Learn How to Reheat Risotto and Keep It Creamy

how to reheat risotto

Have you ever brought home an additional serving of last night’s yummy risotto but wondered what you are eating after reheating it? That’s because in order to retain its creaminess, one does not simply reheat a risotto. Despite acquiring different flavors and growing with regional variations over the years, creaminess remains as one of risotto’s most … Read more

How to Season a Stainless Steel Pan

how to season a stainless steel pan

Cooking pans can come in different and many forms — two of which are what we know as metal and stainless steel pan. One important detail is the tendency of food to stick to a pan, that can depend on food — egg based dishes and egg are examples of food that naturally stick — and … Read more

Learn How to Safely Reheat Quiche and Keep It Tasty

how to reheat quiche

Quiche, a savory tart made with custard filling of eggs, cream, cheese, and typically served with meat, vegetables, or seafood, is one of the easiest meal you can whip out because of its relatively easy recipes that can be found. Its versatility also adds to it appeal, being the perfect match for your brunch with family, … Read more

Learn How to Thicken Frosting and Make It Better

how to thicken frosting

Having a bit of a soggy frosting emergency? Worry not for you have come to the right place! Frosting, also known as icing, can highly determine the overall end result of your cake. After all, a cake is not really a cake without its final embellishment at the top. Without its thick, spreadable, and smooth consistency, … Read more

How Much do Chefs Make: 5 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to be Chef

how much do chefs make

There is no definite answer to the question of how much do chefs make. Top chefs can receive really high salaries, in some cases even union benefits, and more opportunities. On the other hand, many who are working their way into this career path only receive average or even below the average wage. If you are considering … Read more

Learn How to Sharpen Ceramic Knives the Easy Way

how to sharpen ceramic knife

We all have ceramic knives at home because they are overall great in the kitchen. But as useful as they are, they can be really tricky to sharpen. While it is easy to sharpen a stainless steel or carbon steel knife, sharpening ceramic knives is no such simple task. If you have wondered how to sharpen … Read more

Learn How to Tell If Your Salmon Is Bad and Should Be Thrown Out

how to tell if salmon is bad

Salmon is one of the most delicious and healthiest fish in the market. Many people love to eat it raw, but they are also popular canned or cooked. However, do you know how to tell if salmon is bad? How can you distinguish the fishy smell from the fish smell? These are important questions to ask … Read more