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Meet Renee’Meet Go-Go-Gadget Renee’. Her passion for #kitchen gadgets is matched only by her love for tech. A real #foodie, she’s all heart for red wine and delicious meals. #CookingChewTribe

There is nothing that I enjoy more than throwing a dinner party for my friends. Each year we host an epic Christmas Brunch. Our friends start asking us right around the middle of February what the Brunch Theme is going to be for the Christmas 10 months away. We take the food very seriously.Growing up my mother couldn’t drag me into the kitchen. Lord knows that she tried, but I didn’t want any part of it. When I grew up and got my first place, I didn’t even have a salt shaker in the house for over two years. As I got older something changed and I started wanting to know more and more about the art of cooking. My love of cooking began with simple attempts at creating my own oil based pasta sauces. This cooking kick-started because of a gift set that I bought myself at Costco. This one is quite similar, and it opened my eyes to the idea of flavors. After I was married, my wife started doing most of the cooking because the house just wasn’t big enough for two cooks. She is Italian, so of course, I was more than okay with it. Then one day, I discovered the joys of meal kits. She was looking for a break, and I was quite excited to fill the void. We started with Hello Fresh and tried a range of food delivery kits. I wound up loving Plated, and we were having four meals a week delivered. We ate some spectacular food, and I fell in love with the art of cooking excellent food. It is so much easier to cook fantastically plated food when all of the ingredients are delivered and pre-portioned for you. Receiving food in this way allowed me to focus on the actual art of cooking, the tools of the kitchen and the pans used in cooking fine cuisine. Oh, how I love the pans!  This is right about the time that I started discovering the joys of kitchen gadgets: Herb shears, silicone baking mats, blenders, and the list goes on. Don’t even get me started on my quest to find the perfect spatula. If you are curious, this is my all time favorite. Note that I went through 4 blenders before I finally found one that indeed worked well for me. 


Check out all of those Plated Recipe Cards!

Now for years, I have been a blogger and a podcaster. I blog and podcast about blogging. I also co-owned a website company for several years. Tech is my second love, and Best Buy is still my all-time favorite store on the planet. Seriously, my wife takes me to Best Buy for my birthday. She even worked with management to throw my 40th birthday party there, but it didn’t work out. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN EPIC. So last year, I was looking around for a new website project when I discovered that Cooking Chew was for sale. After plenty of in-depth research and negotiating, I purchased this website and took it over. Such an endeavor took a great deal of my time for the first few months, and I was having trouble getting all of my cooking done. So after sadly wasting a few Plated meals, we agreed to pause them. ***sad face*** Inb etween the tech, I am still finding plenty of time to do experiments in the kitchen. Heck, just today I made up a new smoothie recipe and seasoned my iron skillet. I am sure that a fresh new Plated box is in my near future. Until then, we will crank up the grill tonight and cook some yummy burgers. 

Meet Andi!

Andi has been eating food her whole life! From an Italian family, she makes a mean manicotti and can’t help but cook for 12 at a time. She has all the love for simple kitchen gadgets and is still learning about food photography. #TrainedByItalians #HomeChef #DinnerTime #CookingChewTribe

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