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30 Grilled Appetizers: The Next Big Thing In Outdoor Starter Recipes

30 Grilled Appetizers: The Next Big Thing In Outdoor Starter Recipes

Are you looking for a list of grilled appetizers—a nice, long list of outdoor starter recipes for cookout inspiration? 

No matter where you live or what your weather is like, you can usually grill out year round. (I’ve seen some Michiganders dig out of a snowbank in order to get their grill going, so if they can do it, we can do it!)

Sometimes in the dead of winter you find yourself craving something cooked out proper on the grill. Entrees and vegetables come to mind like steak, hamburgers, corn on the cob, and peppers.

But why stop there? What about appetizers? Grilled appetizers? Sure, why not? 

We highlight grilled appetizers that feature these beautiful fruits: sumptuous Grilled Peach Crostini With Mascarpone And Honey, lively Grilled Balsamic Strawberries, and Grilled Pineapple Rings, which are doused with a mop of brown sugar and lots of butter. 

Look for the popular Jalapeño Poppers, smoky Grilled Tomatoes, and flavorful Bacon-Wrapped Whole RealSweet Onions, all right here.

It could be to set the mood for the entire meal that may be grilled in the summertime or it could be just a fun way to introduce any meal in general. 

Exploring this idea has been eye-opening as to a wide variety of appetizers that can be grilled. 

This gives your guests something to enjoy and talk about all at the same time! You may have your favorites already or you may not have ever really considered this option.

Check out #6—you won’t believe how the butter and bacon elevate the whole RealSweet onion—yes, one whole onion for each person. 

Keep in mind the types and amounts of seasonings used are the main way you can easily customize your grilled appetizers to meet your vision. 

Let’s get grillin’!

Oh my word! These grilled peach crostinis will win you over instantly. 

Grill the peach wedges and bread, then assemble with mascarpone and honey for a well balanced savory and sweet best grilled appetizers ever!

It does not get any easier than this among grilling appetizer recipes. 

Wash, cut in half, remove pit, brush with grapeseed oil and seasonings and VY-OH-LAY, peaches grilled to perfection!

When fresh tomatoes abound, slice them up for quick appetizers on the grill. 

I love combining rosemary, salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to brush on top which enhances their fresh taste even more!

To make these hearty grilled appetizers, you start with the perfect onion and wrap them with bacon. 

That’s right. Bacon! 

Starts in the oven and finishes on the grill, it’s an excellent appetizer or side dish.

Serving one of these grilled appetizer recipes will make you feel like the local food truck is parked outside your home. 

Mexican grilled corn on the cob with fresh elote sauce will bring the word authentic to mind!

Cue those tortilla chips and grill that corn right up! 

The list of appetizers on the grill would not be complete without a smoky grilled corn salsa!

This hidden gem is fantastic for outdoor gatherings when you want grilled appetizers. 

Simply remove the silk from the cob by gently pulling back the husk, but then replace the husk for grilling. 

No grilling basket needed!

One of the best grilling appetizer recipes, making a beautiful plated presentation, includes stuffed zucchini rollups! 

These are quick to grill and equally quick to assemble! 

Two best qualities in an appetizer!

Jalapeños take center stage on these appetizers on the grill. 

Packed with a cream cheese filling and then wrapped in bacon for a savory crunch!

One of the heartier grilled appetizer recipes around just might be this one using flank steak. 

Bake the bread, assemble and broil to finish! Just scrumptious!

The best grilled appetizers showcase a familiar appetizer in a new way.  

Here we have bruschetta but on skewers. It is adorable and grillable and quickly devourable!

Grilled appetizer recipes know the chef wants to make a statement at the beginning of a meal. 

And boy will you ever shout it out with these shrimp on kabobs that are slathered in the most delicious orange glaze. 

Give these a try!

Who would turn down the combination of strawberries and chocolate? 

Add a little rich balsamic for a tangy zing, and you’re cooking with gas!

Unique grilled appetizer recipes are a welcome delight, just like this one.

Many grilled appetizer recipes are savory but this one is sweet enough it could double as a dessert.

I recommend letting the strawberry and sugar mixture sit for a bit and pour off the liquid before assembling for grilling.

Radicchio is a hearty variety of lettuce that you quarter and add oil with seasonings before grilling. 

For appetizers on the grill, you really cannot go wrong here.

While your wooden skewers are soaking, your mushrooms are marinating so look at your recipe double tasking! 

While you are probably triple tasking if truth be told! Grilling appetizer recipes that are easy like this one you will use again and again.

Bacon has entered the post and is taking over! 

Pickles hollowed out, cream cheese slathered and bacon wrapped are exactly the kind of grilled appetizers you want!

Best grilled appetizers are everywhere on this list! 

Mini sweet peppers grilled first with goat cheese added after will result in a beautiful plate with tasty bites!

🔥🍗How do you reheat grilled chicken perfectly? 🔥🍗

This second of two lettuce grilled appetizer recipes involves grilling romaine lettuce. 

To serve you simply drizzle on a little balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese. 

A salad you can eat with your fingers!

I am slowly making my way through the vegetable list (far from alphabetically) and we are now up to brussel sprouts.

These grilled appetizer recipes sure know how to coat ingredients so they do not burn but do add flavor simultaneously! 

A unique combo of maple syrup and dijon mustard will make those little sprouts ever so delicious!

Bratwurst bites just scream best grilled appetizers ever! 

These bites are grilled and then served in the secret sauce of beer and honey glaze.

I mean, I’m definitely here for anything glazed in beer and honey.

These bad boys are partly baked, then marinated in the fridge for a bit, and finally grilled to perfection. 

These appetizers on the grill can then be cut into wedges and served with any type of dipping sauce your heart desires.

Sweet and delectable describe these easy grilled appetizers! 

Figs stuffed with brie, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with pepper gives an array of flavors in every bite!

The best grilled appetizers are hearty enough to satisfy but not so much as to overfill the guest. 

These mini hamburger sliders are perfect and can be dressed with toppings to be American or Greek or BBQ or something a bit spicier.

🍋🍋 Our Insanely Yummy Lime Tequila Grilled Shrimp 🍤🍤

These appetizers on the grill most definitely need a plate and fork for serving because it is best presented on a large platter. 

The figs are grilled and then arranged on a tray on top of a bed of arugula with prosciutto and burrata. 

Dig in, everyone!

🍗🍗 Here’s Our Easy Grilled Chicken Marinade Recipe! 🍗🍗

A pastry puff forms the base of these best grilled appetizers. 

Grill the veggies while the puff is baking, then place them onto the puff with your favorite shredded cheese on top. 

Finally, broil it to perfection. 

Ah, another reinvented appetizer that we know as a salad, made into finger food. 

Love grilling appetizer recipes with a twist and here we have portobello mushrooms as the base with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil on top. 

Beautiful and delicious!

Full pictures show how to cut the Italian loaf, add a seasoned coating, and add in the ham and cheese or any meat and cheese combo you like. 

One of the easy grilled appetizers wrapped in foil to grill and ooooh, the melted cheese!

Do you still need a main dish after this? Who knows, but this one is worth trying.

We discovered how luscious pineapple can be when charred at a Brazilian grill steakhouse a few years ago. 

A lightbulb went off and we decided to see if we could create something incredible for ourselves at home. 

The trick is to not move the pineapple until it’s time to turn it, which means a solid 7 minutes or so on med-high for the first side, and about 4 minutes on the other side. 

You will be tempted to turn them, but don’t, and they will end up a gorgeous dark brown and the brown sugar-butter mop will caramelize into a beautiful char.

With a little sweetness it’s a superb grilled appetizer, and with a lot, it’s definitely dessert. 

Either way, if you’ve never grilled pineapple before, make sure this happens the next time you start up the grill.

🛁These tips for deep-cleaning your grill are spot on! 🛁

The bottom line

Grilling appetizer recipes abound when you start looking for them. And of course you can creatively transform almost any dish into an appetizer!

After reading through this list, you may even be inspired to try something on the grill you might not have considered before.  

That should be fun! Keep grilled appetizers top of mind whenever you are ready to grill your mains.

30 Grilled Appetizers: The Next Big Thing In Outdoor ♨️

30 Grilled Appetizers: The Next Big Thing In Outdoor ♨️

When you are looking for the Next Big Thing in Grilled Appetizers, break out this list of recipes to help you find your new favorites!


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  1. Choose one or more options from our list of grilled appetizer recipes here!
  2. Create your new favorite dish.
  3. Pat yourself on the back for making food at home for you to enjoy.
  4. Share and comment! Did you make any tweaks so it’s all your own?

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