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Foods That Start With U

Foods That Start With U

It wasn’t as easy finding foods that start with the letter U. 

We searched far and wide, looking for ubiquitous ingredients and unexpected results! 

We asked university students and unfortunate ukulele players if they knew foods and meals that start with U. 

Unfortunately, we underestimated the ability of our underdogs to unearth this list of foods that start with U!

While many of them are far-flung, we understand that this round-up of U foods is an unctuous umami-flavored heaven!

Ask Uncle Buck and Urkel what they think about this list!

Take me back to Japan and its udon noodles!

Your favorite udon is described as chewy Japanese noodles made from flour, water, and salt; it’s typically served in a dashi-based broth as well.

Udon noodles are also relatively thicker when compared to soba noodles. They can either be flat or rounded.

Here’s a fun fact: Some swear that udon is so tricky to knead that people stomp on the dough to relax it.

2. Upside-down cake

The upside-down cake is easily the most recognizable food on the list. 

The famous cake, which dates back to the 1800s, is typically cooked in a cast iron skillet. 

In the early years, it was made with apples and cherries. 

It was in the 20th century, in which its most familiar type, the one that is adorned with pineapple rings, was introduced.

3. U-No Bars

The upside-down cake isn’t the only noted dessert in the compilation. For this entry, the U-No Bars!

U-No Bars debuted even earlier than the upside-down cake. In the 1920s, it was produced by the Cardinet Candy Company. 

U-No Bars feature an inside that is similar to a truffle, with bits of almond. 

A layer of chocolate also enrobes this early chocolate confection.

4. Ugli pie

So, what in heaven’s name is ugli pie? Well, for one, it is far from ugly! Not even close.

An ugli pie is made of ugli fruit or Jamaican tangelo (no surprise here, really), a type of citrus fruit from Jamaica. 

Its pie filling also includes crushed pineapple, mini marshmallows, milk, and Cool Whip.

Now, how about the crust? Ah, that’s another recipe waiting to be unlocked.

5. Uziza leaves

Uziza leaves are greens found in the Uziza plant, mainly in Africa. 

They boast a peppery flavor and are typically used in soups. 

The leaves of Uziza are pale green when fresh and darker green when frozen, dried, or ground.

6. Utah scone

Are scones a Utah thing? Definitely. 

Another dessert we’re featuring on the list is Utah scone. 

Originating from this state, this scone is a deep-fried (not baked) puffy bread dusted with honey, butter, and powdered sugar. 

Some would also slap some raspberries in them, which would definitely be my favorite version.

7. Umibudo

Also known as sea grapes, umibudo refers to a type of seaweed popular in Japan, specifically in the country’s southern prefecture of Okinawa. 

You can also find this in some parts of southeast Asia, such as The Philippines and Malaysia.

The bubble-like parts of the umibudo are considered as the leaf parts of the underwater plant. 

Its stem, which grows long, is also edible.

8. Urap

While we’re talking about Asia, let’s look into what urap is.

Urap is one of the more popular side dishes that originated from Indonesia. 

This food is made up of vegetables, spices, and spiced grated coconut for dressing. 

This salad dish is also touted as a prerequisite side dish of Javanese tumpeng. 

The latter is a cone-shaped rice mound adorned with all sorts of dishes.

9. Unagi

Okay, so we’re still in Asia. This time around, let’s get straight back to Japan, and its curious unagi!

Unagi is the Japanese term for freshwater eel. A common ingredient in its cuisine, it’s served as part of unadon, a donburi dish with sliced eel served on a bed of rice. YUM!

There’s also a type of sweet biscuit in the country called unagi pie. This is made with powdered unagi.

10. Uttapam

That’s a wrap for Japan. Now, it’s time for India.

Also called Uthappam, Uttapam is a tasty South Indian tiffin breakfast that features thick pancakes made with either idli or dosa batter.

Okay, so this recipe I found is made with fermented rice and urad dal batter. 

And oh, the pancakes are gluten-free as well.

11.  Uszka

This Polish dumpling is what I would order if I ever get to visit Europe.

The reason behind this couldn’t be more obvious – these “little ears” just sound heavenly!

Uszka is a dumpling filled with vegetables and minced meat. 

It’s often served alone, though it’s also prepared with borscht, a Ukrainian soup.

12. Uunijuusto

This traditional Finnish dish is baked cheese made from cow’s milk (Colostrum milk). Despite it being described as cheese, it isn’t technically one BUT a close equivalent.

Typically Uunijuusto Finnish cheeses are served in many desserts in the region. 

These dishes are prepared with red currants, cloudberries, lingonberries, and other fruits.

13. Ugnspannkaka

Yes, you’re reading that right. Well, probably.

The breakfast of champions in Sweden, ugnspannkaka is a classic rendition of pancake in this region. 

It is made with the same batter as the thin version of Swedish pancakes. 

Ultimately, it is then added with bacon, which is seriously a game-changer.

This one is baked rather than cooked on the stovetop.

14. Umngqusho

This one’s for Africa! Or “from,” whichever is the case!

Umngqusho is a South African dish that combines samp and sugar beans. 

It is mostly served with a hard body chicken called umleqwa in Xhosa.

Other ingredients include butter, onions, potatoes, and chili peppers.

15. Unsweetened chocolate

I am apologizing in advance for including this entry, but I really must. For the sweet tooth (or not so sweet, as the case may be)!

One of the simplest forms of chocolate, unsweetened chocolate is only made from cocoa butter and cocoa solids.

Despite its notoriously bitter taste, unsweetened chocolate is still a common ingredient in baking and cooking as it makes it easy to add an intense chocolate flavor to recipes.

16. Umami Burger

In the mood for gourmet burgers? You should frequent Umami Burger!

Umami Burger, despite its Japanese references, is a restaurant chain that boasts gourmet burgers. 

Its burgers are made using 6-ounce beef patties, mostly from Wagyu beef, coarsely ground in-house. The meat is then seasoned with Umami Sauce and Umami Dust.

17. Ube

Everything looks tasty in purple.

Such is the case of our last entry, ube. Ube, a distinctly colored root crop, refers to a variety of purple yams originating in the Philippines. 

Ube features a sweet, mild flavor, with a hint of vanilla. 
It is noted in the country as one of its go-to desserts, in the form of cookies, ice cream, donuts, and pancakes!

Want to try ube for yourself? You may need to get the extract, powder or syrup form.

The bottom line

We have undeniably had fun putting together this list of foods that start with U. 

Under most circumstances, we would have underperformed, but this list of foods, from ube to ugli pie, we were utmost surprised to see how many worldwide delicacies exist!

17 Foods That Start With U

17 Foods That Start With U

These are 17 of the world’s most famous foods that start with U.


  • Udon
  • Upside-down cake
  • U-No Bars
  • Ugli pie
  • Uziza leaves
  • Utah scone
  • Umibudo
  • Urap
  • Unagi
  • Uttapam
  • Uszka
  • Uunijuusto
  • Ugnspannkaka
  • Umngqusho
  • Unsweetened chocolate
  • Umami Burger
  • Ube


  1. Choose two to three entries on the list.
  2. Tell us your experience with these foods that start with U.

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