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Your Ultimate Review: The Best Copper Cookware

Most Recommended Copper Cookware

Cooking with copper cookware has been tested and proven through time to produce the finest quality of any type of cuisine. This is why chefs who have long been in the culinary industry are always on the look out for the best copper cookware.

Copper cookware may be a bit more expensive than other cooking wares, but its amazing features do justice to its cost.

If you are still not convinced, keep reading to know more great features that make copper the best type of cooking ware.

8 Reasons Why Copper Cookwares Are The Best

1. It is a good heat conductor and distributes heat evenly

Compared to iron and regular stainless steel, copper is more capable of conducting heat. When heating copperware, the inside will quickly attain the same heat temperature.

This means that when you change the temperature on your stove, the temperature of the cookware will quickly change and adapt.

2. You are less likely to burn what you are cooking

When using a copper cookware, the heat equally spreads on the cookware at the same temperature. Thus, there is a lesser chance of getting your food burned.

You are less likely to burn what you are cooking. When using a copper cookware, the heat equally spreads on the cookware at the same temperature. Thus, there is a lesser chance of getting your food burned.

3. It is durable, corrosion-resistant, safe and hygienic

Copperware does not easily corrode. They are able to withstand strong scratches from utensils. Copper also has a very high melting point.

Thus, you can use it when cooking with relatively higher temperature. It also has a natural antibacterial feature, which makes it safer for cooking food.

4. Food stored in copper cookware stays warm longer

Since copper cookwares can hold heat well, food placed inside these cookwares stays warm longer compared to when you store it in other types of cookware.

5. Copper cookware has an ideal weight for cooking wares

Its weight is just right for burners — neither too light nor too heavy. It is also fairly easy to lift even with ingredients inside.

6. It is beautiful, both inside and out.

If you want your kitchen to look elegant and exquisite, go for copper cooking wares. Its aesthetic and beauty are beyond compare − especially when it shines.

7. Cooking time is reduced when using copper cookware

Since you have full control over heat when you use a copper cookware, cooking time can be reduced. If you are using electronic stove tops, you can also save up on your electric bill!

8. It is easy to clean and maintain

Copper cookware has a smooth surface, which makes it easier to wash and clean after using. Less hassle in cooking, plus less hassle in cleaning up, now how does that sound?

Things to Consider When Choosing A Copper Cookware

1. Thickness of Copper

One of the most important things to consider when choosing copper cookware, aside from the material it is made, is its thickness. Good copper cookware has an ideal thickness of 2.5 millimeters.

Those with less than 2 millimeters of thickness may be too thin and may compromise durability and optimal performance.

Also keep in mind that when purchasing copper cookware, the weight of the cookware does not immediately equate to the copper thickness, although they are related most of the time.

So, just because it seems to be a little heavier, this does not necessarily mean that it is made of thicker copper.

2. Lining or Coating of the Cookware


Choose the lining of the cookware that is going to work best for you and your cooking. Some do not have a lining, but most copper cookware lining or coating is made of tin, stainless steel, or ceramic.

Below is a quick rundown of what these are, and how they work as a cookware lining:

Tin: It conducts heat almost just like copper does. Tin is also naturally nonstick, so there is no need to worry about scraping away the food stuck on your cookware.

It is, however, a relatively soft metal. Because of this, you may have to be extra careful when using it.

Stainless Steel: It is the most common lining. It is very sturdy, and fairly easy to clean and maintain. It also does not rust or tarnish. However, if you leave salt or acid on it for long periods of time, it may begin corroding.

Ceramic: Ceramic is a safe non-stick coating that is typically made from organic materials. It is made without PFOA, a potentially toxic chemical used in other non-stick coatings such as Teflon. It can also withstand heat temperature up to 842 °F.

3. Appearance / Finish

The appearance or the finish of copper cookware does not have a direct effect neither on its quality nor on its performance. However, it would be nice to consider the finish, for aesthetic purposes.

4. Copper VS Copper Bottom VS Copper Core

When choosing a copper cookware, it is crucial to identify whether the cookware is made mainly of copper, or it merely has copper bottom or copper core.

Copper bottom and copper core cookware are less pricey. They maintain the important feature of distributing heat equally when cooking. However, they may lack some of the great benefits of copper cookwares, as mentioned above.

Top 5 Best Copper Cookware Reviews

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Red Copper Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set by BulbHead


This cookware set by Bulbhead includes 5 pieces copper cookware: fry pans and sauce pans of different sizes, and some comes with a lid. All pieces included in the set is ceramic coated, which makes it non-stick.

No need for oil, grease, or butter when frying eggs or when caramelizing sugar. You can also skip scraping the cookware for leftover food stuck on it!

This set of Red Copper Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware can withstand high temperatures up to 500 °F. It can be used either on a stovetop or inside the oven.

It claims to be free of potentially toxic chemicals, perfect for safe and healthy cooking.

Product Details:

  • 8” fry pan
  • 10” fry pan with lid
  • 1.5-quart sauce pan with lid
  • 2.5-quart sauce pan with lid
  • 6-quart sauce pan with lid
  • aluminum steamer insert


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Although some ingredients may stick a little, still very easy to clean


  • Non-coated handles (on the pots and pans, and on the lids) — may burn your hand when you are not very careful
  • Outside red color easily chips off

2. Red Copper Non-Stick Square Ceramic Cookware


This Red Copper Set square cookware combines ceramic and copper. Its ceramic properties make the cookware non-stick, while the copper makes it durable and highly heat conductive.

The smooth ceramic coat on this cookware is non-stick and scratch resistant, which is great for frying fish or eggs. It has a glass lid with a vent that allows steam to pass through.

It also features a dual riveted handles, which makes it more secure and safer to hold and lift up.

Versatile to use for a variety of cooking methods, this square pan lets you cook in 8 different ways: broil, bake, steam, fry, saute, braise, deep fry, and roast. It can be safely used in the oven or on the stovetop.

Product Details:

  • 10” square pan
  • glass lid
  • fry basket
  • steam and roast rack
  • recipe book


  • Very easy to clean — you can just wipe out with a paper towel and continue making your next dish
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, even with food in it


  • Handles may be too small for the size of the square cookware
  • Red paint coating may come off easily

3. Matfer Bourgeat Copper Cookware Set


This Bourgeat Copper Cookware utilizes the optimal heat conductivity of copper to distribute temperature evenly and cook dishes more quickly.

It is made of 2.5 millimeters of pure red copper, an ideal thickness that could ensure durability and quality performance.

The interior or the lining is made of polished stainless steel, which makes cleaning and maintaining the cookware fairly easier. It is also does not easily rust or tarnish.

It has a cast iron handle with heavy rivets, making it safer and more durable to handle. It also features a smooth copper exterior that looks simple but classic and elegant.

Product Details:

  • 9.5” casserole with lid
  • 7.125” sauce pan with lid
  • 9.5” flared saute pan with lid
  • 11” brazier with lid



  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Have to polish to retain the smooth look
  • A little too heavy

4. Cooksmark Copper Pan 10-Inch Nonstick Induction


This Cooksmark Copper Pan boasts a copper interior with ceramic coating. It is non-stick, allowing food to smoothly slide off. This allows you to cook with no or minimal butter or oil.

The pan is also durable and scratch-resistant.Its exterior is water-resistant, which makes it dishwasher-friendly. However, manually washing it is recommended to retain the pan’s appearance.

Its handle is made of high-quality dual riveted stainless steel and designed to be sturdy and for a comfortable grip.

The bottom of the pan is made of stainless steel that is suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including baking induction. It is also approved by FDA and NSF to be safe and free from toxic chemicals such as PFOA, lead, and cadmium.

Product Details:

  • 10” nonstick pan
  • Compatible with induction
  • Oven-safe


  • Easy to clean, even dishwasher-safe
  • FDA and NSF approved


  • Handle may get hot on persistent high temperature setting
  • Does not work well induction plate or cooktop

5. Kuprum Copper Pot 2.5 Quarts


This Kuprum Copper Pot is made of high-quality copper and handcrafted by the best artisans in the Mediterranean.

The solid copper has an excellent ability for conducting heat. It means this copper cookware heat up rapidly and evenly. It also has the ability to control and preserve heat.

Its interior or lining is made of nonreactive tin, which conducts heat just as well as copper does. Tin, being naturally nonstick, also makes cooking in this pot easier. You can make stews, soups, and long braises without hotspots.

This Kuprum Copper Pot also has riveted handles and copper lid, that could ensure a comfortable and secure grip.

Because of its polished look and hammered finish, this copper cookware is elegant that it can also serve as a beautiful display that will add charm to your kitchen.

Product Details:

  • 2.5 quarts pan
  • 1.5 mm solid copper


  • Just the right size
  • Hammered finish and rose gold color looks nothing but elegant


  • Must always dry immediately if you do not want watermarks!
  • Thin copper

The Verdict: Best Copper Cookware

Among the five reviewed top best copper cookware, we believe that the winner for this round-up is the Red Copper Non-Stick Square Ceramic Cookware.

Not only is it fairly affordable, but also boasts durability and versatility. Its combination of ceramic and copper make this copper cookware non-stick and a good heat conductor.

We love how the set comes with a recipe book and how this cookware can also be used for different cooking methods!

If you have any thoughts, experiences, and stories to tell, just leave a comment below. We would be glad to hear your voice!

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