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🍴11 BEST Argentinian Appetizers Full Of The Flavors Of Argentina!🍴

🍴11 BEST Argentinian Appetizers Full Of The Flavors Of Argentina!🍴

It’s time to take a walk through the rich lands of Argentina with this list of Argentinian appetizers!

Argentina is full of color and one of the most delicious and rich cuisines I have ever tried. 

Argentinian cuisine has a beautiful variety of snacks, street food, and appetizers that are even more thrilling than the main courses. 

Honestly, you can keep eating these snacks and appetizers and stuffing yourself without even thinking of the main courses.

Therefore, we had to come up with a list of our favorite Argentinian appetizers and snacks for you to try and make at home. 

A few are meaty and hot, and a few are cold, but they are perfect for any occasion, party, and even a fancy dinner. 

From the charcuterie board Picada and the rich Provoleta, you’ll find your new exotic favorite appetizer right here.

So why wait? 

Let us take you on the journey of Argentina with these 11 beautiful appetizers and snacks!

1. Huevos Rellenos

Huevos Rellenos are the Spanish deviled eggs and a popular dish in Argentina. 

You might think of them as the traditional American and English deviled eggs but what makes them different is the addition of tuna. 

The recipe calls explicitly for tuna in olive, and the olives give a unique taste to the deviled eggs.

These deviled eggs are creamy, a bit tangy from the olives, and have this unique smooth mouth feel because of tuna in olive oil

Indeed, they are the perfect twist on the deviled eggs and worth trying as a snack and appetizer!

2. Empanadas Mendocinas

Honestly, there is something so satisfying about empanadas. 

They are crispy from the outside and so meaty and delicious from the inside. 

But these Empanadas Mendocinas are traditional Argentinian stuffed with so many delicious ingredients. 

The recipe calls for this delicious filling made with beef, paprika, onions, hard-boiled eggs, olive, oregano, and seasoning. 

These empanadas are indeed their best snack and street food that will be so satisfactory yet leave you to crave for more.

3. Ensaladilla Rusa

Ensaladilla Rusa is exactly the Spanish version of the potato salad. 

The origin of the Ensaladilla Rusa might be Russia, but Russian immigrants brought it to Argentina and made it a popular appetizer. 

Traditionally, this salad is served with a deli and cold cuts of meat. 

The recipe is straightforward, and it uses carrot, potato, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, olives, roasted peppers, peas, and mayonnaise.

This salad is undoubtedly rich, creamy, and has a little element of crunch from the carrots. 

Moreover, we really like the flavor of roasted red pepper; it brings out smoke and heat that is subtle on the tongue yet noticeable.

Indeed, we found it a great addition to the summer BBQ table!

4. Mollejas Tacos

Mollejas Tacos, or the sweetbread tacos, are one of Argentina’s most famous street foods and are often served as appetizers. 

You might think these are the tacos made in some sweet bread, but no. 

Sweetbread is referred to here as a cow’s thymus glands. 

It may sound strange, but it tastes so good. 

The recipe is straightforward and meaty, just like tacos but all you need to do is find the sweetbread at the local butcher store.

5. Picada

Picada is like an Argentinian Charcuterie board. 

Our recipe uses almost store-bought ingredients but gives you a brief idea and variety of ingredients to eat and experiment with! 

What makes it different from our Charcuterie boards is the selection of ingredients like potato chips, French bread, olive and pepper paste, Pate de foie gras, sardines, and many more traditional kinds of cheese. 

Indeed, this board is hefty than we are and perfect for a party of a large crowd.

6. Bread & Chimichurri

We have vegetable sticks and breadsticks dipped in ranch or hummus; Argentina has a piece of garlic Bread and Chimichurri. 

Yes, this is one of the best snacks and appetizers they proudly serve. 

And honestly, it is one of the best combinations we have ever tried. 

It is very quick to compile, just make your own garlic bread and have the spicy chimichurri sauce as a dip and now you have a new dish to snack on. 

It is garlicky, spicy, and so satisfying for sure.

7. Provoleta

Provoleta is a cheesy dip made with Provolone Cheese and herbs. 

The dish is often baked or melted with herbs like oregano and spices and then hot with bread and meat. 

It is a famous appetizer and a side dish usually served with steak, bread, and roasted vegetables. 

We love this recipe because of the crusty sear on the top of the cheese. 

Indeed, it is creamy, cheesy, and packed with so many herby flavors. 

You can have it on plain pasta, which is still so good!

8. Rabas

Rabas is the beer batter fried Calamari rings served with wedges of lime on the side. 

It is one of Argentina’s most common dishes, often served at Café and pubs. 

You might think they are the same as the ones we usually eat in our country, but this fried calamari has an extra flavor punch due to garlic and parsley. 

You will undoubtedly not find a perfect recipe for these calamari rings since they are super crispy and succulent from the inside. 

And no doubt they are so tasty that you might not want to return to your old recipe!

9. Panchos Argentinos

Panchos Argentinos are the Argentinian Hotdogs. 

What makes these hotdogs so unique is the addition of a special sauce called Salsa Criolla. 

The Salsa Criolla is made with tomatoes, onions, green bell peppers, olive oil, lemon juice, and red wine vinegar. 

It is a bit wet but don’t worry; the bun will soak up all this goodness, making it super delicious. 

Lastly, all you need is plain all-beef hot dogs, buns, and a homemade salsa Criolla to assemble and just enjoy them. Just a recipe to try at your next BBQ.

10. Medialunas

Argentinian Medialunas or the Argentinian crescent rolls are one of the famous baked item goods for breakfast and even for snacking. 

They are often served with a cup of coffee and as a side with butter even though the roll itself is so buttery. 

The secret of this buttery goodness is the brioche dough made into crescent rolls with a hint of lemon and vanilla. 

Making these at home may need a lot of time waiting and creating a perfect dough.

But once they are done, there is no going back.

11. Sandwiches De Miga

Hands down, Sandwich De Miga, is one of the best sandwiches we have ever had. 

They are so delicious, simple yet so complex. 

They are on-to-go sandwiches you will find by the street vendor and bakeries in Argentina, and no doubt they are a must to try. 

The main idea of the recipe is to fill in the sandwich with eggs, ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, red bell pepper, mayo, and a squeeze of lime

This Argentinian appetizer uses white bread that is molded and compressed into perfect rectangles and squares, but you can make them with plain white bread, which is still so delicious.

The bottom line

Each cuisine has its traditional dishes and specialty that tell us more about its culture and people. 

The same goes for Argentina. 

No doubt Argentinian cuisine is full of flavors and some of the most tantalizing appetizers and snacks that will play with your tastebuds and make you hungry for more. 

We have brought a few of such dishes to you that you should try at least once. 

Few of the recipes are surprising, and few of them are Argentinian take on what we already eat, but nevertheless, they are delicious. 

Let us know which one you are willing to try. We would love to hear from you. 

Till then, Happy cooking and eating!

11 EASY Argentinian Appetizers🍴

11 EASY Argentinian Appetizers🍴

Let us take you on the journey of Argentina with these easy 11 beautiful Argentinian appetizers and snacks!


  • Huevos Rellenos
  • Empanadas Mendocinas
  • Ensaladilla Rusa
  • Mollejas Tacos
  • Picada
  • Bread & Chimichurri
  • Provoleta
  • Rabas
  • Panchos Argentinos
  • Medialunas
  • Sandwiches De Miga


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