Fireball Cocktails



This is a creamy eggnog, with the cinnamon heat of the Fireball whiskey, and a dash of orange to add flavor!

Fireball  Eggnog Cocktail

This is not your traditional martini. It is spicy all the way around. It is made with Fireball and honey and a hot pepper.

Fireball  Martini

This sweet dessert turned adult-friendly cocktail has fireball whiskey, fresh blackberries, and lemon juice.

Blackberry Pie  Fireball Drink

For those s’mores lovers out there, this marshmallow cocktail will dazzle all of your party guests for sure!

S’mores Martini

Excellent Fireball mixed with cream soda and topped with an elegant portion of nutmeg-sprinkled whipped cream!

Cinnamon Roll Shot

These creamy treats taste like snickerdoodle cookies and are made for those hard nights when you want to treat yourself.

Snickerdoodle Martini

Fireball and lemonade all in one?  Experimental, adventurous, and fun, yet teeming with flavor!

Fireball & Lemonade

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