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What is Havarti cheese and why it’s uber tasty

What is Havarti cheese and why it’s uber tasty

Havarti cheese is a cheese lover’s ultimate dream. It’s favored by children and adults alike. 

Havarti is the most famous cheese in Denmark, yet it’s also a favorite amongst the Wisconsin people. The cheese was brought there by Danish cheesemakers, and it quickly became popular. 

This soft, buttery, and creamy cheese is a staple in a cheese platter and goes well with practically anything. It’s also perfect to grill or melt, pair with other foods, or enjoy independently. 

While the cheddar cheese can be too sharp, and the blue cheese can be too moldy, the Havarti cheese flavor, however, is perfection. 

Anyone who lives in Wisconsin or is a fan of cheese platters knows about the Havarti cheese. 

However, if you’ve been less fortunate and have just come across this delectable cheese, here’s a guide that will tell you everything about what makes it so unique.

What is Havarti cheese?

Havarti cheese is a semi-soft cheese made with cow’s milk and dotted with small holes. It is cream to yellow in color. 

The Havarti cheese was created in the 1800s by Hanne Neilson, who traveled all over Europe to learn about cheese making techniques. Upon her return, she made the cheese by washing the curds with fresh spring water, pressing them onto the cheese molds, and draining them. 

The result was fresh, creamy, and soft cheese. Nielson named it “Havarti” after her family’s farm. Today, Havarti is still made everywhere using Nielson’s original recipe. 

The cheese is aged for approximately three months, and since it’s made with whole pasteurized cow’s milk, it also contains large butterfat content. 

There are mainly two types of Havarti cheese: cream Havarti and the original Havarti cheese. Cream Havarti is made using the same recipe, but additional cream is added before curdling to increase the butterfat content. 

What does Havarti cheese taste like?

Havarti cheese is soft, smooth, and delicate; therefore, it melts in your mouth. 

The taste of the cheese is slightly acidic, buttery, and nutty, all the while being sweet. The stronger varieties can be nuttier and sharper. The mildness and sharpness of the Havarti cheese flavor depend on how long it has been aged. 

Since the Havarti cheese flavor is mild, it provides a blank canvas for experimentation. You can infuse this cheese with different ingredients, including dill, thyme, and other herbs, as well as with horseradish and peppers. 

Havarti Cheese is similar to Monterey Jack, Muenster cheese, and butter cheese when it comes to taste.

What goes with Havarti cheese?

Havarti cheese is the perfect addition to a cheese platter or if you’re having a wine party.Havarti contrasts nicely with cheddar cheese and other types of cheese with a sharp flavor and butter crackers, pears, grapes, and dried fruits.You can even use Havarti cheese for your sandwiches as it gives them a creamy texture. The cheese pairs well with red wine in particular, but it can be enjoyed equally by white wine lovers. It also goes well with other beverages, such as all kinds of beer.

Does Havarti cheese melt?

Because this cheese is buttery and creamy, it’s also an ideal melting cheese. Havarti cheese melts into perfection and can be used on top of nachos and as a dip or sauce. You’ll forget all types of cheese when you use Havarti cheese in your grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Is Havarti a hard cheese?

Since it’s made using pasteurized whole milk, Havarti is considered a semi-hard cheese. It’s not as hard as parmesan or cheddar, but it’s also not as soft as blue cheese. Due to this and its rich taste, Havarti cheese can be enjoyed on its own or melted.

Ways to use Havarti cheese

Besides pairing it with wine or serving it in cheese platters, you can use Havarti cheese for many recipes.

Since Havarti cheese is soft and buttery, it creates a smooth texture ideal for grilled cheese sandwiches or a classic dish of Mac n cheese when melted. 

This delicious recipe of Havarti macaroni and cheese that you can make is one fine example.

Although it tastes great on its own, you can use the cheese in your salads as well.

The bottom line

The mild, creamy, and delicious taste of the Havarti cheese makes it the perfect comfort food. It goes well in burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and practically anything. 

You can also switch the cheese up and infuse it with herbs so you can enjoy it on its own with a glass of wine.

You can find Havarti cheese at any local market or cheese store. Next time you’re hosting a wine or cheese party, don’t forget to serve Havarti cheese, which should become the star of the night before you even know it.