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25 BEST Ways To Use Coconut Flour In Your Cooking!

25 BEST Ways To Use Coconut Flour In Your Cooking!

Use up that package sitting in your pantry before that looming expiration date and make some of these Coconut Four Recipes today!

Coconut flour is a great ingredient that can be incorporated into baked goods, bread, and sauces.

Coconut flour is a high-fiber flour made from dried coconut meat. 

It is gluten and grain-free and is blended into a flour-like consistency.

Its low moisture content makes it ideal for baking and cooking. 

On the other hand, it can also be tricky to use because it is very dense and sometimes incorporates the taste of coconut into recipes. 

Coconut flour is a highly absorbent ingredient, so you use less flour or need more liquid-based ingredients since coconut flour recipes allot for this special flour soaking up all of the liquid.

If you’re new to using coconut flour, we recommend these 25 recipes that are easy to do, with exquisitely delicious results. 

From Banana Bread to Coconut Flour Cookies to even Madeleines and Chocolate Cake, you’ll be surprised how adding coconut flour to your usual recipes adds excellent flavor!

The #16 Savory Pizza Crust recipe will totally change your perspective on making pizza!

Who knew chocolate and coconuts were a good mix?

We did! 

This recipe incorporates the dark, rich, and indulgent flavor of chocolate mixed with coconut flour and coconut oil. 

A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, people will rush to take a piece from the table, so make sure to bake plenty!

A recipe that highlights how using coconut flour can be pretty magical, as it can produce perfectly fluffy and scrumptious muffins each time. 

This process requires no grains and no oil while still achieving that moist texture and soft crumb. 

Baking muffins with coconut flour can be a pleasant surprise for everyone, with your choice of mix-ins like blueberries or chocolate chips adding more flavor.

Tender and fluffy tortillas can often be hard to find, but your search ends here! 

This recipe lets you make the tortilla you desire while only needing two ingredients. 

The process incorporates coconut flour and psyllium husks, a byproduct of the psyllium plant. 

Both ingredients are water-loving substances, delivering a soft, flexible, and highly nourishing tortilla that you will love. 

This Coconut Flour Banana Bread is a variation of the original recipe without gluten or dairy. 

Follow this recipe, and you’ll taste the best Banana Bread you’ll ever have in your life, as this coconut flour variation provides moist bread without it being gooey in the middle. 

Perfect for the summertime when zucchini is often abundant, this delicious recipe is a fun way to enjoy the zucchini bounty. 

It takes just a little over an hour to make and is absolutely cheap, with a cost of almost $5 per loaf to bake. 

A recipe that’s simple and quick, with just five ingredients needed! 

Cookies made with coconut flour produce a delicious mixture of a lush chocolate chip cookie and a tart coconut macaroon. 

This recipe provides a fluffy, soft, and chewy cookie that can top your favorite cookie list. 

This carrot cake made with coconut flour is absolutely incredible, an ideal option that you can serve to just about everyone. 

You can use whipped coconut cream for your frosting or more traditional cream cheese icing. 

The coconut flour provides a nutty and sweet flavor to this recipe while maintaining a fluffy texture.

The combination of the ingredients, such as nuts, and shredded carrot, mixed in with the wet components, deliver a soft-crumbed texture that you’ll surely adore.

This Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf made with coconut flour is a moist and zesty bread that will fill your cup of happiness to the brim. 

This recipe provides bread filled with flavor without being too saccharine. 

Adding coconut flour to this recipe makes the bread dense while keeping it fluffy and moist.

Making Madeleines with gluten-free coconut flour doesn’t produce traditional Madeleine batter but can totally surprise you with its results. 

These coconut Madeleines are an ideal pair for coffee, tea, or as a straight-up dessert. 

Having them dipped with white chocolate and adding toasted coconut also elevates the flavors ultimately.

These Maple-Glazed Pumpkin Spice Coconut Flour Donuts may be a mouthful to say, but they’ll water your mouth up when the aroma starts filling up the air. 

They’re simple and delicious to make while also being a wonderful seasonal fall-inspired treat.

This chocolate cake version, made with coconut flour, is a delicious and dairy-free recipe that will make you think twice about doing it the other way. 

You may need to be more precise in your measurements to keep the cake moist, but having coconut flour makes it more special than usual. 

These Biscuits made with coconut flour are a simple 4-ingredient recipe that produces buttery, crumbly, and exquisite biscuits that can be used in sweet or savory applications. 

You can pour gravy on them for that tasty addition to dinner or as part of your sweet strawberry shortcakes, providing satisfaction with every bite. 

This loaf variety, infused with fresh orange juice and zest, incorporates two flour options: coconut and almond flour. 

The combination of orange and chocolate is quite addictive since it’s refreshing and tangy while being sweet at the same time. 

Incorporating almond and coconut flour is also one of the best-kept secrets for most paleo sweet bread recipes. 

This pancake option is a tasty recipe that can overhaul your entire plans for breakfast. 

Pancakes made with coconut flour let you include this guilty pleasure on your meal plan without all the fuss of keeping an eye on the ingredients. 

The results are light-textured pancakes that are already slightly sweet, making them very delightful. 

Coconut flour also works excellently for savory recipes! 

This recipe helps you make Coconut Flour Pizza Crust soft and tasty while maintaining a good consistency that can hold all those pizza toppings. 

The slight sweetness of the coconut flour adds another layer of flavor to the savory pizza dish, making it worth the taste.

A fancy way of helping you make better-for-you and delicious Crepes is by using coconut flour. 

By combining coconut flour with tapioca starch, you can make crepes perfect for sweet concoctions or savory creations on a plate. 

This recipe is easy to make, so get your bowl and start whisking! 

This easy and flavorful fish dish recipe is a great dinner option that you can create in under 30 minutes. 

Coconut Lime Crusted Mahi Mahi on a plate is as elegant as it can get, and you can whip it up to impress just about anyone coming over for this delicious meal. 

Serve it with some grilled veggies and white wine, and all you’ll need is the sound of waves crashing on the beach to make that island experience at home complete. 

It’s time to swap out that old deep-fried version with this delicious Baked Coconut Shrimp recipe. 

It’s made with just six ingredients and can produce an irresistible dish that will always leave you wanting more. 

The coconut flour and coconut flakes in this recipe make it light and crispy, so get another batch ready because you might run out fast! 

These chicken tenders made with coconut flour coating make for one yummy meal highlight! 

They’re crunchy and flavorsome, without any need to deep-fry anything. 

And did we say it only takes about 30 minutes to make? 

We’re all familiar with the luscious deep-fried sensation known as the Orange Chicken, but did you know it can be as indulgent without all the guilt?

This recipe tweaks the original version by adding coconut flour as breading, as the mild coconut flavor works great with the orange sauce. 

These Peanut Butter Cookies made with coconut flour are a decadent treat that’s crispy on the outside while keeping soft and gooey at the center. 

They’re simple to make and can be guiltless pleasures that should be on your to-do list.

This easy 5-ingredient recipe can fill you up at breakfast while providing the beneficial boost you need for the day! 

Simply by mixing, pouring, and baking, you can produce thick and filling coconut flour waffles as hearty as possible.  

These excellent and flaky Strawberry Pop-Tarts aren’t your regular store-bought fancies. 

They’re much, much more delicious and guiltless too! 

You can make these pop tarts from scratch, adding more fun with the experience of incorporating all those great ingredients to create something magically delicious. 

Who doesn’t love edible cookie dough? 

How about cookie dough that’s safe even when it is entirely raw? 

This is what you get with this recipe, which uses coconut flour to create cookie dough that’s completely edible without any heat treatment. 

The bottom line

With the rise of different and unique ingredients to satisfy particular diets and palates, coconut flour has quickly become a preferred choice by many cooks. 

It’s a popular alternative to regular flour, with it being all-natural and tasty to boot. 

While working with this ingredient may be tricky in the beginning, with the right amount of recipes to try, you’ll undoubtedly become a coconut flour expert in no time!

25 BEST Ways To Use Coconut Flour 🥥

25 BEST Ways To Use Coconut Flour 🥥

We recommend these 25 Coconut Flour Recipes that are easy to do, with exquisitely delicious results, if you’re new to using coconut flour.


  • Coconut Flour Bread
  • Coconut Flour Chocolate Brownies
  • Coconut Flour Muffins
  • Coconut Flour Tortillas
  • Coconut Flour Banana Bread
  • Coconut Flour Zucchini Bread
  • Coconut Flour Cookies
  • Coconut Flour Carrot Cake
  • Coconut Flour Lemon Poppy Seed Bread
  • Coconut Flour Madeleines
  • Maple Glazed Pumpkin Spice Coconut Flour Donuts
  • Coconut Flour Chocolate Cake
  • Coconut Flour Biscuits
  • Orange-Kissed Loaf With Dark Chocolate Glaze
  • Coconut Flour Pancakes
  • Savory Coconut Flour Pizza Crust
  • Coconut Flour Crepes
  • Coconut Lime Crusted Mahi Mahi
  • Baked Coconut Shrimp
  • Coconut Chicken Tenders
  • Orange Chicken
  • Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Coconut Flour Waffles
  • Strawberry Pop-Tarts
  • Coconut Flour Cookie Dough


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