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30 Certifiably Good Orange Desserts You Should Try Now!

30 Certifiably Good Orange Desserts You Should Try Now!

Are you trying to find the orange desserts? We’ve rounded up # orange dessert recipes that are sure to inspire you. The only question is which dessert recipe you will choose to make first. 

Their juicy, sweet flavor only outmatches the vibrant color of oranges with that tang everyone loves so much. 

Oranges’ flavor is versatile, allowing it to flow perfectly into many dessert dishes, giving your creation the tartness that compliments sugar so well. 

From simple sugar cookies to fancy creme brulee, oranges can do it all. 

The refreshing combination of sweetness and acidity is a lovely way to end your meal, and oranges work with a range of flavors, from honey to chipotle to coconut. 

The list of desserts to make with oranges is extensive, but we’ve compiled a list of our favorite and most creative orange dessert recipes, including the tasty Orange Pound Cake and crowd-pleaser Orange Creme Brulee

From easy orange desserts to a bit more complicated recipes, you are sure to find a scrumptious orange treat like #30!

Two incredible flavors collide in these rich but refreshing cupcakes. 

These blood orange-flavored cupcakes are topped with blood orange frosting and filled with tangy lemon curd. 

The cupcakes consist of greek yogurt, giving them a light and fluffy texture that pairs well with the bold blood orange flavor. 

The blood orange naturally turns the frosty pink for a bright and beautiful final product.

This cranberry orange bread is loaded with fresh cranberries and topped with a sweet orange glaze to put the flavors over the top. 

The bread combines the bite of cranberries and oranges perfectly with the sweetness of the bread and the citrus flavor of the glaze.  

The cranberries bring the citrus flavors up a level and make this bread perfect for a summer dessert or a holiday favorite. 

A dessert that will have your guests talking and begging for the recipe, this baklava is an inventive use of oranges that results in an exciting journey for your tastebuds.

The addition of chipotle peppers offers a kick of spice that balances the sweetness of the orange and honey.

The walnuts, cinnamon sticks, and orange peel pack a punch of flavor that will have people happily perplexed by the combination.

This recipe is just a simple butter cookie with a hint of orange, sweet icing, and chopped pistachios to top it off. 

It is impossible just to eat one of these; you have been warned. 

Pistachios meld wonderfully with any citrus treat, but it is a special flavor pairing when they come together with orange.
These citrus cookies melt in your mouth while the pistachios add a fun crunchiness, possibly the perfect cookie.

For those looking for a challenge in the kitchen, this orange tiramisu is well worth the effort.

This fruity take on the classic Italian dessert is perfect for those that don’t swoon at coffee or kids that shouldn’t be having caffeine. 

A wonderful treat for everyone, this orange dessert is sunshine on a plate. 

The whipped mascarpone’s tangy orange flavor is subdued into a soft sweetness, making it a heavenly dessert choice. 

These cookies are rich and chocolatey and everything you could want in a dessert. 

The orange flavors come through strong, managing not to be overpowered by the dense chocolate cookie. 

The cookies are soft and chewy and bursting with the citrus flavor while satisfying any chocoholic. 

For added sweetness, there is orange icing that can go on top!

If you are looking for an easy orange dessert, this pound cake is a quick and painless recipe that will have your tastebuds excited and ready for more. 

In this recipe, the simple yet rich pound cake meets the light flavor of orange for an orange dessert that will have you going for seconds. 

A fruity twist on this fun dessert, these creamsicle whoopie pies combine a dense, orangey cookie with a fluffy, whipped cream on the inside. 

These whoopie pies are a good move if you are just dipping your toe into the orange juice pool and don’t want to go all out just yet. 

The filling is a simple vanilla cream that beautifully complements the subtle orange in the cookies.

Cheesecakes are such a versatile dessert as they work with almost any flavor. 

And orange is no exception because this creamy, tangy orange cheesecake in a traditional graham cracker crust is to die for. 

A mix of sour cream and orange zest comes together for a burst of citrus flavor paired with the smooth texture of any cheesecake. 

This orange dessert is sure to be a hit at your next bake sale or party.

A classic orange dessert, creamsicles are a refreshing and tasty treat for all ages. 

This is a great treat to cool you down in the summer, but they hit the spot any time of the year. 

These creamsicles will have you in the throws of nostalgia and are super simple to make. 

You only need four ingredients to make these creamsicles a reality.

The orange dream bars are easy to whip together, but they will taste as you slaved over them for hours. 

Using orange instead of lemon curd gives you that same refreshing citrus flavor but in a new way. 

The orange curd sits on a thick shortbread crust that is the ideal vessel for the fantastic flavors.

Everyone loves donuts! 

Orange may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you crave a donut, but this combination is a tropical vacation in your mouth. 

These donuts will convert anyone that is a stickler for their chocolate glazed. 

And best of all, they’re baked, not fried, so don’t worry about dealing with hot oil and a messy kitchen.

The glazed orange cinnamon rolls are the warm, swirly answer to any grumpy early bird. 

These can pass as breakfast or dessert! 

Or lunch or a midnight snack, so go ahead and eat one whenever the mood strikes.

Combining the classic cinnamon roll with the vivacious orange results in a surprising mix of bright citrus flavors and cinnamon’s warm, spiced flavor.

It doesn’t get easier than this sorbet that only needs two ingredients to become the light; refreshing ice cream alternative everyone remembers having as a kid. 

If you want to impress your guests, you can serve it in a hollowed-out orange peel and be a true gourmand.

Making candied oranges doesn’t require much legwork but does take a good chunk of time because they must sit for 24 hours. 

These can be a simple treat on a dessert table or a beautiful garnish on a cheesecake or cookie. 

Another great way to serve them is to dip them in dark chocolate and enjoy!

Scones are another fun dessert with oranges you can pass off as breakfast! 

Citrus is the perfect flavor for a scone because it is a light and tart ingredient that adds enough flavor to the billowy scones without being overpowering. 

Cranberries and oranges together offer a unique flavor profile that works in all seasons and satisfies a sweet tooth without overdoing it.

We know oranges give a light, refreshing flavor to most desserts. 

But here is a rich and decadent brownie recipe that uses the tangy, citrus flavor in a new way. 

The orange flavor lightens the heaviness of the chocolate, while the dark chocolate flavor becomes even better with the citrus contrast.

Creme Brulee and oranges are the perfect pairings because they are both soft and specific flavors. 

Creme Brulees can be flavored in any way, but orange brings out the creaminess of the custard. 

The caramelized top contrasts the bright citrus flavor of the oranges for a unique and enjoyable combination.

If anyone has ever told you pudding is bland, set them straight with this orange recipe. 

Pudding has somewhat fallen out of popularity but should never be forgotten. 

This orange honey pudding offers a silky dessert that hits all the notes of nature, from citrus to the smooth sweetness of honey. 

You can go crazy with orange zest and honey for a bold flavor or go light for a subtle taste. 

This recipe comes together in less than 30 minutes but packs a punch of flavor. 

These dainty cookies combine the sweet orange flavor with the earthy taste of almonds for a subtle, tasty cookie that everyone will love. 

They work for any occasion, from a picnic to a holiday party to a quiet evening at home with the cookie jar.

Another one of our orange dessert recipes that you can sneak onto the breakfast table, this moist banana orange bread is a warm delight. 

Banana bread is a classic, and the addition of orange brightens the flavor profile adding a tropical flair that you get from your favorite smoothie.

This blackberry orange cake is quite the showstopper. 

Topped with fresh blackberries and frosting, this cake is a burst of fruity flavors wrapped into a fluffy, moist cake that will have everyone trying to get the recipe.

These bars have it all! 

The juiciness of the fig, the crunch and earthy flavor of the walnut, and the bright tang of the oranges all meld together into a scrumptious bar that you will be enchanted by the moment you catch a whiff. 

Fudge is a classic and easy orange dessert to make that results in a creamy, firm square of tastiness. 

The combination of white chocolate and orange creates a light and whimsical fudge that your guests will not forget.

The pineapple orange upside-down cake is a tropical, satisfying treat that becomes the star of any dessert table. 

Together, the pineapple and orange collide into a fruity flavor palette that makes every bite a sweet paradise.

The smokey, rich flavor enhances this rich bread pudding that the bourbon adds. 

The adults will enjoy the contrast of sweet oranges and lusty bourbon flavors that challenge one another. 

This is one of the easiest orange dessert recipes that result in a gooey plate of tangy, decadent deliciousness.

A light, fluffy dessert with oranges that won’t send you into a coma on the couch when you finish it. 

The airiness of angel food cake combines beautifully with the slight tanginess of the orange zest for a surprisingly rich-tasting dessert that is easy to make and a fan favorite.

French macarons come in all different flavors, but orange is often forgotten. 

We are here to remind you that orange macarons are a delicious dessert that combines interesting texture with prominent flavor. 

Your guests will find these treats both adorable and mouth-watering.

Infusing almost any Italian dessert with oranges is sure to please, but Pizzelles have a light crispness that pairs well with the slightly tangy but sweet orange flavor. 

An angelic combination that leaves no leftovers to enjoy because no one can get enough the first time around.

The bottom line

The takeaway here is when life gives you oranges, make some dessert! 

The possibilities to turn the bright, citrus fruit into a tasty dessert are endless, and this list is only the beginning. 

Next time you make your favorite dessert, consider how the mighty orange could work in the recipe or try pomegranate too when you have the chance!

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30 BEST Orange Dessert Recipe Assortment

30 BEST Orange Dessert Recipe Assortment

Searching for orange dessert recipes? Here are 30 orange desserts you should try at home!


  • Soft Orange Sugar Cookies
  • Blood Orange Lemon Cupcakes
  • Cranberry Orange Bread
  • Chipotle-Orange Baklava
  • Orange Pistachio Cookies
  • Orange Tiramisu
  • Italian Chocolate Orange Cookies
  • Orange Pound Cake
  • Orange Vanilla Creamsicle Whoopie Pies
  • Orange Cheesecake
  • Homemade Creamsicles
  • Orange Dream Bars
  • Orange Coconut Donuts
  • Glazed Orange Cinnamon Rolls
  • Orange Sorbet
  • Candied Oranges
  • Cranberry Orange Scones
  • Dark Chocolate Orange Brownies
  • Orange Creme Brulee
  • Orange Honey Pudding
  • Almond Orange Cookies
  • Banana Orange Bread
  • Blackberry Orange Cake
  • Orange, Fig, Walnut Bars
  • White Chocolate Orange Fudge
  • Pineapple Orange Upside Down Cake
  • Bourbon & Orange Bread Pudding
  • Orange Angel Food Cake
  • Orange French Macarons
  • Orange-Amaretto Pizzelles


  1. Choose one or more options from our list of orange desserts here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy!
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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