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Pick the Best Egg Cooker That You Will Really Use


Eggs are probably the most common food that people in any culture and any status has.

However, each person has their own preference on how they like their eggs to be made and that can only be achieved when using the best egg cooker for your needs.

If you are like me, frying eggs is probably one of the first “meals” you have ever learned to cook. But fried eggs is not the only way to go. There are soft boiled and hard boiled eggs that require a more sophisticated skill.

Although it sounds really simple, these are very hard to cook. I cannot even count on one hand how many times I have screwed up on cooking them. So when I found out about these cookers I did not even hesitate to purchase one.

Below I have listed the best ones on the market. You will also find a buyer’s guide which will help you finding the best one for you.

Product Name Color Capacity Rating Price
Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Black 6 eggs
Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker White and Black 10 eggs
Big Boss 8863 Genie Electric Egg Cooker Red, Blue, Violet, Silver, and White 7 eggs
Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic Egg Poacher & Egg Cooker Black, Black and Stainless Steel, Red, Apple Green, Steal, Stainless Steel, and White 7 eggs
DBTech Automatic Shut-off Electric Egg Cooker Black 7 eggs

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

        • Color: Black
        • Maximum Capacity: 6 eggs
        • Auto-Off: Present

This Dash Rapid cooker will help you get that perfectly cooked egg you have been aiming for and it does is in just a couple of quick minutes.

This includes a poaching egg tray, an omelet tray, and it can boil up to six eggs at a time. It also has a measuring cup (for measuring water) and they also provide you with a recipe book (both a physical copy and online).

With any electronic gadget, I always worry about it overheating and burning down our house.

This hazard is less likely with Dash Rapid since it has an auto-off function as well as the timer. The timer will allow you to customize the time you would want to cook your eggs for to get the consistency you prefer.

Aside from all these, it is also light and portable making it easy to store in your kitchen and bring with you on vacations.

What We Liked

• Makes perfect hard boiled eggs
• It is very easy to use making it perfect for those who are not familiar with the kitchen
• Very easy to clean and egg does not stick to the sides

What We Didn’t Like

• The buzzer is too loud and makes me jump every time it goes off
• It’s a bit complicated to cook poached eggs with this  cooker especially if you’re using smaller eggs.

        • Color: White and Black
        • Maximum Capacity: 10 eggs
        • Auto-Off: Present

If a six-egg capacity is not enough for you and you’re willing to spend more; then this Cuisinart cooker might just be what you’re looking for.

It can hold up to a whopping 10 eggs for boiling making it perfect for big families and those that have people over a lot. This is what we want out of an egg boiler.

It also includes a poaching tray (holds up to four eggs) and an omelet tray (holds up to three eggs). Aside from these, it also has a cord storage place, a measuring cup, and a piercing pin.

Aside from its capacity, this also boasts of its durability and quality especially since it comes from a well-known brand. This also has safety features like the auto-off feature and the timer.

However, one of the main reasons why this doesn’t top the list is because I noticed that water leaks out when I boil eggs.

What We Liked

• It has a huge capacity so it was perfect for when I make devil eggs in parties.
• This was able to poach eggs perfectly and can poach extra large eggs.
• Very easy to clean and food does not stick to the sides

What We Didn’t Like

• Water leaks out of the egg cooker
• The omelet tray is also very small so I have to make numerous batches most of the time.

        • Color: Fiver colors available (Red, Blue, Violet, Silver, and White)
        • Maximum Capacity: seven eggs
        • Auto-Off: Not Present

This Big Boss egg cooker is a great fit for those who are looking for choices when it comes to color; with the five color choices available you for sure would find the color that fits your kitchen. It can hold up to seven eggs.

It also includes a poaching tray and steel pin that you will need for boiling your eggs. It also has a timer so you can manually set the time for your eggs. It also has an audible alert for when the eggs are done.

What We Liked

• It is very convenient to use and very easy to set-up.
• Since it can hold up to seven eggs it’s a perfect fit for bigger families.

What We Didn’t Like

• If you do not put enough water the bottom might burn which is a huge hazard
• Doesn’t have an auto-off function 

        • Color: seven available (black, black and stainless steel, red, apple green, teal, stainless steel, and white)
        • Maximum Capacity: 7 eggs
        • Auto-Off: Present

I have always been drawn to items which offer a lifetime warranty. This shows how confident the manufacturers are with the quality of their product.

Among the various egg cookers in the market, this one from Elite Cuisine is one of the few which offers this. Aside from the assurance of durability, it is also very easy and safe to use.

It has an auto-off feature and a cooking timer. It also includes a measuring cup, piercing pin, and a poaching and omelet tray.

What We Liked

• It can hold up to seven eggs and can hold large eggs
• Produces perfectly cooked soft and hard-boiled eggs.

What We Didn’t Like

• Becomes a bit watery when you cook with just a couple of eggs.
• Even with the auto off and timer, it can still burn eggs 

        • Color: Black
        • Maximum Capacity: seven eggs
        • Auto-Off: Present

If you are in a bit of a budget or you just want to try out egg cookers without spending too much then this egg cooker from DBTech will be a great fit for you.

It has almost all of the features of the more expensive egg cookers like the timer and auto off (egg cooker automatically turns off when there is no more water).

It can hold up to seven eggs, it’s easy to clean and very compact and portable.

Although it is great for first time users, this can be a huge disappointment for those who want something long-lasting and durable. Some parts of this broke after just a couple of uses.

What We Liked

• It cooks eggs really quickly compared to others on this list.
• It is very small making it perfect for those with small flats or like in dorms.
• More affordable than the other egg cookers on the market

What We Didn’t Like

• The button broke after a few times of me using it.
• I never get a perfect hard boiled egg with this device
• Eggs get burned

What is an Egg Cooker?

An egg cooker is a device which helps you cook eggs in whatever way you prefer. It is a quicker and easier way to boil your eggs and it usually gives you better results than the conventional way. We all want the perfect egg. 

These are also a great option for those who do not have a stove or a lot of space in their kitchen.

How does An Egg Cooker Work?

The general mechanism involved in most egg cookers is steaming instead of boiling. Aside from practicality reasons, steaming has been found to be better than boiling in numerous aspects. 

Overall, steamed eggs are cooked better and have better consistency than boiled ones. The reason behind this is that steaming is a more tender cooking than boiling.

There is also a lower chance of your egg cracking and peeling with steaming. This mechanism is also the reason why egg cookers cook eggs faster than if you use a conventional pot and water.

Why You Need an Egg Cooker in Your Kitchen?

The general mechanism involved in most egg cookers is steaming instead of boiling. Aside from practicality reasons, For a lot of people, cooking eggs are quite a feat. They are not very easy and they usually take so much time to do. Especially if you are using more complicated techniques like poaching.

Getting an egg cooker is a quicker and more convenient way of cooking your eggs. Now you can cook your eggs in whatever way without needing much skill.

This also saves you time and you can cook your eggs while you do other tasks since most of them have timers.

Electric Egg Cooker vs Microwave Egg Cooker

There are mainly two types of egg cookers: electric and microwave. The main difference between the two is that you can use an electric one on its own.

Of course, a microwave egg cooker will not work without a microwave so this can be a huge drawback for those who live in dorms or small apartments. But electric egg cookers also take up more space in your kitchen.

Another difference between the two is the types of cooking you can do with each. Most of the microwave variants have a limited capacity on the types of cooking you can do with it.

Usually, you can only do hard soft medium or hard boiled eggs with it. There are of course some brands where you can do poached and scrambled eggs. On the other hand, you can usually all types of eggs with an electric one.

But you would also need more patience with electric egg cookers since there have been reports of producing overcooked eggs.

So which type is better? It depends on what you are looking for. If you want something that takes less space and you already have a microwave, then the microwave egg cooker would be the way to go.

If you want a stand-alone device which is more flexible then the electric one would be the best for you.

How We Chose The Top Egg Cookers

The list above gives you a set of egg cookers you can choose from. However, it can be still quite confusing to choose the right one for you especially if you do not know what to look for.

1. Speed Of Cooking Process

When getting any new equipment, you would want it to be as efficient and as quick as possible. No one would want to buy something that would take you longer to use than if you do it manually.

Great egg cookers can cook your eggs in just 3-10 minutes, depending on the type of cooking. Most egg cookers also have timers so you can choose how many minutes you would want to spend on cooking your egg.

2. The Capacity of the Cooker

The egg cookers on the market have a variety of capacities. Some can cook up to 10 hard-boiled eggs. Its capacity would depend on your needs and the needs of your family.

If there are a lot of people in your house or you usually host parties then getting a big capacity one will be logical.

However, if you are alone or you live in a smaller apartment or dorm then getting a smaller one would be a better choice for you.

3. Durability

There are many ways to tell if an egg cooker is durable, one of them is by looking at the materials. Most cookers are made of metal but there are those made of plastic.

The plastic ones do not necessarily mean that they are less durable some even prefer a plastic body due to the ease of cleaning. Other criteria are looking at the attachment of the parts to each other.

The bolts should not be easily detached and parts that are opened should also not fall apart when opening it.

If you would be buying online, the best way to test for durability is by looking at the guide above as well as looking at other reviews by previous customers.

4. Ease of Cleaning

With the fast-paced life, we live in, making sure that the things we buy can be cleaned easily is very important.

For people like me who really dislike washing dishes, it is such a huge plus if the item is dishwasher safe. This saves a whole lot of time.

Even if it’s not dishwasher safe, there shouldn’t be any food particles that would get stuck in the egg cooker especially if you’re cooking scrambled or fried eggs. This is not just a cleaning issue but also a food safety issue.

5. Food Safety

You hear about all these different materials that make some items unsuitable to use with food (like BPA in plastics), these make some items unsafe to eat with.

Making sure that your egg cooked would not affect you badly in any way is a priority to me you and your loved ones safe.

If it is made of metal, it should be food-grade metal so you would never get that metal taste in your mouth with your food. Plastics should also always be checked for any contaminants especially if you have children.

The Verdict

After going through and using different egg cookers on the market, I would have to say that I would recommend the Dash Rapid cooker the most.

It is an all-around device which offers you functionality, durability, and affordability. Yes, it may not have the highest capacity but it gives the best quality eggs.

The soft boiled and hard boiled eggs I got from this cooker were always perfectly cooked and had just the right consistency for me

I hope that the list, as well as my tips, would help you in choosing the best egg cooker for your preferences and needs. 

If you have other tips or you feel like I missed out on other great cookers please comment them down below to help get the word out.

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