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The Best Crepe Pan Review That Will Actually Help You Decide

Most Recommended Crepe Pan

Anywhere around the world, crepes are a well-loved treat! They are famous for their thin batter, with a savory or sweet filling of your choice. To achieve a golden and evenly thin crepe, a crepe maker or a crepe pan is used.

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Many prefer to use a crepe pan instead of a normal pan because it is affordable but does not compromise the quality of the crepe. How do you find the best crepe pan though? In this article, we will review our top choices.

What is a crepe? How is it made?

A crepe is a very thin variety of pancake that is usually made of wheat flour. It originated in France and is now considered that country’s national dish.

Its batter is usually a combination of flour, milk, eggs, butter, salt, and sugar. A very small amount of this batter is poured into a flat hot pan. It is then spread evenly, either by using a spatula to distribute it or by tilting the pan.

They can be eaten as a meal or as a dessert, depending on its filling. Common dessert fillings include fresh fruits, jams, syrups, nuts, and ice cream. On the other hand, cheese, ham, mushrooms, and eggs are the usual fillings for meal crepes.

Why use a crepe pan?

Crepes can be made using different cooking equipment. Some use a crepe maker, some use a crepe pan, while some use just a regular pan. With each equipment comes its own advantages and disadvantages.

But, here are some reasons why you should use a crepe pan:

1. Crepe makers are specialized equipment to make crepes. They are far more expensive than crepe pans. A crepe pan is then a better option, especially for those who are on a tight budget, but still want to achieve a great crepe.

2. Crepe pans are lighter and more portable than crepe makers. It is easier to bring along during vacations or when you want to cook for your friend in his or her house.

3. Compared to crepe makers, crepe pans are easier to clean and maintain.

4. Unlike most crepe makers, crepe pans have defined edges. The edge is essential to control the size of the crepe, which is helpful especially for amateurs.

5. Crepe makers cannot be manually tilted while cooking. Thus, a spatula or spreader is required.

6. Crepe pans are shallow compared to regular pans. Their edges or walls are shorter, which makes flipping thin batter much easier.

Cast Iron VS Carbon Steel Crepe Pans vs Anodized Aluminum Pans

Crepe pans are usually made of either cast iron or carbon steel. Cast iron is more commonly used but there has been a recent increase in the use of carbon steel pans and hard-anodized aluminum pans.

Cast iron pans are naturally non-stick and great in distributing heat evenly, which what make them suitable for making crepes. They have a great capacity to absorb heat, which means that they can stay hot for a long period of time.

Cast iron are also safe for cooking, because it does not contain any potentially dangerous chemicals.

The downside is that cast iron pans are a little heavy, weighing about 3 to 4 pounds. This may seem like nothing, but when making a lot of crepes, your arm muscles can get a little tired.

best crepe pan

Like cast iron pans, carbon steel pans are made of iron and carbon. They have a lot of similar qualities but what set cast iron pans aside are their appearance, weight, and reaction to temperature differences.

Carbon steel pans have a smoother surface; they are more lightweight, and more responsive to changes in temperature. Thus, when the temperature gets a little too high and you lower it down, a carbon steel pan can easily adapt to the adjustment.

The disadvantage is that carbon steel pans are acidic. Thus, they are prone to corrosion, especially when directly exposed to acidic food.

Anodization is the process of building up a aluminum’s natural coating of oxide on the surface of cookwares. This process yields a tough coating, making the pan more durable to resist corrosion.

Anodized aluminum pans are lightweight, great heat conductor, nonstick and scratch-resistant. These features make it great for making delicious crepes. It is also generally affordable.

Tips For Making A Perfect Crepe

1. Flipping skills

Depending on your capability, you can flip a crepe by using a spatula or by tossing the pan. Whichever method or technique you are going to use, keep in mind not to flip the crepe too early.

It is very important to wait for the top batter to dry, its surface are no longer shiny. The edges have to be a little golden brown. Flipping too early will tear your crepe.

2. Batter

Whipping up the batter can be done by hand, but using a blender is much easier. You should also let the batter rest first and be refrigerated for at least an hour.

If you have enough time, you can leave it in overnight. Doing this will make the batter more viscous.

3. Pan

You should use a non-stick pan. Specially-designed crepe pans are the best options. They are non-stick, and have low edges, which makes flipping the thin and delicate crepes easier.

4. Heat

It is recommended to slowly heat the pan. Adjust from there to achieve your desired temperature.

Trying to heat the pan too quickly usually leads to burnt crepes. Also make sure that the pan is hot enough for the crepe not to stick on it.

Top Crepe Pans Reviewed

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Cuisinart Classic Nonstick Hard Anodized Crepe Pan

1. Cuisinart Classic Nonstick Hard Anodized Crepe Pan

Chef's Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel


Unlike typical crepe pans, the Cuisinart Crepe Pan is made of aluminum. Its exterior is hard anodized, which makes it water-resistant and durable. It has a smooth finish that allows easy and fast clean-up.

Its edges are tapered and low, which makes flipping and getting the crepe out easy. It features a riveted stainless steel handle, to provide you with a secure grip. 

Its interior is made of Quantanium, a patented nonstick surface that is reinforced with titanium. This makes the interior non-stick and scratch-resistant. It is oven safe up to 500°F.

  • Material: aluminum
  • Size: 10”


  • Retains heat well
  • Even heat distribution


  • Scratches easily, despite being claimed as “scratch-resistant”
  • Loses its non-stick feature after several uses

2. Lodge Cast Iron Round Griddle (Pre-Seasoned)

Chef's Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel


This Lodge Round Griddle makes an excellent crepe pan. Like most crepe pans, it is made of cast iron, great in retaining and equally distributing heat.

It is naturally non-stick and has low edges, which mean that it is easier to flip crepes.

It is pre-seasoned, which means that it is already coated with oil to prevent rusting.

It is easy to clean; you just have to rinse it with hot water and thoroughly dry it. It is oven safe up to 500°F.

  • Material: cast iron
  • Size: 10.5”


  • multifunctional: can also be used for cooking tortillas, grilling sandwiches, etc.
  • works on induction stoves


  • food sometimes sticks, pre-seasoning is not adequate
  • handle may get too hot and burn your hand

3.HIC Blue Steel Crepe Pan

Chef's Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel


This crepe pan made of blue carbon steel offers an ideal surface for cooking pancakes. It is naturally nonstick, which makes flipping thin crepes easier.

It is also relatively shallow with low, flared edges. This features are great for flipping and plating delicate food such as crepes.

Its handle is specially designed to have a comfortable and secure grip. This will assist you in safely swirling and tossing the crepe pan.

Its carbon steel surface is easy to season and maintain. It is also easy to clean, by just hand washing and drying thoroughly.

  • Material: carbon steel
  • Size: 9.5”


  • works on induction stoves
  • easy to season and requires less oil


  • food sometimes sticks, even after seasoning
  • relatively smaller

4. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Crepe Pan


This crepe pan is made of Le Creusant enameled cast iron for even heat distribution and optimal heat retention. Its exterior is finished in enamel, durable and resistant to cracks and chips.

The cherry red exterior makes it an attractive and unique addition to your kitchen. Its handle is contoured for easy flipping and to provide a comfortable grip.

Its satin black enamel interior is smooth and non-stick, which is ideal for preparing crepes.

Batter can be easily, thinly, and evenly spread throughout the circular surface. It also includes an 8-inch wooden spreader.

  • Material: aluminum
  • Size: 10.75”


  • works on any stovetop and can be used in the oven
  • just the right size for making crepe


  • handle gets hot fast
  • very expensive

5. Berndes Crepe Pan

5. Berndes Crepe Pan


This crepe pan is made of aluminum for even heat distribution, great for cooking evenly thin crepes. It is oven safe to at most 450 °F.

It also has a stay-cool handle, which ensures a more secure and stability. Its interior is made of a three-layer nonstick surface which prevents crepes from sticking. It makes flipping crepes easier.

Because of its light weight, it is great for making a lot of crepes without having to worry about your arm muscles getting tired.

  • Material: aluminum
  • Size: 9.5”


  • thick bottom for even heat distribution
  • good sturdy weight, but just enough weight


  • nonstick coating peels off after a few uses
  • relatively smaller

The Verdict: Best Crepe Pan

Crepes are delicious treats, great for any occasion, whether you are in the mood for a sweet or savory dish!

Based on our unbiased opinion, we believe that the best crepe pan is Lodge Cast Iron Round Griddle (Pre-Seasoned).

It is made of cast iron, which makes it great in equally distributing heat. This means that you do not have to worry about getting burn spots on your crepe.

With the Lodge Cast crepe pan, you could achieve an evenly thin crepe. It is also naturally non-stick and has low edges designed for easy flipping, even for amateur chefs. Its size is just right for preparing a delicious crepe!

Just be always take precaution when holding the handle. Using a mitten is highly recommended.

We hope this article was helpful in helping you choose which crepe pan to purchase. We would be more than glad if you share this post or drop by our comments section below.

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