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Air Fryer Giveaway

Air Fryer Giveaway Page

We swear by our air fryer. So, we’re giving one away in this season’s CookingChew Air Fryer Giveaway.

We have had only the Ninja, and we agreed that the next time we need to replace it that we will get a bigger one that holds more food at a time.

That said, this thing has been a workhorse.

  • I’ve used the dehydrate function to make my dogs chicken jerky, dried apple slices, banana chips, and dried strawberries.
  • I’ve used the roast function to melt the cheese on nachos that I made after making my own tortilla chips out of corn and flour store-bought tortillas
  • It’s made delightful potato chips, carrot fries, kale chips, and roasted root vegetables, like radishes (yes, Air Fryer Radishes)
  • It’s reheated pan-fried chicken and slices of pizza (lowest setting, only needs a couple of minutes—learned that the hard way)
  • …made pizza rolls and other store-bought appetizers from frozen
  • …made bacon (kind of messy and the cleanup is gross, but it tasted great)

So, we talk about the air fryer a lot and we promote recipes that use it, and we aren’t paid to promote any particular brand or function or food in it.

We just came to the realization that it has become an important appliance in our kitchen and it’s made quick work of a lot of new, tried-and-true recipes for us.

We got more confident trying new recipes. We hadn’t dehydrated a thing before this air fryer.

We’ve learned the hard way that freshly batter-dipped items won’t cook, but that chicken tenders in a thick crumb coat fry up just fine, with just a spritz of oil.

I bought an oil mister just so I could use it with this air fryer.

I’m hooked. And it makes cooking easier, and if you are solidly in middle age like m- …Renee’… is, not having to bend over to stick your head in a hot conventional oven is kind of a perk (really).

We get enough hot flashes around here without making them worse with an oven blast.

Pro Tips for using an air fryer:

  • Single layer only. It’s hard to resist piling things up in the basket, but every piece needs hot air to surround it.
  • When you reheat food, don’t cook for too long or for too high or you will suddenly end up with burnt or dry food. It’s so fast, your head will spin.
  • While you don’t need a ton of oil, you do need some. Toss vegetables in olive oil and seasonings, then add in a single layer to the basket.
  • Tongs are your friend. Make sure to check and turn your food in the middle of the prescribed cook time.
  • Preheating just takes moments, a single minute if that, making this thing so energy efficient, it’s incredible.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the air flow around the back or sides.
  • While freshly batter-dipped foods won’t work in an air fryer, frozen and pre-cooked batter-dipped foods heat up fine. Corn dogs, for example, have been dipped and deep fried then frozen, now ready for you to reheat in your airfryer!
  • You can use parchment paper when heating up nachos but trim the edges so they don’t singe. You can melt the cheese on nachos at 375F for four minutes.

I don’t cook fresh meat in it without a protective flour or crumb coating, and it can’t take loose batter because the hot air blows it off the food. Weird, huh? But there you go.

Someone on our team baked up this cookie recipe in it, and he said they looked and tasted great.

That said, if you don’t have an air fryer and the idea of it kind of freaks you out, I hope you enter this giveaway. If you decide to BUY one, please use our Amazon link. But don’t buy one and then give up on it.

I think the first thing you should air fry is a nice dish of cut up vegetables (oil and season first), a baked potato (oil and sea salt the outside first), or throw in frozen egg rolls or pizza rolls and watch the magic happen.

It beats out the mushy results in a microwave every time.

But I digress.

We’ve given one away before, and we will probably give another one away before the holiday season is up, but just know that it has made reheating and roasting and “frying” a delight.

We hope you win it and use it, and if you have one already, we hope you win it and give it to a friend to use.

Spread the word. And check out all of our air fryer recipes for inspiration.