How to Pick the Best Lasagna Pan for Your Next Dinner

Lasagna is probably the most loved family meal of all time. And your family probably have a recipe for making them. Making the perfect lasagna requires skill and having the right ingredients. Skills are either learned through experience or you simply have the knack for it. The most common ingredients you use are pasta noodles, meat and sauces.

You can choose beef, chicken, pork, or a combination of the three. How you prepare the ingredients will also greatly influence the outcome of your baked lasagna. The sauce will require cheese such as mozzarella. But you can use béchamel or ragu too if prefered.

The vegetables you can add are mushroom or spinach. You need to also have the right kitchen tools to cook the lasagna with. And the most important tool is probably the Lasagna pan. Surprisingly, there are several kinds, each with its own advantage and disadvantages.

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Reviews of Best Lasagna Pans

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  • Glossy stainless
  • Riveted stainless side handles
  • Ideal for most standard ovens
  • Comes with stainless roasting rack

This 14-inch stainless pan will fit in most standard sized ovens. It’s ideal for your lasagna since the stainless interior does not react with the food. This will retain the flavor and tastiness of your lasagna. The stainless finish on both the interior and exterior presents a professional look for your lasagna.

The pan has side handles to make it easier for you putting it in and out of the oven.This Cuisinart lasagna pan is not recommended for induction stoves. It needs flames or electric current rather than magnetic energy for the quick heat.

You have to keep in mind that this pan is designed to heat up quickly but keep hot only with minimal heat settings. Another disadvantage for this brand is the difficulty of washing it after use. Leftovers get stuck and it takes some effort remove it from the pan’s surface.

There are also issues with the side handles which were riveted to the pan. There is a likelihood that one or several rivets can fall out after several times of use. This is probably the result of normal wear and tear.


  • Does not react with the food
  • Does not have any metallic taste.
  • Fits in most standard sized ovens
  • Comes with a stainless steel roasting rack
  • Stainless finished in both exterior and interior
  • Provides a professional look for the lasagna
  • Has riveted stainless side handles


  • This brand is not induction ready.
  • Some users claimed that the food sticks to the pan
  • Difficult to wash
  • There are also issues with the side handles
  • Made of hard anodized material
  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • Riveted stainless side handles
  • Will fit in most standard ovens

Users of this non-stick lasagna pan swear that it has just the right thickness and size for crepes. The pan is also suitable for multi-layered lasagna. You will have no problem putting it in most standard ovens with its two side handles.

Its non-stick property is due to hard anodized construction. Despite its appearance, the pan is PFOA free which means it’s safe for handling food.Unfortunately, there are some complaints about the quality of this non-stick hard anodized lasagna pan.

The pan’s bottom does not sit well with the stove which is probable cause of the dents. But such criticism has yet to be confirmed by an impartial test. Others complain that the pan starts to lose its non-stick layer after only two months.

Still a number of users reported that chips began appearing while using the pan to bake lasagna. The rivets in the side handles can fall out due to normal wear and tear.


  • Comes with riveted side handles
  • Portable
  • Fits in most standard-sized ovens
  • The pan is PFOA free
  • Safe for handling food
  • Pan is covered with non-stick properties
  • Made of hard anodized materials
  • Durable
  • The pan can accomodate multi-layered lasagna


  • Users complained that the bottom does not sit well on the stove
  • Dents have been appearing.
  • Complaints of non-stick layer peeling off
  • Some users were disappointed after noting that several chips began to appear after using it for a few times.
  • The riveted handles may fall out probably due to wear and tear
  • Each channel measures the same 3 inches deep
  • Pan can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 220 degrees Celsius
  • Dishwasher safe but hand-washing recommended
  • Do not put it under the boiler
  • Lifetime but limited warranty

This is a not your typical lasagna pan. It has three separate channels that can fit not only lasagna noodles but also pastries such as bread and cakes. The multi-channeled pan is coated with non-stick materials. The makers claimed that the pan is dishwasher safe.

But they concede that hand-washing is still the best way to clean it. It also has a lifetime albeit, limited lifetime warranty.The main criticism against this 3 channel pan is inability to fit the standard-sized lasagna noodles in any of the three channels.

The side handle also is not what you would expect. You should also keep in mind that this pan is not suitable boilers. Some users who put the pan inside the dishwasher later regretted that decision. It seems the only way to clean this pan is through gentle hand washing.


  • You can fit 3 kinds of recipes in just one pan.
  • The pan is a good heat conductor
  • Keeps the food warm
  • Easy to handle
  • The pan comes with a side handle
  • It’s coated with non-stick material
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand-washing is recommended
  • Comes with a lifetime but limited warranty


  • There are some complaints about how the standard sized lasagna noodle won’t fit in any of the pan’s channels.
  • The side handle is not what some people would expect.
  • The pan is not recommended for boilers
  • Some insist that the pan is not really safe for dishwashers


  • Baking dish for lasagna and a variety of food
  • It’s porcelain
  • Enough depth for layered food such as lasagna
  • Able to withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Safe for broilers, microwaves, and ovens.You could store this pan in the freezer and reheat it
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

This porcelain lasagna pan can work well in extreme hot and cold temperatures such oven, boiler, microwave, and freezers. Users note the uniform distribution of heat. It’s deep enough to make layered recipes of your favorite lasagna or mac and cheese. The porcelain material prevents the transfer colors, flavors, and even odors between uses.

The porcelain pan has its some shortcomings, like having uneven sides, according to some users. Since this pan is made of porcelain, it’s more prone to breaking and cracks compared to a metal one. The pan is does not have side handles and does not fit all ovens.


  • Durable and versatile
  • Made from porcelain materials
  • The porcelain pan is deep enough to support multi-layered food
  • The pan prevents the transfer of food odor or flavor in between uses.The porcelain is capable of withstanding heat
  • The pan could also handle cold temperatures
  • Safe to put in freezers
  • Presentable
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Some are not satisfied with the depth of the porcelain pan
  • Some complained about the lack of side handles
  • Breakage and cracking is more likely
  • The pan does not fit a number of ovens
  • Users point out the uneven sides of the lasagna pan
  • Made in France
  • Made of hygienic nonporous Duralex glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Shock resistant
  • Stackable
  • Safe to use in freezers, microwaves, and ovens

Duralex is a French-made glass lasagna pan. The tempered glass can withstand temperatures between -4 Fahrenheit and 572 Fahrenheit. This makes Duralex safe for use in ovens or freezers. The glass pan is twice as strong as ordinary glass making it resistant from impacts or chips.

You could stack it and save on storage space. The glass is also nonporous and does not absorb any liquids. Users will also have no problem using the dishwasher to clean the Duralex glass pan.

Unfortunately, despite its notable qualities, this glass pan has a major drawback. You need to make sure not to drop it since the glass pan can shatter or gets broken.


  • You are assured of its quality
  • The glass is tempered
  • Twice as strong as ordinary glass
  • The glass construction makes it impact and chip resistant
  • Glass pan could withstand extreme temperatures
  • The pan is transparent
  • You will have no problem stacking the pan
  • The glass does not absorb liquids
  • Is nonporous quality
  • Cleaning this glass pan is easy
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The Duralex is still glass
  • Risk of breakage is high.

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How to Choose to the Best Lasagna Pans

I learn from the experience of others in deciding which lasagna pan is suited for my cooking style and recipes. But there are different kinds of pans out there in the market. Here is a quick guide that can help you choose the suitable one for you. It required a lot of research but it’s worth it. Here are some of the factors I considered in choosing the lasagna pan.

1. Material Used for the Lasagna Pan

Lasagna pans today are made from various materials such glass, cast iron, ceramics, and stainless steel as well as silicone. Each has its own unique properties that can improve the quality of your lasagna. But some of the materials have shortcomings as well. Here are some of the basic facts about them:

Glass and Ceramic Lasagna Pan

Lasagna pans made of glass or ceramic can give you the best baked lasagna due to its ability to heat the food gradually. Once out of the oven, the food stays warm for a long time. It also does not have that “metal taste”. You also don’t have to worry about the kind of spatula you use since its inner surface is not easily scratched.

Stainless Steel Lasagna Pan

A lot of people prefer stainless steel because probably because of its glossy appearance. It’s normally rust-resistant and scratch-proof. Unfortunately, it’s not a good heat conductor. The lasagna will heat up quickly once inside the oven. But will get cold just as fast once it’s taken out of the oven.

You should avoid using this kind of pan if you’re going to include acidic food. The reaction can cause your food to have that “metal taste”.

Cast Iron Lasagna Pan

The material is a combination of carbon and steel. The result produces a pan that it’s scratch and deformation resistant. You will have no problem using it on the grill, convection oven or stove.

Carbon Steel

The pan is a combination of cast iron and stainless steel. This kind of lasagna pan is normally coated with a non-stick material to prevent the food from sticking.

Other Materials

Aside from the materials mentioned, there are other pans out there that are made of aluminum, copper, and silicone. But the pans made of glass, ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron, and carbon steel are the most popular choices.

2. Size of the Pan

Lasagna pans come in a variety of sizes. But people usually prefer the ones that are two and a half and three inches deep. This makes sense since I can put more layers of pasta, meat, and cheese on the pan. We can consider the two and a half inches pan as the regular size while the three inches as the “deep” type.


Each of these lasagna pans has its own shortcomings. But I will agree with a lot of people and chose the Cuisinart Lasagna Pan with Stainless Roasting Rack. The pan does have some flaws but its advantages far outweigh them.

The glossy interior and exterior and its ability to fit in most standard size oven is its major advantage. The affordable price and the roasting rack are additional incentives for you to get this brand. Ultimately, the best lasagna pan is the one most suited for your baking and cooking needs.

If you have used the products I have mentioned above or you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave some comments. We would love to hear from you.