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Find the Best Milk Frother That Will Really Work

Many may not find it challenging to make a perfect cup of coffee at home. But, the secret to achieving this is using the right equipment.

If you are a big fan of lattes, cappuccinos, macchiato, and other coffee drinks with milk foam, you may need to use the best milk frother.

With the surge in popularity of different kinds of coffee, many people want to make these drinks in the comforts of their own homes. Many want to enjoy coffee like those in the coffeehouse, complete with that milk foam on top.

A lot of people want to achieve having that fancy coffeehouse cup of coffee, without always shelling out a huge amount of money.

What Is a Milk Frother?

One of the best things about a coffeehouse cup of coffee is the delightful foam milk served on top of your drink. It adds delicious flavor to, and complements well with the strong espresso coffee.

Thanks to the modernization of technology, you can now easily make a cup of milky coffee using a milk frother. A milk frother is a gadget used to produce that frothy and foamy milk on top of a familiar hot coffee.

Milk frothers mix air into milk by rapidly stirring and whisking it. This process creates bubbles within the milk, allowing it to increase in volume and giving it a lighter texture and taste.

The resulting foamy milk is what is often used in lattes, cappuccinos, and other similar drinks.

What Are the Different Kinds of Milk Frothers? How Do These Milk Frothers Work?

Milk frothers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are many different kinds of milk frothers ranging from manual to electric ones.

But, regardless of their design, all milk frothers generally does the same job of aerating milk by constantly and rapidly whisking it.

Below is a list of the different kinds of milk frothers, and how each specifically works in frothing milk.

1. Manual Handheld Milk Frother / Hand Pumps

When your budget is limited, a hand pump or a manual handheld milk frother may be the best option for you. A manual handheld milk frother has a plunger with a fine mesh screen at the end.

It usually already comes with a milk frother cup. It works such that when you pump the plunger up and down, the air that flows through the mesh allows the milk to be aerated.

The manual handheld milk frother is quite easy to operate. However, it is usually just sufficient for someone to make only a cup or two at a time.

It may require more effort and may not be very ideal to use when making more than two cups of coffee. You also still have to heat your milk first before manually frothing it.

2. Motorized Handheld Milk Frother

A motorized handheld milk frother is similar to the hand pumps. The difference is that it is battery-operated or powered by electricity. It is like a wand, with a whisk or a propeller attached to its end.

When this kind of milk frother is turned on, the whisk or propeller rapidly rotates at a very high speed below the surface of the milk to create foam.

This kind of milk frother is great for quickly and easily making milk foam for larger batches.

Motorized handheld frothers must be handled and used with care, for they may scratch the inside of certain types of cups. You still also have to heat up your milk separately, either in the microwave or on the stove before frothing.

3. Jug Milk Frothers

A Jug Milk Frother is multifunctional such that it combines heating and frothing of milk.

It is a self-contained jug or cup that uses induction coils to heat the milk inside the jar, while at the same time using a motorized whisk or propeller to aerate the milk and create foam.

This type of milk frother may be a little bit more expensive, but makes frothing milk more convenient. It is great for busy coffee lovers who regularly makes multiple cappuccinos in one day.


4. Built-in on Coffee Makers

Many advanced coffee makers already have built in milk frothers. These machines use hot steam to froth the milk.

This process produces a familiar hissing sound that is often heard in coffeehouses. This kind is the most expensive option and are usually not very common in ordinary homes.

How to Achieve A Perfect Frother Milk: Tips for Using A Milk Frother

Milk foam do not just add life and beauty to a cup of coffee… It also exquisitely balances the taste of the rich espresso. This is why frothing milk is an essential part to achieve a great cup of cappuccino or latte.

Below, we answer some frequently asked questions about how to achieve a perfect frothed milk.


1. What Types of Milk Are Best for Frothing?

  • Nonfat, low fat, and skimmed milk are the easiest to froth. They produce big foam bubbles that are light and airy, but the taste may not be as rich and creamy like the other types of milk.
  • Full cream or whole milk is a bit challenging to attain a perfect froth. This is because the fat in the milk weighs the foam down.
  • But, it produces a rich flavor that best suits cappuccinos and lattes. It takes some practice to perfect frothing using whole milk.
  • Many people also prefer 2% milk, because it has less fat for easy frothing and also that whole milk property for a richer flavor.

2. What Is the Ideal Temperature for Frothing Milk?

The optimal temperature for frothing milk is around 130 to 155 °F.

3. What Are Some Basic Tips to Achieve a Perfect Frothed Milk?

  • To avoid having a messy area, submerge the milk frother on the bottom surface of the milk.
  • Minimize splashing by starting slow and then eventually working up to increase the speed.
  • When the milk frother is at full speed, gently raise it to the surface of the milk to achieve a maximized foam volume.DO NOT re-froth milk.
  • DO NOT add milk to already frothed milk, as there is an increased chance that bacteria can grow.

Products Reviews

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. PowerLix Electric Handheld Milk Frother


The PowerLix electric handheld milk frother is made with high-quality stainless steel, from the wand down to the spiral whisk. This means that you do not have to worry much about it easily getting rust or breaking.

It also features a powerful motor that has 19,000 rotations per minute (rpm). With a touch of a button, you can have a creamy frothed milk in about a minute! It also works well for both hot and cold liquids.

It is battery-operated, which makes it portable. You do not have to look for sockets, and there will not be any electric cords that would bug you around. It is also lightweight, and does not make a loud roaring noise.

This electric handheld mixer is designed for style and comfort. It is styled in the classic color black. Its handle is designed for a soft, comfortable, and secure grip.

The PowerLix Milk Frother is also easy to clean. You just have to whizz it put in a glass of hot water.

Product Details:

  • RPM: 19,000
  • Battery: two AA batteries


  • Works well in making milk foam, whipping eggs, and mixing powder drinks
  • Handy and easy-breezy to clean and maintain
  • Powerful for such a compact device


  • Difficult to assemble batteries
  • Switch in an awkward place at the top of the handle

2. Cafe Casa Battery-Operated Handheld Milk Frother 2


The Café Casa Handheld Milk Frother 2 is designed for durability and aesthetics. The body and the whish are made with fingerprint-proof stainless steel, and this makes it look sleek sleek and clean and less prone to rusting.

The body and the whisk are connected by durable metal connector. This means that they are securely connected, and will not break apart any sooner. This handheld milk frother has a contoured body for easy and firm grip on your hands.

It can also independently stand on its own base. Its silver color gives it an elegant look – a great addition to any modern kitchen.

Powered with two AA batteries, this handheld milkfrother has a motor capacity of 15,000 rotations per minute (rpm) at high speed, and 13,000 rom at low speed. It has an easy one-touch switch that allows you to switch between two speed levels.

In less than a minute, you can make whip cream at high speed, or milk froth at low speed. It can also be used to blend drinks, make sauces, and whisk eggs.

It also features a detachable whisk or wand for easier cleaning. Because it is made of steel, simply washing this with warm water and minimal soap will clean it while not bringing rust and corrosion.

Product Details:

  • RPM: 15,000 / 13,000
  • Battery: two AA batteries


  • Detachable wand for easy cleaning, and durable metal connector for secure attachment of wand to body
  • Dual-speed intuitive switch on contoured body handle — speed easy to control
  • Durable and sleek stainless steel body and wand/whisk


  • Manual loosely translated from Chinese to English — may sound funny
  • Does not froth soy milk and other pasteurized milk very well

3. Morhet Cordless Battery-Operated Handheld Milk Coffee Frother


The Morhet Handheld Milk Frother is stylish and at the same time functional. It is made with durable stainless steel.

Thus, it will not get rusty. It boasts a power of 19,000 rotations per minute. This allows you to froth milk and achieve a maximum foam volume in less than one minute.

This handheld milk frother comes in a bright red color that brings life to any kitchen space. It is also easy to clean and maintain. It is also easy to store, because it can balance and stand on its own base.It is powered by two AA batteries.

It is cordless, so you will not be bothered by cords nor will you have to think of looking for plugs.

Product Details:

  • RPM: 19,000
  • Battery: two AA batteries


  • Does not use up much of its batteries
  • Also great in whisking eggs
  • Stand or base — keeps the area neat and the frother from getting broken


  • Works well and efficiently, but only until about 4-6 months of constant use
  • Difficult to get the batteries in

4. Elementi Original Premier Milk Frother


The Elementi Premier Milk Frother allows you to froth milk and achieve a creamy foam in under 45 seconds. It is powerful and boasts a high-speed motor that has a capacity of 19,000 rotations per minute (rpm).

It features a soft-touch and contoured handle for easy grip and use. It also includes a stand for safe-keeping and display. The attractive red body of this Elementi Milk Frother makes it a great tool and display to your kitchen.

Product Details:

  • RPM: 19,000
  • Battery: two AA batteries


  • Stand for easy storage — does not take up much space in the kitchen
  • Powerful little motor
  • Silent — does not make a loud sound


  • Relatively shorter wand
  • Power button designed and positioned wrongly such that it feels awkward
  • Difficult to hold long enough to finish the frothing process

5. Gourmia Cordless Electric Milk Frother & Heater


The stainless steel Gourmia Electric Milk Frother and Heater allows you to choose whether to just froth the milk, just heat the milk, or do both simultaneously.

It is a heating and frothing device in one. It has a capacity of 250 ml for warming and 125 ml for frothing milk.

It is very convenient to use because of its attachable base. The electric cord is connected to the base, so do not have to worry about cords sticking around.

You can easily transport your finished product, and effortlessly serve and pour it on a cup.

This Gourmia Electric Milk Frother features a nonstick coating interior that is easy to clean. Meaning, you can have less scrubbing time and more time to enjoy your cup of cappuccino or latte.

It also has safety features such as the non-slip silicon feet and the automatic shut-off that will prevent possible burn and fire accidents.

Product Details:

  • Electric Power: 120V / 60 Hz / 500 W


  • basic recipes included
  • two-in-one device — heating and frothing
  • detachable base — cordless and easy to pour


  • takes up space in the kitchen, compared to handheld milk frothers
  • milk gets burned easily

The Best Milk Frother

Save time and money by having your own milk frother at home. Considering customer reviews and the pros and cons, the best milk frother that will make the perfect milk foam for your cup of cappuccino or latte is the Cafe Casa Handheld Milk Frother.

It is designed to be durable, multifunctional, and aesthetically beautiful. Its base and wand / whisk made of stainless steel make it less prone to rusting and corrosion. It also features a dual-speed option that lets you choose between low and high speeds.

This versatility allows it to be multifunctional — great for frothing milk, whipping cream, whisking eggs, or mixing powdered drinks.

We hope you found this post helpful! We would be more than glad if you drop by the comments section below and share this post.

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