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The BEST 21 Pasta Soup Recipes That Will Warm Your Soul ๐Ÿฒ

The BEST 21 Pasta Soup Recipes That Will Warm Your Soul 🍲

Pasta soup is the best of both worlds: carbs and broth, slurpable noodles, and steaming-hot comfort. And to give you some inspiration, we’ve gathered 21 of our favorite Pasta Soup Recipes for you right here! 

If you’re looking for new ideas for soup, the possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re craving something with lots of flavors or a warm, creamy, and filling dish, there’s probably a type of soup that fits what you need.

You’ll find soups with chicken, beef, or pork; soups with vegetables in them (and ones without); soups that are brothy and thin; and even soups that are thick and creamy.

Many soups combine pasta with tomato sauce, but few like the Tuscan Tortellini Soup.

For an elegant yet simple soup choice, Creamy Spinach and Sausage Soup are sure to suit your fancy.

Lasagna Soup is a crowd’s favorite too.

You can pull together the ingredients and have a delicious, filling meal on the table in no time. 

And the list of tasty and sufficing recipes goes on and on, so you should find one that works for you!

So without further ado, let’s get into our top recipes for soup with pasta!

When you think of dinner during the winter season, you probably think of warm, comforting meals that are easy to prepare and serve.

And when it comes to chicken and pasta soup recipes, this Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo Soup does not disappoint!

Once you try this pasta soup recipe, you’ll never go back to the dried stuff.

It is quick, easy, and inexpensive to prepare. 

Plus, it has that smooth and creamy texture you’ll surely love.

While you might think Italian wedding soup got its name because it’s served at Italian weddings, that’s actually not true!

When this soup was created in Italy, the phrase “wedding” actually referred to the marriage of flavors in a soup—the way all the ingredients worked together to make something that was a lot more than the total of its parts.

This pasta soup recipe pairs meatballs with broth, pasta, and leafy greens in a flavorful soup that is sure to please.

Lemon chicken orzo soup is a perfect go-to meal when you’re craving something warm and cozy on a cold night.

The recipe is simple and involves a lot of chopping and simmering, but it’s super easy to make, and the result is worth it.

The zesty lemon juice complements the flavor of the chicken, and the orzo pasta gives it a different kind of comfort than egg noodles—it’s more like a risotto than your typical soup.

If you’re looking for a hearty, comforting soup to make at home, look no further than Pasta Fagioli.

This classic soup is a favorite at some American-Italian restaurants, and for a good reason: it’s flavorful, filling, and very easy to make.

And another fantastic thing about it is that it freezes well.

Just store it in an airtight container, and it’ll be good in the freezer for up to 3 months.

This soup is a little bit of magic.

It’s the kind of dish you just throw together and then, boom—you’ve got a mouthwatering, home-cooked meal that will surely impress.

The best part?

The ingredients are really cheap and easy to find, so you can still serve up something delicious and jam-packed with veggies and turkey even if you’re on a budget.

Chicken Parmigiana Soup is the perfect take on the chicken parmesan we all know and love.

To start, you’ll need to cook the penne pasta separately from the chicken, cheese, broth, and spices. 

Also, cook the tomatoes separately before being added to the mix. 

This makes for a quick and simple meal and is great for those nights when you want a nice Italian dinner but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing it.

Mexican Shell Soup is one of those dishes you never knew you needed until you make it once.

The key to this recipe is a good broth made with tomatoes and onions. 

You can use store-bought broth or make it yourself.

You can add other vegetables like corn or potatoes, but we think it tastes best with just the basics: tomato, onion, and shell pasta.

Good news!

You’re about to make the best Creamy Tomato Pasta Basil Soup you’ve ever had in your life.

It’s hard to believe, but this incredible soup comes together in about 15 minutes, and it’s made from just five ingredients.

So, whether you need to make dinner in a hurry or want to wow your guests with a delicious meal, this is the recipe for you.

Need a hearty, home-cooked meal? 

We’ve got you covered with this easy Beef and Macaroni Soup recipe.

This budget-friendly soup can be made with leftover or fresh ground beef, cooked with tender veggies, canned tomatoes, elbow macaroni, and a handful of Italian herbs and spices.

Save this and Indulge in a rich and delightful take on a classic American comfort meal for later.

This soup is absolutely amazing!

It’s so creamy and full of flavor—and it’s incredibly easy to make.

It’s filled with kale, onions, carrots, chunks of sausage, and cheese tortellini. 

It’s creamy and savory, buttery and delicious.

Plus, it smells incredible! 

Even though it has many filling pieces, you can definitely eat this soup by itself and be full.

This easy pasta soup recipe has all the comforting flavors of a standard French onion soup, but with the addition of pasta—it’s more satisfying than your regular recipes.

Also, it’s cooked in one pot, so it’s a simple meal to make.

To make this recipe, you’ll need onions, broth, pasta, ruby port, cheese, and a big pot to make this recipe!

That’s it!

This Lasagna Soup recipe is for zesty folks who are interested in making their dinner a little more interesting.

It’s a hearty lasagna-like dish that you can eat either as a full meal or as a side dish.

Also, it’s easy to make, and you can feed your hungry friends or family in less than an hour! 

Minestrone is a hearty, comfort-food soup that’s equally delicious in-season or out.

It has all the veggies you want in a wintertime soup, but it also features pasta, making it feel like a warm summer day.

The way this recipe is prepared makes cooking minestrone much easier than you might expect. 

After all the veggies are chopped and browned, the pasta is cooked and added to the pot of broth. 

You can even store this soup for up to 3 months in your freezer!

This Pasta and Bean Soup is about to become your new go-to soup.

It’s hearty, veggie-packed, and spicy, but you can adjust the spices to suit your tastes, so don’t worry if spice isn’t your thing.

Another great feature of this recipe is that it uses simple ingredients you may already have on hand!

You can use any beans or greens you like, depending on what you have in your fridge.

If you love mac & cheese but want something more savory than sweet, this soup is for you.

It’s got all the rich, cheesy flavor of macaroni & cheese without being sweet.

You can indulge in this soup as is or with some crumbled bacon on top if you’re feeling fancy!

No matter how you style it up, this soup will always be delicious!

If you love soups with pasta and spaghetti, you will go wild for this Spaghetti and Meatball Soup!

In just 30 minutes, you can slurp up the most delicious spaghetti soup.

It’s a comforting, slurp-able meal that’s perfect for the whole family—and it’s so fun to eat!

With Italian sausage, meatballs, and spaghetti noodles all swimming in a flavorful sauce, this recipe is comforting food at its best.

Egg drop soup is a great choice if you’re looking for a recipe that’s both delicious and easy to make.

And you will love this Italian Egg Drop Pasta Soup because it comes together in just 15 minutes!

It’s the perfect starter for a dinner party or a light meal on its own.
Stovetop or Instant Pot—you pick.

This soup is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser and is perfect for a weeknight meal, especially if you’re looking for something warm and comforting.

If you’re looking for chicken pasta and pasta soup recipes that are more filling than most, this one-pot Asian-style macaroni soup is sure to hit the spot.

It can be made on the stove or in an Instant Pot, and it’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

This recipe is perfect for a weeknight meal, especially if you want something warm and comforting.

This creamy Tuscan Tortellini Soup is crazy delicious and can be made quickly in just one pot!

Each luscious bowl is loaded with cheesy tortellini, fresh veggies, and tender white beans for a filling and flavorful soup!

Pair it with a crusty loaf of French bread, and you’ve got yourself a meal (and an evening).

This soup is great because it’s light, delicious, and flavorful.

And it has a great balance of shrimp, vegetables, and pasta!

You can even use any type of vegetables you want.

The trickiest part about this recipe is not overcooking the shrimp after adding them to the pot!

We’ve cooked a lot of different kinds of soups in our time, but we’ve got to say this one was pretty new to us.

It’s called Rishta, and it’s from Lebanon.

What makes it stand out? 

Well, for one, it’s a lentil soup—but it’s not just ANY lentil soup.

It also has pasta in it! 

As a matter of fact, it kind of looks like a pasta version of minestrone (which we also love).

The bottom line

Every day is a great day to experiment with soup recipes.

There are so many delicious soup recipes out there that the possibilities don’t even begin to limit themselves.

So, whether you can’t stop for a bowl of pasta on the way home from work or if you don’t have time to throw together such a well-deserved meal, these pasta soup recipes are sure to be a welcome sight when you finally get to them.

We hope you find the best pasta soup recipe for you, and we also hope that it warms your soul!

Your tummy’s sure to thank you for it too.

The Best 21 Pasta Soup

The Best 21 Pasta Soup

We've gathered 21 of our favorite Pasta Soup Recipes for you right here! The possibilities are endless!


  • Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo Soup
  • Italian Wedding Soup
  • Panera Lemon Chicken Orzo
  • Pasta Fagioli
  • Ground Turkey Soup With Vegetables And Pasta
  • Chicken Parmesan Soup
  • Mexican Shell Soup
  • Creamy Tomato Pasta Basil Soup
  • Beef And Macaroni Soup
  • Creamy Sausage Tortellini Soup
  • One-Pot French Onion Pasta Soup
  • Lasagna Soup
  • Minestrone Soup
  • Pasta And Bean Soup
  • Mac And Cheese Soup
  • Spaghetti And Meatball Soup
  • Italian Egg Drop Pasta Soup
  • Asian Chicken Macaroni Soup
  • Tuscan Tortellini Soup With Spinach And White Beans
  • Mediterranean Shrimp Orzo Soup
  • Lebanese Lentil And Pasta Soup (Rishta)


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