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13 Avocado Sandwich Recipes

13 Avocado Sandwich Recipes

Here are avocado sandwich recipes perfect for rescuing your avocado from the trash (and your lunch from yet another boring pack-o-ramen.

So you’re sick to death of guacamole and the avocados in your fridge have just started down the path toward too-far-gone?

Lucky for you, there are many, many delicious recipes that use avocado – and chief among them is the sandwich. 

Among our rather more controversial #FoodOpinions is the belief that you don’t really need recipes for avocado.

In fact, the tastiest thing you can do with a good one is slice it into crescents and plate with a little chili powder and a dash of some flaky sea salt – absolutely no cooking involved.

But barring that, the second tastiest thing you can do with an avocado is pile it into or ONto a sandwich.

Inside your favorite (crusty, artisan, dark or flat) bread, accompanied by your favorite fixin’s it’s as obvious a place as any to stick your avo’ so why not give it a go? 

From the ultimate BLT to eggy toast and even a lively chutney sandwich (you don’t want to miss #5): 

Here’s lunch.

The list of things that pair well with avocado is not long. 

You may think it bland and unassuming and perfectly willing to team up with just about anything but that isn’t true.

Olives and olive oil, you bet; lemons and limes, even better; onions; roasted bell pepper; vinegar wait, basil pesto

Why, yes. 

Wonderfully nutty and sharp, pesto complements pale, creamy avocado like nothing else.

The best avocado sandwich we’ve had yet.

As the favored breakfast of feckless hipsters (you’ve got to admit, it does look good on Instagram) avocado toast draws an awful lot of ire.

Usually from the sort of people who get unreasonably upset about veganism and how “nobody wants to work anymore.”

Which is their loss, because as far as we’re concerned the avocado toast sandwich is the perfect breakfast.

It’s more slapdash assembly job than it is recipe; breakfast is no time to be puttering about the stove tasting this or stirring that.

No, we need to ease into the day with some luscious, buttery avo’ on toast and a lovely, runny egg.

This recipe calls for potato chips – which makes it profoundly hard to resist and also profoundly inadvisable to enjoy thrice daily.

But there is no guilt; only warm, full-bellied satisfaction – and perhaps a long, slow “Aaaah” or two. 

Sandwiches with avocado don’t get a whole lot better than this!

Mint chutney is a good way of getting finicky little ones to eat the vegetables they’re not quite as enthusiastic about.

Naturally, we’re completely in favor of slathering our sandwiches in it.

Serve alongside a fruity salad.

 Above all, shouldn’t a sandwich be comforting? 

And there’s no greater comfort than creamy, dreamy avocado slathered liberally on your favorite bread and married up with some sweet sun dried tomatoes and peppery microgreens.

Up the ante with a well-matched drink; something like a plum brandy or a tart lemonade would do very nicely here.

There’s a lot to be excited about here.

Firstly, it’s a BLT, so we’re feeling optimistic about it from the get-go. 

Second, it’s got avocado in it. 

Third – though we don’t think it really bears saying – this sandwich is excellent.

Isn’t that reason enough to try it? 

Have we got to convince you of everything

Consider this our vouching for an amazing avocado sandwich recipe!

While you were distracted by the prospect of a BLT, we snuck some egg in there while you weren’t looking.

You don’t mind, right?

Sprinkle with a dusting of chives to serve and impress all your friends with this pretty open-face avocado sandwich recipe.

We were on a diet – till our willpower was cruelly broken by the appearance of this buttery, golden specter of avocado and tomato goodness

And while we’re hardly proud of it, we can’t bring ourselves to feel too sorry about it.
One of the best avocado sandwich ideas we’ve seen yet.

This avocado sandwich recipe is wonderfully simple.

Accordingly, it’s only as good as the quality of the raw ingredients you use. 

Get your hands on your favorite sort of avocado (we like Hass!) and make sure it’s properly ripe: the perfect avocado is merely a matter of timing

The sandwich also calls for coconut bacon and vegan butter but you’re welcome to substitute them with the standard varieties if you prefer.

We make a mean crispy chicken sandwich –  a gutsy boast, but one we’d stand by, no matter the competition.

Crunchy chicken marries airy, whipped avocado in this irresistible sandwich that’d be a welcome contender at our table anytime.

A brilliant, fiery sandwich that’s become ubiquitous at our barbeques – though we do so resent having to share. 

Memories of toasting this over last year’s BBQ still make our mouth water. 

Best served hot and buttery right off the coals.

This is a bit of a flavor mashup – earthy, bright radish, creamy, luscious avocado – but it really, really works.

It’s one to come back to once you tire of the incessant carb-fest. 

A lovely, well-balanced sandwich that you can enjoy sans guilt.

The bottom line

Now, nobody ever argued for eating a veggie sandwich thrice a day (it’s great the first time, and like a terrible trudge through several mouthfuls of lettuce thereafter).

But we might if they were all this good.

The self-contained, open-faced avocado toast, one unburdened by sides or unnecessary fix-ins, wherein the avocado is spotlighted in all its glory – is as close to the perfect lunch as you can get.

But don’t think you can get away with skimping out on the red onion or herbs these recipes call for: they aren’t optional; they’re essential.

13 Avocado Sandwich Recipes

13 Avocado Sandwich Recipes

Are you an official avocado lover? If you can’t wait to try avocado in something new, read our list of 13 avocado sandwich recipes!


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  1. Pull up this list for 13 avocado sandwich recipes.
  2. Choose your favorite.
  3. Create and enjoy!

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