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Our 25 Best Shirataki Noodle Recipes

Our 25 Best Shirataki Noodle Recipes

We’ve rounded up our 25 best shirataki noodle recipes to provide you with a little cooking inspiration, from stir-fries and soups to wraps to salads!

Here are some amazing facts about these fantastic noodles, also known as ‘miracle noodles.”

Shirataki noodles are a unique kind of noodle that is so filling and made from a Konjac plant that grows in Japan and some countries in Southeast Asia.

It contains 97% water and 3% glucomannan fiber, making it low in calories and containing no digestible carbs.

Having all these good characteristics, making it a substitute for pasta or noodles high in carbs and calories is perfect if you want to cut them on your meals.

Stir-fry noodles like Chicken Shirataki Noodle Stir-Fry Recipe and Vegetable Stir Fry With Shirataki Noodles are unique dishes worth trying from home.

Keto Mac & Cheese is a delectable alternative to your favorite mac and cheese.

#25 is a recipe that will surely surprise you!

Check out more of the Shirataki noodle recipes in store for you!

If you like having pasta but are conscious about having a meal high in carbs, you can give shirataki noodles a go!

Following this recipe is not too difficult.

Noodles are buttered and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, and you’ll get an excellent dish to serve.

Get some veggies and shrimp, and get ready to make a stir-fried meal.

You can use avocado, grapeseed oil, or any aromatic oil like sesame to bring more flavor.

For the veggies, bok choy, broccoli, snap, or snow peas are ideal for mixing.

And if you’re not fond of oyster sauce, you can omit it from this recipe and replace it with fish sauce.

Make a shirataki noodles recipe that’s an absolute winner!

This recipe doesn’t require the noodles to be cooked. 

Rinse them and set them aside while you’re working on making your creamy peanut sauce.

Just stir fry the veggies, add the noodles and sauce, mix everything, and then serve.

This recipe is guaranteed to be scrumptious and filling.

Moreover, you can make this a delectable meal even without adding any meat.

It’s full of flavor and may remind you of udon noodles, except that this one uses shirataki noodles.

Let’s make some Pad Thai this time!

Instead of using rice noodles just like the traditional Pad Thai, this recipe uses shirataki noodles.

You can opt to replace the chicken with shrimp or add vegetables and still get the flavors of this traditional Thai dish.

Put some twist on your chicken coconut curry by adding shirataki noodles to it.

It commonly uses rice or cauliflower rice for this dish, but the flavors complement well with shirataki noodles, too.

Add some cucumber salad as a side, and it’s a complete meal to savor.

There’s no need to order take-outs when you can cook this in your kitchen.

This classic Thai-inspired dish highlights the sweet and spicy sauce with vegetables and shirataki noodles.

So if you’re looking for an instant meal to make on such a busy day, this will be a great dish to put out on your plate.

Savor every strand of Asian-style noodles.

It’s loaded with proteins like shrimp, chicken, and bacon.

Just stir fry everything in a wok with some vegetables like bok choy and bean sprouts to add color to these stir-fry noodles.

It’s a beautiful-looking dish that comes with a great tasting taste, too!

This recipe has shirataki noodles in a golden broth, with some eggs and fresh green scallions, to create a flavorsome warm noodle soup to start your day.

Relieve hangovers and feel better with each slurp of this noodle recipe.

Sesame oil added to any dish brings a captivating aroma you can’t resist.

Adding it to shirataki noodles promises nothing but an exciting food journey.

It’s succulent, flavorful, and amazing to fill your hungry tummy!

Potsticker is like the Asian counterpart of meatballs.

And when added to such a tasty noodle soup, it brings the Asian flavors into one bowl.

The combined noodles, broth, and potstickers are excellent comfort food to calm and warm you inside out.

Make yourself a luscious beef noodle soup using an instant pot!

Just put your beef in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes to tenderize the meat and get the best flavors for the noodles.

It’s a meaty, warm soup you can prepare any day.

For some, it’s unusual to serve a noodle soup cold, but this is what makes this dish so unique!

It’s a refreshing noodle soup with sweet pear and kimchi on top.

It’s a dish that has a sweet and savory sauce, and yes, it has ice cubes to cool you down.

This noodle dish is covered with an umami sauce you would want to savor over and over.

You can savor the traditional flavors of Chow Mein without guilt when you use shirataki noodles to create this dish.

Add your favorite veggies to this savory noodle dish, and enjoy!

This colorful dish brings a balance of flavors to every spoonful.

This crunchy and flavorful salad is just what you need when you are unwinding and want something to munch.

It’s ideal for picnics or BBQ cookouts with family and friends.

This dish features a savory broth with thin slices of beef.

It’s a shabu shabu-inspired dish, but all flavors combined to make a supreme bowl of a mouthwatering meal.

Enjoy the flavors of your favorite pasta meal with a twist!

It’s a yummy mac and cheese using shirataki noodles for pasta. 

Add some crunchy bacon and lots of cheese, and indulge.

Have a delish Vietnamese Pho soup on the go!

If you want it done quickly, you can use store-bought beef broth and add some onion, fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, coriander seeds, fish sauce, and soy sauce to capture the authentic taste of Pho broth.

Once the flavors are infused and boiled, sieve it to remove the aromatics, then add shirataki noodles you can savor.

This lovely meal is made of chicken, mushrooms, asparagus, and shirataki noodles.

It’s a straightforward meal you can enjoy any time of the day.

This rich homemade stir-fry is an all-in staple you can share with your loved ones.

Ever thought of having shirataki noodles as a dessert?

Here’s a perfect opportunity to try one. 

Well, let me say this is a perfect example of being innovative.

It only takes six ingredients to make this tasty comfort food at home.

Be creative and give this delicious yet hearty noodle dessert a try.

It’s a savory dish with avocado!

It’s a light and straightforward dish you can make yourself or your family.

Put some lemon juice to add just enough tang to make it a delightful meal.

Enjoy every bite of these spring rolls packed with fresh vegetables and noodles.

Make sure you have a flavorful peanut sauce ready for some dipping.

Delicious ramen and lettuce wrap combination is a perfect meal prep you should try.

With the ramen packed with flavor and lettuce wraps on your plate, it will surely satiate your hunger in no time.

Give it a go and you’ll know what I mean!

You might find the combination a bit weird, totally unexpected,  but it’s actually good.

Top it with almond slices, then bake.

Serve it warm or cold, and it still tastes incredible!

The bottom line

When you start coming up with something new and think of ways to innovate in the kitchen, each meal is a learning experience. 

For sure, your loved ones appreciate your efforts and so the overall dining experience is elevated, and everyone gets to enjoy their meal more.  

I hope this list brings you great recipe ideas that can be a perfect alternative to the traditional pasta or noodle dishes you usually prepare for your family.

Try any of these recipes on your next family meal and enjoy!

Best Shirataki Noodle Recipe Collection

Best Shirataki Noodle Recipe Collection

We've rounded up our 25 best shirataki noodle recipes to provide you with a little cooking inspiration, from stir-fries and soups to wraps to salads!


  • Chicken Shirataki Noodle Stir-Fry
  • Buttered Shirataki Noodles
  • Stir-fried Shrimp Shirataki Noodles
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  • Keto Pad Thai
  • Coconut Basil Chicken Shirataki Noodle Bowl
  • Thai Drunken
  • Singapore Style Noodles
  • Beef Shirataki Noodle Soup
  • Shirataki Sesame Noodles
  • Potsticker Meatball Asian Noodle Soup
  • Instant Pot Thai Inspired Beef Noodle Soup
  • Cold Shirataki Noodle Soup (Naengmyeon)
  • Vegetarian Keto Chow Mein
  • Asian Noodle Summertime Salad
  • Japanese Beef Shirataki Noodle Soup
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Beef Shirataki Noodle Pho
  • Stir Fry With Shirataki Noodles
  • Shirataki (Miracle) Noodle Pudding
  • Shirataki Noodles With Avocado Sauce
  • Asian Spring Roll
  • Ramen With Pork & Mushrooms Lettuce Wraps
  • Shirataki Noodle Chocolate Pudding With Almonds


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