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The Ultimate Guide: The Best Gotham Steel Pan

Cooking can be a number of things. It could be your hobby, a responsibility you have to do at home, or an art form. And as someone who enjoys cooking a lot, I understand how it can be frustrating when problems in the kitchen arise.

One of the common problems I always encounter in the kitchen is when food sticks to the pan which eventually leads to burning. When it burns, there is no turning back. What seems to be a perfect meal just simply goes down the drain like that.

Fortunately, in this generation, there is almost a solution to everything. With this dilemma, gotham steel pan, a specific type of non-stick pans is here to save the day. In this article, I’ve rounded up the best gotham steel pans.

This multi-function 4 piece set is created out of sturdy titanium and ceramic coating. This set comes with a variety of cookware such as a steam rack, a fry basket, and an induction base that is made out of stainless steel with a lid.

The good thing about this set is that each comes with its own purpose. The steamer works best when you wanna cook veggies and you don’t want to risk losing its nutrients.

The fry basket, on the other hand, allows you to drain off oil which may potentially risk your health in the long run. This is suitable for most mediums except for the induction cooktop.

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• Multi-purpose set
• Free from any chemicals
• Easy to clean
• Dishwasher safe
• Can withstand up to 500 degrees of heat
• Comes with a cookbook

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• Price is a bit expensive

This multi-function 4 piece set is created out of sturdy titanium and ceramic coating. This set comes with a variety of This particular frying pan seems to be one of the Gotham steel pans that deliver on the qualities that any typical Gotham steel pan boasts of. It has the powerful ability to have a non-stick coating assuring you that any of the dishes you cook will not stick to the surface.

Its surface is also non-scratch and can handle even a beating. Due to its ceramic structure, it is free from any chemicals that can potentially emit harmful chemicals such as PTFE, PFOS, PFOA. But do take note that you have to season this pan before cooking.

Proper seasoning is key to make the most out of non-stick coatings. One thing I did not like that much about this is that the handle is a bit hard to hold and grasp.

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• Size is just right
• Can withstand scratches or beatings
• Study structure
• Cooks food fast

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• Handle is too thin
• Can’t work on induction cooktops

This product is one of my top favorites considering that you almost get two products in one with this cookware. This device features cookware with two sides. This device features both a grill and a griddle. Because of its double surface, this product is versatile.

It can be used for baking or for cooking on top of the stovetop. Moreover, this device can also be used for the outdoor grill plus it comes with a ridged surface that infuses your dish with a barbecue taste. This combo makes it a good fit for backyard barbecue parties with family.

Moreover, the sides of this device come with grooves which makes it really easy to clean since the groove’s job is to catch the grease. Moreover, this device also has a high level of resistance against heat which lets you cook food much faster.

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• Cookware with two sides
• Ridged surface
• Versatile
• Can be used as a grill
• Can be used on stovetops

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• The depth of the pan can be too shallow for some

ThiThis set comes with a variety of pans. Particularly, with two skillets – the first one is 8.5 inches while the second one is 10.5 and comes with a lid. It also comes with a lidded pot that has a size of 1.5 quarts, another lidded pot with a size of 2.5, a pot with a size of 5 quarts and lastly, a steamer with a size of 5 quarts.

Just like the previous two, this set uses high quality and premium ceramic and titanium for its structure. As a result, you can cook using all the cookware it comes with, without having to use ingredients like oil or butter. It is also equipped with a surface that is resistant against scratch allowing you to use metallic utensils without the fear of scratching the surface of it.

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• Comes with a variety of pans, pots, and other cookware
• Lightweight
• Sturdy structure
• Dishwasher safe
• Scratch resistant

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• Pans can discolor after some time
• Lids are not compatible with ovens

This set is most fit for those that love to cook dishes with the use of deep frying methods such as some of the classics which include french fries and fried chicken.

This is because this set comes with a square shaped 9.5 inches frying pan and a frying pan that comes in two sizes: 9.5 and 12.5 inches, a lid made out of tempered glass, a steamer tray, a fryer basket plus a recipe book.

Every cookware this set comes with is made out of sturdy titanium and ceramic for its coating. Moreover, all of them can be used for cooking, baking and is compatible with stovetops. This is also resistant to rust and is free from any chemicals.

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• Comes with a variety of frying pans
• Resistant to rust
• Easy to clean
• Comes with a recipe book
• Free from any chemicals

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• Non-stick feature does not last that long

What Exactly is a Gotham Steel Pan

In this section, let us tackle what exactly is a gotham steel pan and why is there a hype around it. I have divided into different sections the reasons on why a gotham steel pan is different and special from others.

1. The materials it is made of

Let us go over the basics, first, starting with the structure of a gotham steel pan. Gotham steel pan utilizes well-built titanium and combines it with a ceramic that is non-stick, together with a handle that is made out of stainless steel. The materials it is made of ensuring users many things. First, it assures you that you will not have to add some butter or pour some oil into the pan just to make sure your food will not stick because of its non-stick ceramic structure. On the other hand, the benefits of the titanium are that it helps to balance the weight of the pan. It makes the pan weigh lighter than other pans without compromising on the sturdiness.

2. Resists temperature real well

As stated before, gotham steel pans are created out of non-stick ceramic which means its coating does not stick to the food. However, more than just this, because of the titanium, gotham steel pans are also able to withstand over 500 degrees of heat. Its ability to resist temperature or withstand heat and its non-stick coating makes it the best type of pan for combatting possibilities of having burned food.

3. PTE and PFOA free

Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTE, or best known as Teflon is the most common substance used by several pan manufacturing companies to make sure that the coating of the pan will not stick to the food. Unfortunately, this chemical is not necessarily healthy as this a chemical which can trigger emission of certain toxic gasses or particles. Luckily, gotham steel pan manufacturers have come up with a way to ensure that the pans will have a non-stick coating without compromising on the safety of use.

4. Not hard to clean

Typically, non-stick pans require a bit of maintaining. Thankfully, gotham steel pans are very easy to clean and maintain. You can simply place it inside a dishwasher or when not available, simply wipe it off with a paper towel. Manufactures have made certain that any other metallic made cleaning tools or even cookware will not be able to scratch the surface of the pan or harm its non-stick coating.

Some Factors to Consider

Size and thickness

This is probably the number one thing you should consider. All gotham steel pans come with good features such as its non-stick coating, sturdy titanium structure, and a heat resistant feature.

Where they differ, however, is in the size and depth. One’s size is not necessarily better than the others but choosing size should depend on your needs and situation. If you have smaller stovetops, then a gotham steel pan with a smaller size is more fit for you.

As for the depth or thickness, this largely depends on the usual dish you typically cook. If it involves large size dishes then a thicker gotham steel pan is more fit for you.

Dishwasher safe

This factor is really for maintenance purposes. It can be hard to clean a cookware without the use of a dishwasher. Consider your situation when choosing based on this factor. If you are the type that does not really have the time to scrub pans then getting a gotham steel pan that is dishwasher safe is a better fit for you.

Pan handles

Handles may seem like a small thing but this is still something you have to consider carefully. The handles that work best are those that come in thick sizes and riveted. Riveted handles are ideal because you still have to tighten non-riveted handles from time to time.

Take note that riveted handles will require thorough cleaning though as dirt can easily build up in the fasteners. You should also consider getting hollow handles as they do not conduct heat. This assures you that you will not get burnt.

Gotham Steel Pan vs. Red Copper Pan vs. Copper Chef Pan

Gotham Steel PanRed Copper PanCopper Chef Pan
Materials Used
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic
  • Combo of ceramic infused with some copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Ceramic
  • Tempered glass
Oven SafeYesYesYes
Resistance against heatOver 500 degrees FahrenheitOver 500 degrees FahrenheitOver 800 degrees Fahrenheit
Chemical Used for CoatingPTFE / PFOA / PFOS freePFOA / PTFE freePFOA / PTFE free
Work Best with 
  • Grilled steak
  • Flaky salmon fillets
  • Flambe dishes
  • Dishes cooked through flambe, stir frying, broiling or shallow frying
  • Roasted dishes
  • Baked dishes
  • Steamed
  • Deep fry


The winner for this roundup will have to be the Gotham Steel Titanium Ceramic 9.5” Non-Stick Copper Deep Square Frying Pan 4 Piece Set. The one quality I super loved about this was its versatility. Each piece comes with its own unique purpose. The recipe book can serve as a guide. The steam is for vegetables.

The fry basket is so that you can drain off excess oil. This set also comes with an induction base. Moreover, each cookware is made out of sturdy aluminum, titanium and a ceramic coating that equips it with a nonstick feature. You can also use a dishwasher to clean them plus it is free from any chemicals such as PTFE. As for its ability to withstand heat, it can reach up to 500 degrees.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best gotham steel pan for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂

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