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10 Gifts For The Coffee/Tea Lover (Is it you? It’s you, isn’t it?)

Treat yourself to some adorkably awesome spoons, single-serve coffee makers, to-go mugs, or personalize that gift with something fun like a FRIENDS mug, a YETI mug that your bestie might never splurge on (but is worth every cent).

#1 Spoon & Spoon Rest

Cute, inspirational, inexpensive and practical: Spoon and spoon rest by Mud Pie, for your desk or your coffee bar.

#2 Espresso Spoons

I inherited a set of espresso spoons from my late brother. I would have never bought these for myself, but they’re perfect in such a practical way.

These are highly rated stainless steel and have a quaint teardrop shape.

#3 Friends Mugs

FRIENDS the TV show has just passed its 30-year anniversary, the show that brought us all together in Central Perk with Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and the gang.

Now percolating fabulous Joey memes for those of us in the “sandwich” generation. This cup will have your FRIENDS friend over the moon.

#4 Yeti Coffee Mug (w/lid)

I’ve only recently discovered that a high-quality to-go mug really does keep things hot. My Arctic is amazing, and so is my Yeti, both keep my beverage drinkably hot for HOURS. What is this black magic, I ask you!?

Regardless, here’s a cutie desk-type rather than holder-type 14-oz Yeti coffee mug with lid. Haters gonna say they aren’t worth the money but don’t take my word for it—it has over 2800 customer ratings and nearly five stars total.

#5 Mug Warmer

I liked the idea of a hot plate for my coffee mug a lot, but I drink my coffee pretty fast on work days. I keep a small hot plate like this one next to my living room sofa and switch it on if I’m going to be nursing my cup o’ joe on weekends.

This one is highly rated for just a few bucks and also doubles as a candle/wax warmer.

#6 Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Is there anything Trader Joe’s can’t do?! This Pumpkin Spice coffee is so delicious. It’s coffee you can find cheaper if you actually have a Trader Joe’s near you, but if you love pumpkin spice everything/anything, it’s worth every cent.

This is a high-quality ground coffee with aromatic, rich spices mixed in: orange peel, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger. I can drink it black, but if I add heavy cream and a bit of sugar-free vanilla syrup or just a spoon of monkfruit sweetener, I get a low-carb PSL-type hot drink at home for pennies in comparison to the mermaid shop.

It’s probably limited to seasonal supply so get yours fast.

#7 Coffee Rug

A small rug helps keep spills off the pergo floor. This one will look cute doing it, too. Easy to clean and vacuum in a nylon pile with latex slip-resistant back.

This one is a little longer.

#8 Coffee Bar

We have a coffee bar AND a wine bar in our dining room, and we use the heck out of them! This looks a lot like ours with rich wood grain and lots of storage — it would make for a nice, slender make-and-serve station to keep everything you need to kick your morning into gear.

Buyers are saying not to use a knife on the surface (use a chopping block), that it’s easy to assemble, and  sturdy enough to hold a microwave. 136 ratings, 4.5 stars.

Know a coffee-drinking wine lover? Make a statement about what may or may not be in your cup.

#9 Keurig Single Cup

Have you been wondering if the Keurig single-cup dispenser is worth taking up the footprint on your counter for? We love our coffee by the gallon, but I have to admit the fast brew and easy clean-up of single-serve has a siren song all its own.

Every time we’ve encountered the Keurig, it was as delicious as our brew Bunn. Lots of styles and models, but this one is an Amazon Choice, over 1400 ratings, averaging four stars.

This one will brew three different pod sizes, has an auto-off, has a reasonably small footprint, with a 48-oz reservoir. Drink up!

Speaking of Bunn, though. We drink coffee every day, and sometimes make multiple pots in a day. This is our second Bunn in 13 years. The secret is that it has a reservoir of hot water, so as soon as you drop the top, it fills the sturdy carafe with that sweet, sweet caffeine, no need to wait for the water to heat up.

Set up the coffee the night before and you’ll have a cup of coffee in three minutes after waking up.

#10 Bunn Coffee Maker

Here’s one of their models that we really like. Pretty!

Here’s the Bunn GRB Velocity.

We love how fast it makes coffee, and how the coffee tastes reliably flavorful every time. Some things to remember: The spout will need cleaned—use this de-liming spring.

Also, use a damp cloth to wipe off the spray head every couple of months. If it clogs, the filter basket will overflow and what a mess that makes.


Makes coffee fast and reliably. Simple to use. Lift the lid to pour water in, slap it down and the coffee starts to brew. The only button is the power—no bells and whistles.

Workhorse: We’ve replaced it only once in 13 years and we make at least one pot of coffee a day.


No auto-off, so if you leave it on, the pot can burn. Needs to be cleaned every six months or it will overflow and make a mess. No programming options—no bells and whistles.

Jennifer Raska

Wednesday 26th of February 2020

I love these ideas! Very nice will keep them in mind.

Mary Otis

Monday 25th of November 2019

All these yummy recipes and now all I need to do is win your pot!