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15 Best Carob Cookie Recipes

15 Best Carob Cookie Recipes

Whether you’re avoiding chocolate for health reasons or just don’t like the taste, these carob cookie recipes are the perfect solution. With their rich, chocolatey flavor, you may never miss the real thing!

Welcome to our delightful collection of carob cookie recipes

Carob has been gaining popularity as a delicious and healthy alternative to chocolate, especially for those who are sensitive to caffeine or looking for a more natural treat. 

For many, this caffeine-free superfood has become the go-to substitute for satisfying their sweet cravings without the stimulating effects of chocolate.

While carob and chocolate may appear similar in color and texture, their taste profiles and nutritional properties are distinct. 

Carob, derived from the dried pods of the carob tree, has a mildly sweet and earthy flavor, with a hint of caramel. 

Unlike chocolate, carob is free from caffeine and theobromine, making it a safer option for those with allergies or sensitivities. 

Additionally, carob is packed with fiber, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals, offering a healthier treat without sacrificing flavor.

The history of carob dates back thousands of years to ancient Mediterranean civilizations, where it was prized for its natural sweetness and versatility in cooking. 

Today, carob is making a resurgence as a wholesome, tasty alternative to chocolate in a variety of recipes, including our scrumptious selection of carob cookies.

Indulge in these delectable carob cookie recipes knowing that you are not only enjoying a caffeine-free treat but also partaking in a rich, historical culinary tradition. 

While some of these cross over into carob treats and desserts of all kinds, you’ll see some incredible carob-filled options such as Peanut Butter and Carob Fudge (#14)

Carob Chocolate Wafer Cookies and Carob Refrigerator Cookies

Try the unique take on donuts with Carob Sconuts

Or indulge with the flavorful Coconut Carob Cookie Muffins.

The super-sized Giant Carob Cookies would surely tame your wild cravings.

Here are some delectable carob cookie recipes, the not-quite-chocolate treats that you may enjoy.

A cookie and a muffin? 

Not even a little weird. 

The outside is baked well done, while it’s fudgy and gooey on the inside.

Just the thing you’d expect from a cookie muffin (if there’s one).

Ingredients include: Almond butter, coconut oil, brown sugar, carob chips, and shredded coconut.

Carob, the chocolate imposter, did it again!

It looks and tastes like a choc chip cookie, but without feeling guilty.

The extraordinary combination of cashew and chickpeas is just so unique!

Ingredients include: Chickpeas, vanilla extract, cashew paste, malt syrup, and carob soy buttons.

Don’t be fooled by this “better-for-you” carob cookie recipe!

Because they’re as delicious as the chocolate you know and love.

Ingredients include: Almond flour, date syrup, melted ghee, vanilla bean, and lemon juice.

Reminiscing about childhood makes me think of wafer cookies.

Let’s savor the taste of childhood and indulge in these sweet and delicious Carob Chocolate Wafer Cookies.

It may not be real chocolate, but it sure tastes sweet.

Ingredients include: Gelatin, baking soda, arrowroot powder, tiger nut flour, and maple syrup.

It’s hard to go wrong with a no-bake carob cookie option. 

It’s not like you have to melt the carob, even; it uses carob powder.

Four ingredients and you’re done.

Ingredients include: Almond butter, chopped coconut, and honey.

Have you ever tasted something so good you want to devour the whole thing?

Good thing this chocolate alternative won’t judge you for overeating.

It’s so good it tastes like a brownie and molten cake rolled into one!

Ingredients include: Kosher salt, butter, eggs, vanilla extract, and white chocolate chips.

It’s the classic take on doughnuts but without frying.

By using maple sugar and carob powder, these Carob Sconuts will be full of sweet flavor.

Nutty with the spiced flavors of vanilla, orange zest and maple, these are stellar.

Ingredients include: Maple sugar, cinnamon, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and orange zest.

Have you tried a chocolate cookie without the chocolate? 

This FAILSAFE cookie uses carob powder and oil instead of butter.

It’s soft and chewy and oh so “chocolatey.”

Don’t overbake; these will look underdone but let them sit on the cookie sheet for a few minutes.

Ingredients include: Maple syrup, baking soda, canola oil, egg, and flour.

A wise man once said, “When life gives you carob, make carob cookies.”

Let’s take it to another level and “spice” up those carob cookies.

Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and coconut nectar might do the trick.

Ingredients include: Ground cinnamon, ground cardamom, blanched almond flour, arrowroot starch, and ground ginger.

I remember thinking that carob was a second-rate, trying-hard, inferior version of chocolate.

Not anymore.

This recipe will bring out the full potential of carob.

A light, firm cookie with a bit of chewiness and just the right amount of sweetness.

Ingredients include: Coconut sugar, vanilla extract, flax seeds, cinnamon, and xanthan gum.

This dessert has all the flavors of the fantastic German chocolate cake but is made into portable carob cookies. 

The cookie is best when eaten out of the oven for that gooey and molten texture, but it also works at room temp when they are chewy and crunch as you taste the walnuts. 

It’s so tasty you’ll say, “Ich liebe es!

Ingredients include: Shredded coconut, butter, vanilla extract, walnuts, and eggs.

Modeled after a cookie bar that uses eggs, if you are living with dietary restrictions (or desires) that lead you to a no-egg, dairy-free, gluten-free eating plan, this might be the sweet treat you are looking for!

It’s canned pumpkin that provides the binder and chewy goodness, you’ll be happy to see that the rest of these ingredients are easy to find and elevate this very “fall flavor” cookie bar!

Ingredients include: Coconut sugar, pumpkin, vanilla soy milk, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

This is not a chocolate-free treat since it uses cacao nibs, but the recipe does say it’s raw and vegan. 

In all its carob splendor, this cheesecake uses groats and carob powder for the “cookie” base.

For the creamy center, there’s no cream at all—just soaked raw cashews and luscious coconut milk.

Ingredients include: Raw pecans, dried dates, cashews, vanilla extract, and strawberries.

This  PB Carob Fudge looks thick, rich, chewy, and delicious!

Using roasted carob powder, full-fat coconut milk, and natural peanut butter, this recipe requires boiling and then chilling before serving to make sure it sets up really nicely. 

Be sure to use parchment paper for easy removal from the pan.

Ingredients include: Raw sugar, peanut butter, vanilla, caffeine-free coffee granules, and coconut oil.

This wholesome, kid-friendly approach to chocolate brownies is heavenly and easy to make.

The maple syrup and coffee give it a toothsome flavor, while the eggs take care of the fudgy texture.

Add some grated zucchini, and what will you get?

A brownie the whole family can be happy with!

Ingredients include: Eggs, maple syrup, coffee, coconut sugar, and zucchini.

The bottom line

These amazing carob cookie recipes we’ve just listed will change the way you look at “chocolate” cookies from now on.

Who doesn’t love cookies? 

They’re the perfect snack for any time of day, and they’re always a hit at parties. 

But what if you’re not a fan of chocolate? Don’t worry, there’s still hope! 

Carob cookies are the perfect solution. 

They’re just as delicious as chocolate cookies, but they’re made with carob instead of cocoa. 

In this blog post, we’ll share a list of our favorite carob cookie recipes from around the web! 

From carob chip cookies to more unique flavors like peanut butter carob fudge, we’ve got something for everyone. 

15 Best Carob Cookie Recipes

15 Best Carob Cookie Recipes

Whether you're avoiding chocolate for health reasons or just don't like the taste, these carob cookie recipes are the perfect solution. So rich & "chocolatey," you may never miss the real thing!


  • Coconut Carob Cookie Muffins
  • Cashew Carob / Choc Chip Cookie Dough Bites
  • Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free Crunchy Carob Cookies
  • Carob Chocolate Wafer Cookies
  • No-Bake Carob Coconut Balls
  • Giant Carob Cookies
  • Carob Sconuts
  • No Butter Carob Cookies
  • Spiced Carob Cookies
  • Carob Refrigerator Cookies
  • German Carob Cookies
  • Pumpkin Carob Cookie
  • Strawberry Cookies And Cream Cheesecake
  • Peanut Butter Carob Fudge
  • Carob And Zucchini Brownies


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