How Long to Cook Bacon in Oven

America seems to have a love affair with sexy, luscious bacon. Imagine: The delightful smoky snap as you sink your teeth into a mile-high BLT… or the unmistakable aroma of sizzling, tender beef filet hugged by thick, juicy bacon strips on the grill. Bacon is everywhere—elevating the humble breakfast egg or featured in beer-and-bacon flights … Read more

Easy Dip Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is on a Sunday this year, which means you’re already considering a fun potluck (right?) with Cinco de Mayo finger foods, maybe some Mexican appetizer dip, to share among your family and friends. Everyone’s bringing something—maybe you’re the host or maybe you’re the visitor, but remember, it’s okay to take it easy! … Read more

The Best Way To Clean A Wood Cutting Board

How to clean a wood cutting board

Our house seems to be made of cutting boards! Under the sink,  We have wood cutting boards that are square, round, bigger round, and rectangle. We also have a fair share of plastic ones too. However, my go-to cutting board is always one of the wooden ones, which is why we need to know how … Read more

How to Reheat Biscuits and Make Them Taste Fresh

I grew up in North East Texas where biscuits were a part of nearly every meal and we ate them with everything. My grandmother made a killer Biscuit Pudding and to this day, I haven’t found a replica, and all my tries are proving fruitless. Or pudding-less, as the case may be. If you’ve been … Read more

How to Make the Perfect Puff Pastry! Everything You Need to Know.

While it may seem easier to grab frozen puff pastry from the stores. But have you ever thought of making your own pastry from scratch? Yes, it’s possible!There is something special about puff pastry—the flaky layers, laden with butter flavor may seem like the kind of thing you leave to the experts. However, nothing could … Read more