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17 Gluten Free Snacks That You Will Actually Enjoy

17 Gluten Free Snacks That You Will Actually Enjoy

Are you on the hunt for gluten free snacks?

We have rounded up an amazing list of snacks that are gluten free for you today. 

The only question that you need to ask yourself is which one will you make first?

Whether you’ve run out of flour, embarked on an another health-kick or are merely attempting to turn out a serviceable
pan of brownies all can enjoy — here’s 17 gluten free snacks you’ll wish you’d discovered sooner. 

Those of us unable to tolerate gluten have long been deprived of the pleasure of a good, proper junk-y snack

For too long our snacking options have consisted solely of one sad sleeve of crackers (wheat, rye, barley and taste free,
as it turns out) over the other. 

Well, no more, we say. 

The cracker orthodoxy ends today. We’re going to have our cake and eat it too. 

That’s right; no more standing around in disappointed silence while the rest of the office makes short work of those
complimentary donuts; no more waiting by the grill with your hotdog for a GF-bun that’s never going to materialize;
no more having to cheerily announce to everyone at your table “Don’t worry, I packed a granola bar,” when it turns out the restaurant can’t actually guarantee your food’s safe for you to eat. 

We will wheat (get it, wait?) no longer. 

We’re storming your office parties, we’re turning on the sprinklers at your BBQ’S — we’re off to the grocery store in search of, uh, tapioca flour?

The revolution can wait till after we’ve finally perfected these GF-brownies. 

And it’ll probably be easier on a full stomach, anyway. 

Keep your eye out for #17: Gluten free pocky!

While we’d never knock the chemically-processed, gloriously clumpy nachos layered with whatever glow-in-the-dark goo is meant to pass for cheese that you might find at your local movie theater — we think you’ll agree that these have their own merits. 

Tart tomatoes, smoky chicken, obligingly melty cheese; that’s everything you need right there. 

And you needn’t disgrace yourself by attempting to share, neither. 

This isn’t an Old El Paso advert. These nachos are yours.

Oh, granola bars, we didn’t mean what we said about you being a fall-back-snack, honest. 

O.K, so, maybe we did mean it — until we tried these! Pleasingly squidgy with a salty, nutty twang we’re really quite fond of. 

If you’re having a hard time selling your children on them, you can also sling some M&M’S in there as a bit of added encouragement.

This’d be great on a hike — though personally, we find eating it by the fistful in bed to be far more enjoyable. 

Cooking Chew Tip: The recipe calls for regular salted pretzels, but we think chocolate covered ones introduce a fun sweet element to an otherwise salty snack!

As the name suggests, you can adapt this recipe to whatever you’ve got laying about right now. 

We like to make ours with white chocolate and frozen raspberries — give it a go! 

What we love best about these little bits of bliss is that you can batch-make them and load up your fridge with a few extras to enjoy whenever you’re in need of a recharge.

It’s heartening to know we’re never very far from a pick-me-up. 

We’ve got a habit of spending our break-times loitering around the pantry in hopes of stumbling upon an errant little nibble or two (or three, or four) — even better if it’s someone else’s carefully hidden snacks we’ve found. 

So, in the interest of salvaging our relationship we’ve elected to ban break-time pantry raids. 

These fruity, nutty oat bars have been a big help in the meantime; the perfect snacking support to help us make it between meals.

Our newest addiction. Where there’s peanut butter and chocolate, there’s joy to be had in spades. Everybody knows that. 

You can happily experiment by lobbing whatever chocolate you like in here, and sometimes we even throw in some pumpkin seeds. 

They’re very good and give the cookies a nice crisp edge. 

One of our favorite gluten free snack recipes yet!

This’d make a great gift for any foodie friends — few can resist its fruity, toothsome siren’s call. 

Least of all us. 

We love the delicious snap of the sweet milk chocolate studded through with mango, papaya and cranberries: now there’s a treat. 

It’s hard to find a recipe for cherries that represents any sort of real meaningful improvement over just, well, eating cherries. 

This one fits the bill — without asking too much of you. 

It’s got just a handful of ingredients, most of which you’ve probably already got, and takes all of half an hour to throw together. 

Also, this is unique because it is a chocolate tart that just takes it to the next level. 

From the first alluring whiff of piping hot baguettes fresh from the oven to the molten, stringy mozzarella and gloriously greasy pepperoni — it was love at first bite for us and these little pizettes. 

They make a great gluten free snack for parties, too.

The bad news: once assembled, we have a hard time saving any of these ice cream sandwiches for the freezer. 

The good news: these are almost as easy to make as they are to eat. Almost

We’ll leave the accompaniments up to you — the recipe calls for sprinkles but you could just as easily use whatever you’ve got on hand! 

Who could fault a good old fashioned fluffy-middled pudding? Not us, that much is certain. 

This stodgy, sticky treat seems practically invented for days when you’re in need of a little “there, there” — warming, soft and irresistibly sweet — it’s got all the qualities of a good hug. 

Don’t mind if we do.

Are jelly donuts your favorite kind? No? Well, what’s it like being wrong, then?  

Just kidding. 

We don’t believe in donut-based-discrimination (unless you happen to like Bavarian Kreme, in which case please feel discriminated against). 

But these meltingly rich, buttery jelly-filled pockets of happiness are better than all the rest. Pure, sugar-y indulgence. 

Gluten free snack ideas don’t get a whole lot better.

 This recipe is a great way of using up any odds and ends of cheese you’ve got laying around — it pays not to be too prescriptive. 

You can make the bread in all shapes and sizes, though we love the rotund little spheres a muffin pan turns out. 

These are fantastic eaten hot from the oven with a little butter but they also make the perfect accompaniment to a velvety tomato soup.

Did you know the Spanish have churros for breakfast? In addition, did you know that we’re Spanish now? 

Weather here’s great, thanks. 

At their very best, churros are essentially donuts in tube form: deep-fried till crisp and then dusted with prodigious amounts of cinnamon-sugar and drizzled over with chocolate. 


These crunchy biscuit-sticks are inspired by the Japanese classic. 

They’re fresh baked and delicious — but what we like best about them is how pretty they are.

Mix up some white chocolate with freeze dried strawberries; pair milk chocolate with crushed almonds or stir up some matcha powder with dark chocolate. 

Candy stars and sprinkles add sparkle.

In so far as the genre of “something on toast” snacks are concerned, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than brilliant, beautiful bruschetta. 

Ripe, juicy tomatoes are the key to success here — if you can’t find any, you may as well leave them out. It’s still plenty good.

A mug cake offers solace when naught else will do — it’s more slapdash-assembly-job than it is cooking and thus can be managed whilst inebriated/crying/sleepy or all 3. 

We like to drop a spoonful of Nutella into the middle once we’ve poured the batter so that the cake’s got a gooey middle once it comes out of the microwave but you can swap it out for your filling of choice.

The bottom line

Wondering what gluten free snacks for parties  to make? Wonder no longer.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say snacking’s been our savior this year. Cooking’s its own form of solace but it’s not every day you’ve got the energy to put a full-fledged meal on the table — it’s snacks that see us through us harried
lunchtimes and back-to-back meetings and long hours; without them we’d long have succumbed to the draw of the
kaleidoscope of takeaway flyers tacked to our fridge. 

So: snacking?

When do you indulge? 

And what do you nibble on when dinner feels a long way away?

17 Gluten Free Snacks

17 Gluten Free Snacks

Check out our variety list of snacks that are gluten free.


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  • Gluten Free Icecream Sandwiches
  • Gluten Free Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • Gluten Free Jelly Donuts
  • Gluten Free Cheese Bread
  • Gluten Free Churros
  • Gluten Free Pocky
  • Gluten Free Bruschetta
  • Gluten Free Mug Cake


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of gluten free snacks here!
  2. Create your new favorite snack.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks, so it’s all your own?

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