BEST Bailey's Cocktails

Bailey’s Chocolate Mint Martini

Simply mix equal parts chocolate liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream, heavy cream, and green crème de menthe

Bailey’s Iced Coffee

A Baileys Iced Coffee can be made at home or with store-bought coffee, like Starbucks Cold Brew.

Bailey’s Caramel Appletini

A mix of caramel apple whiskey or caramel schnapps and apple schnapps and Baileys Irish Cream.

B52 Shot

One part Kahlua is poured first, then one part Baileys Irish Cream, then one part Grand Marnier on top.

Dirty Irishman

 Add Baileys Irish Cream, heavy cream, Irish Whiskey, and strong coffee.

Bailey’s Spiked Eggnog

To make Baileys Spiked Eggnog add a bit of Baileys Irish Cream and a bit of either whiskey or rum.

Bailey’s Affogato

A Baileys Affogato is a float and an ice cream sundae all in one!

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