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Are You Trying to Pick out the Best 4 Slice Toaster?

What’s a morning without the classic toast and jelly or egg? The toast has certainly been an iconic breakfast that no household goes through its morning rituals and breakfast ceremonies without the toast.

With that being said, that is where the toaster comes in handy. Instead of manually toasting it with the use of a cooking pan and stove, you can actually use a toaster to make a bunch of toasts with the push and clicks of a few buttons.

Unfortunately, the majority of you are probably in the rush every morning and more often than not, there are about 4 or more people in your household. And that is where a 4-slice toaster saves your day. With one toaster, you can actually get to make 4 toasts at one time.

But buying and settling on one 4-slice toaster requires deep analysis and research — something that may or may not be accessible to you given time constraints. That said, allow this article to serve as your guide to finding out 2018’s best 4-slice toaster. 

My Top Picks of Best 5 Slice Toaster

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

First up on the list is a stainless steel 4-slice toaster brought to you by Cuisinart. To be specific, the first model in this review roundup is a CPT-435 Countdown.

If you have always had a penchant for digital looking appliances, then this really could be the ideal one for you. First, you will see two mini LCD screens which serve as display for the countdown of your toasts.

Furthermore, this 4-slice toaster comes with a usual set of helpful functions. These functions include the defrost mechanism which allows you to put in the toaster your bread that have otherwise been just taken out of the freezer as well as the reheat function that does not entirely toast your bread but just heats it up.

As for its main structure, this one is pretty sturdy with its stainless steel construction. Overall, this toaster toasts pretty well leaving you with your bread in its crispy deliciousness. 

What We Liked

• Display LCD for countdowns
• Includes bagel, reheat, defrost feature
• Stainless steel

What We Didn’t Like

• Annoying humming noise

This West Bend model is truly one of the most versatile toasters out in the market. It covers a very wide range of bread from muffin to sunny side up all the way sausage patties.

One of the good things I like about this is the fact that it does not just allow you to toast bread but also allows you to toast or cook meat. It is able to do this because it comes with two trays of meats, as well. So you can cook eggs and patties with only the use of this toaster.

Much like the previous one, this toaster employs all the essential buttons and functions. These include the bagel function which allows you to only toast the inside, the defrost function and the reheat function among some others. This also uses a dual control system and uses a feature that lifts up toasts high enough.

What We Liked

• Can toast a wide variety of toasts such as muffin and meat like patties and eggs
• Dual control system
• Numerous functions and mechanism controls
• High lift

What We Didn’t Like

• Coating may come off the device

Next on the list, another entry brought to you by none other than Cuisinart, a kitchen appliance brand that has always been known for excellence. This model is none other than the CPT-180 which is made out of a classic metal and stainless structure.

This toaster also utilizes a dual mechanism control which basically allows you control each slot of two. These slots measure 1 and a half which allows you toast a wide range of bread.

Furthermore, it also comes with multiple functions which include the reheat, bagel and the defrost function. In terms of design, what I love is that it pretty much comes in a retro style so this makes a good addition to your arsenal of beautiful kitchen appliances. 

What We Liked

• Removable crumb tray
• Dual controls
• High lift
• Wide slots

What We Didn’t Like

• Overpriced
• In some instances, may not toast evenly

Fourth on the list is the BTA830XL by Breville. Perhaps, the most noticeable unique feature about this 4-slice toaster are its very wide toaster slots. This pretty much allows you to toast a wide range of bread of various sizes and shapes.

Furthermore, if you have always been annoyed by the loud noise that some toaster makes whenever they are done toasting the bread, then another of its feature make you happy. This is because its loudness can be customized from low, high as well as mute.

Furthermore, it comes with a bagel function that allows you to toast only the inside of the bread leaving the outside soft still. However, one thing I seemed to notice about this one is that it does not come with other useful buttons such as defrost and reheat. 

What We Liked

• Very wide slots, ideal for the bread of all shapes and slots
• Can customize the loudness of the sound alert
• Comes with bagel functions

What We Didn’t Like

• Lacks other essential functions such as defrost

Last but most certainly not the least is a 4-slice toaster. In terms of design, one of my most favorite things about this toaster is that it come in a variety of colors, from Copper to White all the way to Petal Pink and Chilly Pink. You certainly will not have any problem finding the perfect match for your kitchen.

As for its structure, this toaster model is made out of a sturdy insulated steel. Another feature I have also liked about this is its very wide toaster slots. Much like the previous entry, this toaster allows you to toast bread of varying sizes and shapes. 

What We Liked

• Comes in a variety of colors
• Made out of insulated steel
• Wide toaster slots

What We Didn’t Like

• A little overpriced for a simple toaster

Features to Look for in a 4-Slice Toaster

1. Dual Custom Controls

Almost all 4-slice toasters available in the market employ the mechanism of dual custom controls which is a really good thing. One good thing about a 4-slice toaster is that it allows you to save more time since it basically lets you create an amount of 4 toasts at the same time.

However, the dual custom controls take it a notch up higher. With the mechanism of dual custom controls, you become able to control the different types of bread you want to toast.

So, let’s say you want to toast two muffins and two plain loaves of bread. With dual controls, you are allowed to customize each two-slice according to different settings and you are not limited to one type. 

2. European Style Toaster Slots

A 4-slice toaster indeed saves you a lot of time. But a 4-slice toaster that allows you to toast a limited length of bread may just defeat this purpose. A typical 4-slice toaster has slots that measure more than 1.5 inches.

However, there is a lot of bread that measures more than 1.5 inches such as an Artisan slice. With that being said, it is most ideal that you look for a 4-slice toaster with European-style toaster slots since they measure a lot more. With that style of slots, you can now start toasting bread of different sizes and types. 

3. Removable Tray

Since toast is bread, it is inevitable that a lot of crumbs are gonna fall off. This is why each and every 4-slice toaster or in fact, any other toaster out there comes with a tray which is meant to catch all the crumbs that are gonna fall off.

However, for you to be able to maintain your 4-slice toaster, you are going to have to clean the tray up. In order for you to be able to do this, you need to remove the tray first and that is why it is essential that your toaster tray is removable

4. Toast Boost

For those of you who may be confused with what a toast boost is, allow me to explain. Toast boost or what some of you may refer to as an extra lift for the toast is a mechanism that allows the bread you are going to toast to pop up high enough.

The reason why this is important is that there is certain bread such as English muffins that may be too small and as a result, when it pops up, it does not pop up high enough. For this reason, you will still have to reach the insides of the Towcester to get it out.

This can be considered risky since the toaster is hot so you can actually get burnt by doing this. The toast boost feature is not just good for convenience but also essential for your safety. 

5. Various Mechanism Controls and Functions

Next on the list of features that a good 4-slice toaster must include is a wide variety of controls. The basic controls include the toast button and the cancel button, as well. Additionally, there is also the usual bagel button which allows customizing your bagel.

This basically toasts only the cut side of the bread while only heating up the other. Furthermore, it is also ideal that your toaster involves other functions, as well. Examples of necessary mechanism controls include a function that allows you to toast bread that has just been taken out of the freezer.

This is what you call the defrost function. Moreover, there is also the reheat function which just basically allows you to heat up an already existing toast. 

Important Measures to Observe

To ensure that you can make the most out of your 4-slice toaster without jeopardizing your safety, here are different safety precautions you should follow.

  • Always keep your 4-slice toaster away from any flammable materials. If your toaster is near fabrics such as curtains, there are chances that a fire may take place. Furthermore, keep it away from wall cabinets, as well.
  • Certain items should not be inserted into the slots, at all costs. Examples of these items include utensils, especially steel or metallic ones, and packages that are covered in aluminum foil wrappers. This may either result in fire or cause you to be electrocuted.
  • In the event that you cannot get the toast from the slots and that it remains stuck, here’s what you should do. First, unplug the cords from the main socket. Afterward, just wait until the toaster has already cooled down. 

Not doing so may cause you to get burnt. After it has cool down, you may now hold the toaster, turn it over and then shake the appliance gently. Make sure you catch the toast and that it will not fall off. 

Final Thoughts

With West Bend TEM4500W Egg and Muffin Toaster, you truly get what you pay for. And that is why I consider it the best 4-slice toaster for 2018. With this toaster, you get the complete set of usual functions including the defrost, bagel, and reheat function. It also utilizes a high lift lever. 

What sets this apart from everything else in the list is the fact that it also comes with a separate section for your eggs and meat. This allows you to make toasts as well as cook patties and eggs, perfect indeed for breakfast.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best 4-slice toaster for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂

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