Best Pancake Griddle in the Market Today – Top Picks & Reviews

The first time I heard about pancake griddles was after a friend invited me over for some gathering and introduced me to this skillets in making pancakes. I was overwhelmed started to think of having one of my own.

Yet, there were many brands and models of this kitchen equipment on the market which is confusing, so I rounded up five of the most popular models which can be found below.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Things to Consider before Buying the Best Pancake Griddle

1. Know What You Want

Beside its durable appearance, reading its labels and reviews are also one of the safest means to buy the best pancake griddle as well as help you in making sure that you are indeed buying the best product sold in the market today.

Selecting the best product is ideal so that you won’t have to return the unit that you ordered specially if you are unsatisfied. Before buying, it is also important to find items that fits to your budget.

Some of the products that I have reviewed in this article are cheaper yet, of good quality. For instance, if you want a non-stick pan, it is always the best choice for griddles.

Knowing whether you need a family sized is also important because it determines the amount of pancakes that you may need to cook time. If you are cooking  only a small amount of food for you alone or your small family, a non-stick pan can also meet that need.

To put it simply, it depends on your own choice and need.

2. Check for the Quality and Design

Make sure that you chose a durable non-stick griddle which features a silicone handle and ensures the safety of the owner as it stays cool even while cooking.

Though some designs are usually rectangular and huge it must also feature a safe handle for a safe cooking. Quality is always the first thing that a buyer should look for. You can consider a wooden handle because this type and design offers good quality.

However, one challenge for this type is that can burn easily. While a stainless steel handle can also hurt you when heated. So for me I’d rather choose the silicone handle. Some also promised a cool-touch feature which is also a good choice.

3. Sustainability

In buying this cooking tool, we must consider that it is also designed to last for a long time would need to have a money back guarantee.

Cleaning the griddle is also an important way to make it last long. It can be cleaned after it cools down from the heat or simply wiping it if doesn’t have that much dirt, can also preserve your unit longer.

4. Warranty

It is much essential to make sure that the product you are going to buy should cover all repairs and replacements in case of a defective unit, since you are going to spend money. It is also preferred to have a longer warranty period for additional security

5. Thickness

It is important that a griddle is thick enough and is able to distribute heat evenly on the surface. The top of the griddle should be about a quarter of an inch thick to avoid burning your pancakes easily. You can also rest assured that this will last a long time if it is thick.

6. Easy to Clean

Cleaning gives time, so we must be sure if the griddle we have bought is easy to clean. Some units have parts that can be removed for easy cleaning, like a detachable drip tray. While other models are dishwasher-safe, but some are designed for hand washing only.

7. Versatility

If you are thinking about cooking other foods such as eggs, bacon or might be steaks, you can opt for a grill combo that have additional plates. In that matter, you can get to enjoy versatility for your product and you won’t have to spend a lot for this.

Tips in Cleaning Your Griddle

  • Wait until your griddle gets warm before dipping it into the water and use only gentle soap in washing it.
  • Do not use harsh scorching pads, this may leave scratches on your pans. Or may peel off the non-stick material on your griddle.
  • Rinse your griddle first before putting it in a dishwasher. Use vegetable oil to re-season before storing it.
  • And read instructions thoroughly on how to clean your griddle.

Tips on How to Cook a Perfect Pancake

  • Pancakes is one of easiest recipe one can make and it can also be prepared in a variety of ways.
  • Mixing your batter thoroughly also produce a perfect pancake. Using a griddle is also a great advantage, because it can cook a large number at the same time.
  • After doing your batter, then you can start heating your griddle through its temperature choices of low, medium and high heat.
  • Griddles normally heat quickly and after heating you can pour your batter thinly, use a laddle or a spatula to lip your pancake.

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Reviews of Best Pancake Griddle

After reading all these, I’m sure you are excited to plan the type of food that you can make with your new griddle. But before doing all the purchases, knowing about the products could be of great help to you and at the same time, it helps you to avoid wasting money.

Here are some guide and tips for the product you are intending to buy.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.


This griddle is loved by many users and they have undoubtedly recommended this to others. It has two burner grill with a reversible grill side that fits the two burners of your gas or electric stove.

It is also made of iron that heats evenly and this is also best for cooking BBQ. Specifically designed for cooking pancakes, quesadillas and even eggs, bacon and even grilled vegetable quickly.

It has a reversible griddle grill features naturally nonstick surface and grease slope on both sides to reduce fat in food making food healthy and delicious.

It is also portable because of its built-in handles. It can only be washed through hands with gentle soap, but must be allowed to dry before doing so.


  • Made from cast Iron
  • Two burner griddle
  • Pre-seasoned and heats evenly
  • Traps fat with grease slop on both sides and reduces fat from food
  • Built-in handles for portability
  • Heavy duty
  • Highly recommended by users


  • Does not work on glass-top stove
  • Does not work alone, needs stove
  • Not suitable for dishwashers


To those crepe addicts, this is a 13-inch aluminum non-stick crepe maker griddle is perfect for you. This is also best for cooking blintzes, pancakes, eggs and much more. Has indicator light telling you that you have reached the desired heat and it also heats evenly.

It also includes a batter spreader which is essential for making an ideal thin crepe. It measured 13 x 13 x 4 inches and weighs 6 pounds. This griddle also receives many positive reviews from the customers.

Some already made their recipe with this griddle like Nutella filled crepes but others are just beginning to make their own crepe as well. Describing it as an excellent purchase because it performs well in cooking.

This is also designed to separate grease or fats from the foods through its trap on both side. It is a bit difficult to clean because it doesn’t feature a detachable pan. On a side note it has built-in handles for cleaning.


  • Less expensive
  • Cooks crepes and blintzes quick and easy
  • Controls temperature precisely
  • Large non-stick plate
  • Easy to clean


  • Not ideal for cooking many items together
  • Quiet heavy
  • Needs constant oil re-seasoning to keep it non-stick


This griddle is extra-large in size. It is best for the whole family and it is also designed to have a detachable handle, making it easy to store in an 18-inch cabinets. Surface is also non-stick free for easy cooking and cleaning.

Made with heavy cast aluminum based and is warp-proof. It can also control and maintains heat for the desired cooking. It is easy to detach handles and just by simply opening the latch clips, you can easily store the food, providing you additional space in the kitchen.


  • Very affordable
  • Premium non-stick surface. Slide-out drip tray removes and cleans easily.
  • Fully immersible that controls and maintains heat
  • Heavy cast aluminum base
  • Removable handles


  • Not PTFE or PFOA free
  • Not ideal for parties or camping
  • Uneven heating surface


This cooking griddle has received high ratings from the customers as well as positive reviews. This can cook a lot of food and it is best for camping, parties or even businesses.

Cooking bacon, eggs, pancakes and sausages as well as grilling foods can be done with this tool quickly.

It includes a huge interchangeable flat top griddle with a measurement of 20.5" x 31," making it easy to cook another food at the same time. It has four individual burners placed at every corner and controlled by matchless ignition knobs designed for adjusting the heat.

It has two large folding shelves for additional convenience. It also has roller wheels for an easy transport.


  • Built-in matchless ignition knobs to control the heat and flame
  • Two large fold-down side shelves
  • Roller wheels
  • Four individual burners
  • Grease management system collects drippings for easy clean up
  • Grease tray, catch bucket and micro adjust griddle levelers
  • Roller wheels for convenient transport
  • Propane tank holder
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • PTFE or PFOA free


  • A bit pricey
  • Quiet heavy
  • May rust if not properly cleaned


This is a huge griddle perfect for cooking plenty of foods for parties and family gathering. It controls and distributes heat evenly and maintains it automatically for an even cooking.

This griddle is also made of cast-iron aluminum that resists warping. It has received great positive reviews from the purchasers as well.


  • Super affordable
  • Cool touch on three sides
  • Can cook plenty of food at the same time
  • Maintains heat automatically
  • Non-stick surface
  • Cleans easily
  • Has drip tray beneath to catch grease


  • Harder to keep because of its size
  • Not for dishwashers
  • Doesn’t have removable plates for much easier washing


After all those reviews above, I’m sure you are considering which product to buy or purchase. Based on my experience with these cooking tools, I would recommend Vremi 20 inch Cast Iron Griddle

These best pancake griddles are ideal for you and for your family. You can also find assurance with these products since it is made to work well in the kitchen. You should considering the price, durability and sustainability as well as read the reviews about these products.

These products are also designed to perform with great outcomes. All of these also cleans easily, distributes heat evenly and gets high ratings from the customers. You can be sure that these will last and will serve you longer.

But if you would really love to cook many stuffs, you could choose the bigger griddle which could make a number of pancakes at a time. After using your griddle, please take good care of it through cooling it down before putting it on your dishwashers or through manual washing as well.

If you have used this product before, feel free to leave a comment below because we would love to know your thoughts. Happy cooking!

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