holiday staple is often created in the shape of bones, crosses, or even skulls – if you’re being creative. 

But it is often made as round bread and mixed in with anise and orange zest for that distinct Guatemalan flavor.

Got bread leftovers you’d like to transform into a mouth-watering dessert? 

Then this recipe is perfect for you!

The Bocado de Reina or Guatemalan Bread Pudding is a dessert cake made of leftover bread, milk, and cinnamon.

It is classified as a bread pudding but has more of a cake consistency – which adds to a more elevated texture and sweet creamy taste. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings with this quick and easy recipe!

Are you expecting kids at your next family gathering? 

Make sure to have Chocobananos ready for their afternoon dessert.

Chocobananos are Guatemalan sweet treats made of frozen bananas and dipped in chocolate.

You can go simple with crushed nuts or candy sprinkles or go crazy with your creativity and mix and match different dips and sweet delights.

Craving for some bite-sized donuts at home? 

Then this Guatemalan homemade recipe will satisfy that sweet tooth. 

The Nuégados Guatemaltecos or Orange-Scented Fried Dough are small fried donuts glazed with sugar. 

You even have the option to use anise instead of orange zest for that sweet and licorice flavor.

This recipe is classic banana bread with a Guatemalan twist.

Transform those overripe leftover bananas into this no-fail banana bread recipe that uses lemon zest to give it a zesty kick.

Serve with honey for a Guatemalan bread cake experience, or as is and pair it with your afternoon tea or coffee.

A decadent traditional dessert, the Ayote En Dulce or Sweet Pumpkin dessert is an easy but great way to give a sweet note to your meals.

Simply cut up some pumpkin, and mix it with cinnamon, and a piloncillo sugar or brown sugar

Boil to perfection and enjoy that soft, sweet, simple, and slightly spicy treat.

These milky treats are great for snacks, after-meal desserts, or even for a sweet breakfast treat. 

Canillitas De Leche is also called Little Milk Legs because of its look.

And as true to the Guatemalan dessert tradition, this recipe uses a stick of real cinnamon to give it that classic spice.

Bananos En Leche or Creamy Vanilla Bananas are a simple Guatemalan dessert treat that combines the sweetness of plantains/bananas and the creaminess of the vanilla sauce.

This simple treat is best served with a scoop of ice cream or paired with your favorite brewed coffee.

The Magdalena Cake is a sweet and fluffy dessert that is most known for its creamy texture and orange zest flavor. 

This classic recipe is one of the easiest to follow, and will surely be a big hit with anyone young or old.

It is commonly enjoyed as a cold dessert, but you have the option to warm it up and serve it with your favorite coffee or tea blend.

If you’re up for a bit more flavor, you can also top the Magdalena Cake with a scoop of ice cream!

Another classic Guatemalan cake recipe, the Squash Cake or Pastel De Calabaza Quezalteca, is a go-to for traditional and easy-bake dessert recipes.

Simply prepare the squash puree and mix with butter, flour, greek yogurt, and baking soda.

Do not forget to add cinnamon and nutmeg for that nutty spicy flavor. 

Then top with a sugar glaze with a mix of vanilla, almond milk, and dark rum. 


Like the Ayote en Dulce or Sweet Pumpkin, the Dulce De Zapallo is a quick and easy candied squash in a spiced syrup recipe.

Dulce De Zapallo or Zapallo con Miel de Panela is a simmered squash dessert with spiced syrup made of panela or brown cane sugar and spices.

Are you worried that candied squash is too sweet for your liking? 

Add a slice of cheese to achieve the traditional Guatemalan/Ecuadorian experience!

A slice of mozzarella is perfect to balance the sweetness and blends well with the spiciness of the syrup.

Crepes may not be your traditional Guatemalan dessert, but they are popular in Guatemala!

This mouth-watering recipe combines two Guatemalan classics – dark chocolate and dulce de leche – and balances them out with berries and mint toppings.

Curious how that all blends perfectly? 

Then try this recipe out!

By this point, you already realize that Guatemala has a lot of sweet desserts and pastries to offer. 

If you are looking for something plain and straight to the point, then this sweet bread recipe might just do the trick.

Just make sure you have sufficient time to prep and enough energy to knead the dough!

The bottom line

Whether you are a sweet tooth looking to pack your international desserts menu, or a Guatemalan missing the sweet taste of home, there are one or more recipes that you can easily try at home!

You can pick from very simple 3-ingredient and no-bake recipes to satisfy that sugar craving.

If you are up for a kitchen adventure, you can even try out their sweat and creamy cakes and puddings.

Whatever the craving, there is a Guatemalan dessert recipe that will work its magic and do the trick! 

So which recipe are you most excited to try next?

Looking for more Guatemalan food options, we’ve compiled lists of 15 BEST Guatemalan Appetizers and 30 BEST Guatemalan Foods that you should definitely check out.

25 BEST Guatemalan Dessert Recipe Assortment😋

25 BEST Guatemalan Dessert Recipe Assortment😋

We've rounded up 25 easy Guatemalan desserts that are sure to inspire your sweet tooth!


  • Champurradas-Sesame Seed Cookies
  • Torrejas-French Toast
  • Guatemalan Molletes
  • Buñuelos-Sweet Fritters
  • Rellenitos De Plátanos
  • Polvorosas
  • Guatemalan Quesadillas
  • Borracho-Drunk Cake
  • Tres Leches Cake
  • Chancletas-Stuffed Dessert Chayotes
  • Arroz Con Leche
  • Empanadas De Leche
  • Pan De Muerto De Quiché
  • Bocado De Reina
  • Chocobananos
  • Nuégados Guatemaltecos-Orange Scented Fried Dough
  • Pan De Banano
  • Ayote En Dulce-Sweet Pumpkin
  • Canillitas De Leche
  • Bananos En Leche
  • Magdalena Cake
  • Guatemalan Squash Cake
  • Dulce De Zapallo-Candied Squash In Spiced Syrup
  • Guatemalan Dark Chocolate Crepes With Dulce De Leche
  • Guatemalan Sweet Bread


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