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Substitute for dry mustard

Dry mustard or mustard powder is made from ground mustard seed and is often used to boost flavor to any dish.

These seeds can be black, brown, or whitish-yellow, depending on which kind of mustard plant they are derived from. 

Dry mustard is also both aromatic and quite pungent, bringing a unique flavor to your recipe.

It also contains some level of heat, which makes it a bit spicy.

This makes it excellent for many Asian and Middle Eastern dishes which require some spice. 

If you’re trying to bring that complexity of heat and flavor to your dish but have run out of ground mustard, there are several options for a substitute for dry mustard that you can use instead. 

Here are some to help you out.

You can try the following ingredients, commonly available in stores or your panty, as replacements for dry mustard.

1. Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are your best bet when it comes to finding a mustard powder substitute.

They have the same origins as a mustard powder; hence their taste is also the most similar. 

All you have to do is grind the mustard seeds to get a powdery substance, which you can then substitute for dry mustard. 

Meanwhile, the mustard powder that you buy at the store has a slightly less potent taste than seeds you grind yourself.

Hence, use about half the amount of ground mustard seeds as dry mustard is called for in your recipe.

If you feel the need to add more, you can.

2. Prepared mustard

Prepared mustard is another dry mustard replacement you can use, but you’ll have to be a little careful with it. 

For every one teaspoon of dry mustard that your recipe calls for, use about one tablespoon of prepared mustard. You’ll get about the same taste, with the potent flavor as dry mustard.

It’s crucial to be careful about the kind of recipe you’re using prepared mustard in.

For instance, if you’re adding it to dips and dressings, it should work fine. 

However, if you needed dry mustard for a dry rub or to make a blend of spices, prepared mustard might not be a suitable replacement. 

Dijon mustard is usually the best-prepared mustard you can use to substitute for dry mustard.

3. Horseradish powder

Mustard is made from the seeds of a plant, while horseradish is made from the roots. 

However, they both originate from similar plants and hence have slightly resembling tastes.

You should keep in mind that horseradish has more heat than dry mustard; thus, you should use a lesser amount of it when replacing dry mustard. 

Start with half the amount compared to the dry mustard called for in your recipe and work your way up.

If you’re using heat to prepare your dish, horseradish usually loses its spice.

So, if you’re making a dish that doesn’t need to be cooked and you want it to pack some heat, horseradish is an acceptable alternative.

4. Turmeric

If you don’t mind the change of color that turmeric will bring to your dish, right with its intense yellow hue, then it works as an acceptable mustard powder replacement.

It’s slightly bitter, which is much like mustard powder. Also, it’s spicy enough. 

You can use the same amount of turmeric as the mustard powder called for in your recipe.

However, check the change of color it brings to your dish to ensure that you’re alright with it.

5. Wasabi powder

Finally, wasabi powder is another substitute for mustard powder that you can opt for.

Because wasabi is slightly more spicy than regular dry mustard, start with half the amount of wasabi powder as the mustard powder called for in your recipe. 

If you’re not familiar with using wasabi in your dishes, test out its taste to ensure that you’re all right with the flavor.

The bottom line

Dry mustard is a favorite to add to dishes because of its unique combination of spice and aroma.

But if you’re running low, you can always use the substitutes I’ve tallied above instead. 

If you start with a small amount and add more according to your preference, you’ll end up with a decent replacement.

Substitute for dry mustard

Substitute for dry mustard

The best alternatives for dry mustard are now revealed. Here’s one of them.


  • Turmeric


  1. Pick turmeric as your substitute.
  2. You can use the same amount of turmeric as the mustard powder called for in your recipe.
  3. Check the change of color it brings to your dish to ensure that you’re alright with it.

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