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Best Chopsticks – Top Picks and Complete Buying Guide

Chopsticks are used for eating and cooking. Using chopsticks has always been part of Asian Culture. However, nowadays, a lot of westerners are now accustomed to using chopsticks because they are more comfortable to use with Asian cuisines.

Finding the best chopstick can be easy if you know some essential information about the different varieties, materials used, and even the price. Experienced chopstick users are likely to look for the right fit and style, and the right material such as bamboo, wood, and steel.

The different types of chopsticks also have different uses, which is why it is important to look into these products sold in the market today.

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Happy Sales Stainless Steel Chopsticks is just one of the many types of chopstick products available in the market today. When I tried this product, I like the handling end because it has a twist design which makes it easy to hold the chopsticks while eating.

Additionally, these chopsticks feel great on your hands. The end part of the chopsticks has a circular ridge which makes it easy to grip your food. What I like about this product is that I can be able to eat my food properly even though it’s made of metal.

It is good quality chopsticks and strong enough to last for years. This product can be reused so you don’t have to buy always buy new ones. Although hand wash is recommended, I have placed these in the dishwasher a few times and I have no problem with them.


• Easy to clean and can go into the dishwasher
• Easy-grip with the twist design in the handling area
• Inexpensive compared to other brands
• Long-lasting


• This is not recommended for beginners as they can be slippery
• Not recommended for beginners

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At first look, these chopsticks are very stylish and convenient to use, especially for beginners. Made from high-quality bamboo, these chopsticks can be easily disposed of without harming the environment because bamboos are a readily renewable source.

They are also biodegradable, so you can always put them in one of your compost pits. Furthermore, because it is disposable, you won’t have to worry about contamination.

What I like about this product is that they are not expensive and are excellent for events at your home, or offices. They are safe to use because they have UV treated, and they are durable because they don’t break easily even after you reuse them.

I have always enjoyed using this product because I can always use them for some other things, and I can use them not only for Asian food but also for western cuisines. However, on several occasions, I found that this product produces a weird smell, and this may be experienced by others too.


• Smoothly polished and nicely packaged with individually wrapped chopsticks
• Inexpensive but sterile


• Produces weird smell

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Made from food-grade melamine, these chopsticks have traditional Chinese designs, especially its square shape and rounded tip. At first glance, they look strong and reliable, which is why Chinese restaurants tend to use them.

I also found out that they are boil water safe, they don’t corrode even after several uses. What I like about this product is that they are comfortable to hold. However, they are thicker than other types of chopsticks. I have no problems picking up food because they are easy to hold.

Just like the stainless steel chopsticks, these too can be placed easily in the dishwasher and come out clean. There are several occasions where I found these chopsticks to be stained by certain food. Since they are very smooth, beginners may find it hard to control these chopsticks.


• Good quality, solid, and can be reused after several washing and boiling
• Easy to wash and clean
• Great price


• Thicker than Japanese chopsticks and might not be easy to control when eating sushi
• Designs would easily wear off after several washing

This beautiful set of chopsticks are made from a type of hardwood called kembat wood and can be easily given as a gift because of its attractive box packaging. There are 5 pairs and all have a natural lacquer coating. Since this is made of wood, this is eco-friendly and varnished with food-grade lacquer varnish.

What I notice about this product is that food does not stick to the chopsticks nor does it stain especially if I used ingredients such as tomato. This is because the varnish prevents stains, so you don’t have to worry about how to wash them.

This product, however, should not be placed in the dishwasher, since it recommended to wash it with a soft sponge. I love using this on special occasions because they look sophisticated with their designs.

My family and guests have no problems when it comes to gripping the food because they are easy to handle. The one thing that I found to be a minor problem is that the black string that wraps the handle part comes off easily after a few uses.


• Good quality hardwood and comes with great art designs
• Easy to handle because of its thin design.
• Food does not stain the chopsticks


• Not a dishwasher friendly product
• Strings may come off after several washes

Via Amazon

This product is made from a type of bamboo called Moso Bamboo. The company chose this one because of its durability. What I like about this product is that this is easier to clean, and because the chopsticks have been coated, sticky food such as rice does not stick to the chopsticks, and it dries quickly after washing.

I also like that it feels comfortable to use, however, this is not a very good choice when eating noodles because they tend to be slippery. After a couple of washes, I noticed that it becomes crooked.


• Eco-friendly, and easy to wash
• Food does not stick the chopsticks


• Lacquer coating comes off after a few washes
• Some chopsticks are warped after a couple of washes
• Not long-lasting

Consider the Types of Chopsticks

Asians have very diverse and different cultures, including their ideal chopsticks in terms of sizes, shapes, and lengths. The three types of chopsticks are Korean, Chinese, and Japanese which differ specifically in designs.

Unless you have basic backgrounds on all three types of chopsticks, it is recommended to acquire basic information on all three of them. Chinese chopsticks are usually rectangular in shape with a blunt end. They are long and thick and don’t taper toward the end.

The Japanese Chopsticks have various models and each model is made with a purpose. Some chopsticks are used only for cooking, and some are used for food. There is also a specific pair of chopsticks for eating sweets and for funerals. For special occasions, the Japanese also use chopsticks made from ivory, and some are made from bones.

In comparison to the Chinese models, the Japanese made chopsticks that are short and round at the end. On the other hand, the Korean chopsticks are usually made from stainless steel because, in the early days, the king would use a pair of pure silver chopsticks.

This is because silver would change color if it comes in contact with poisonous chemicals, and any plans of assassination will be prevented. Since the Korean model of chopsticks is very slippery at the end, it’s designed to have rough ends to easily pick up food.

Things To Consider When Buying Chopsticks

Examine the Material, Shape, and Size

There are several types of materials in which chopsticks are made of. Likewise, chopsticks come in different shapes and sizes, hence, it is important that you can choose which ones fit your personality or preference.

In choosing the right material, it’s always a matter of which ones appeal to you the most, your skill level, intended use, durability, and the cost of chopsticks. The bamboo and wood chopsticks are easier to use especially for beginners because they can easily grip the food with their natural texture.

Some people chose these ones because they are eco-friendly. Plastic chopsticks are also available at a cheaper price, however, they are not durable. Also, since they’re made of plastic, they may not be advisable to be used in cooking. If you are after durability and quality, you can choose metal chopsticks.

However, metals can conduct heat, so it might not be recommended for cooking and for eating noodle soup. If you are an event person, and usually hold large parties in your home, it is recommended that you use disposable ones made from bamboo.

They are very cheap and practical. For special occasions with few people, it is nice to have a set of reusable chopsticks that are decent and presentable, comfortable to use, at the same time, it shows off your aesthetic skills.

Ease of Use

This certainly depends on your skill level of using chopsticks. If you are already a pro, you can go with wood or metal chopsticks, or those ones that have no rough ends. However, if you are only learning this for the first time, you need to go with bamboo chopsticks since they are the easiest control.


The cost of the chopsticks should also be considered because there are chopsticks that are expensive but are not very practical. It is important to look for chopsticks with considerable prices if you are using them most of the time. Basically, if you eat Asian food regularly, it is better to buy chopsticks that are permanent, such as stainless steel.

Likewise, if you are holding regular events at home, with many visitors, you may want to purchase those bamboo chopsticks which are disposable, or if you have very special guests, you may want to invest on chopsticks that have sophisticated designs at the same time comfortable to use.


Chopsticks are very important when eating Asian food rather than using regular utensils. Techniques in handling chopsticks can be learned, which is why it is important to look for products that are easy to use and comfortable. Most of the Asian-inspired cuisines need chopsticks for a better experience, and you want a pair of chopsticks to go with your meal.

As a final say, there are many factors that you can consider in buying chopsticks, however, in my case, I preferred chopsticks that are easy to use at the same time, durable. It is also important for me to consider if the material is strong enough to last long.

From the choices above, I would have to choose Happy Sales Stainless Steel Twist Chopsticks because of their durability and comfort. Aside from the designs of the chopsticks, it has 5 pairs which are enough for my family.

On some occasions, I also use this if I have visitors coming over to our house. The twist design in the handles allows the user to grip on the food, and the circular end grips on the food perfectly. They’re easy to wash, do not stain, and can go to the dishwasher anytime.

What I love about this product is that when I put hot water on them for sterilization, they don’t corrode. I never hear any negative feedback from my family when they use these chopsticks.

I would also love to hear your comments on the best chopsticks that you have used. In this way, we can help those who are just learning to use chopsticks. Your experience will also bring good information especially for a person who will be buying a set of chopsticks to be given as a gift.

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